Couvrir la gestion des données essentielles de l'iPhone

Transférer, sauvegarder et gérer toutes les données de votre iPhone, y compris les photos, la musique, les contacts, les messages, etc. Simple et efficace.

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Smart phones become widely used, and it is important to find a good assistant for our phone. FoneTool is a type of tiny yet professional device manager for iPhone and iPad. Earns good reputation since released.


If you have no idea about how to back up your iPhone, we've got you a product review for FoneTool, and ensure transfer speed. FoneTool is a great iPhone data management software, which integreates many helpful tools to manage your device.


FoneTool could be your best choice that restores your files and documents while enabling you to leverage great benefits from this software. Although many iPhone backup tools are there, FoneTool is my best choice.

Comment 1 Andrew Blatz

I'm a user of FoneTool Pro, and I'd just like to tell you how extremely useful it is and thank you for creating such a great tool.

Comment 2 Terry Hagood

Elegant simplicity. FoneTool is a wonderfully simple yet effective tool that can enhance your experience. Well done to the developer!

Comment 3 Neil Alex

I just started to use FoneTool, and I just wanted to say that I find your documentation easy to read and locate relevant info. It's been running very smoothly so far without any issues.


FoneTool Gratuit

Gestionnaire de données téléphoniques gratuit et facile à utiliser pour sauvegarder ou transférer des données entre téléphone et PC, gérer WhatsApp ou iCloud, effacer des données, convertir HEIC et supprimer les fichiers en double.

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FoneTool Gratuit

Accéder, gérer et transférer les données personnelles de l'iPhone vers/depuis un téléphone Android ou un autre appareil iOS.

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FoneTool Gratuit

Accéder, gérer et transférer les données personnelles Android vers/depuis l'iPhone ou un autre téléphone Android.

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