[3 Ways] How to Clear App Cache Without Deleting the App

Boost your device's speed with 3 ways to clear app cache without app deletion. Enhance performance while keeping your favorite apps intact.

Demi by Demi Updated May 27, 2024
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If your iPhone runs slowly, it may result from that you have installed too many apps on your iPhone. Without uninstalling these apps you need, emptying the app cache may help. So what is an app cache?

clear app cache

What is an app cache?
An application cache is a temporary storage space. Applications commonly save frequently requested data, resources, or files in order to increase speed and avoid the need for multiple source or server queries. Each app caches data locally on your smartphone, allowing for faster access and presentation of content.

In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore the importance of managing app cache, and provide detailed steps on how to clear app cache on an iPhone without deleting the app.

Part 1. Why do You Need to Clear iPhone App Cache?

Before diving into the methods, it's essential to understand why clearing app cache is crucial. Although the cache app enables smooth performance, this cache can accumulate and lead to various issues over time. The following are the answers to the question - why do you need to clear iPhone app cache:

🧐 Free Up Storage: App cache can consume valuable storage space on your iPhone, affecting device performance and available memory.

🧐 Improve App Performance: Clearing app cache can help apps run smoother and faster by removing unnecessary temporary files.

🧐 Enhance Privacy: Cached data may contain sensitive information, clearing it regularly can protect your privacy and security.

🧐 Fix App Glitches: Outdated or corrupted cache files may cause app malfunctions, clearing cache can resolve such issues.

Part 2. Ways to Clear App Cache Without Deleting the App

In this part, we'll show you how to clear app cache without deleting apps from iPhone in different ways. You can feel free to go through all the methods below, and choose the way you prefer to clear app cache on iPhone to fully manage storage on iPhone.

Way 1. Clear individual app cache from iPhone Settings

You are able to clear app cache without deleting the app from iPhone Settings app. It will be workable especially if you want to clear your cache on iPhones for certain and individual apps. Here are the steps on how to clear app cache on iPhone without deleting app:

Step 1. On your iPhone, go to the Settings app > Choose General > Select iPhone Storage.

Settings iPhone Storage

Step 2. From here, you can browse the list and select the app whose cache or data you want to clear, and you'll be given two options: Offload App and Delete App.
Offload App clears some app cache, including storage space. However, it does not remove all data. To continue using the app, you will need to reinstall it.
• Delete App deletes the app and all corresponding app cache and data. If you reinstall the app, you will not have any saved data.

Delete App

Step 3. Choose either choice to delete app cache, tap the choice again from the pop-up window according to your needs.

Way 2. Offload unused app to clear app cache 

For all unused apps, iPhone provides you with a shortcut to clear all cache for unused apps from iPhone settings with one click. Simply go to iPhone Settings > General > iPhone Storage, and enable Offload Unused Apps.

offload unused apps

Way 3. Erase Unwanted Files on iPhone via FoneTool

To make it easier to delete apps and free up iPhone space, we propose FoneTool, a professional and powerful iOS data management application for backup, transfer, and erase. If you want to erase app data without deleting the apps, this must be the right option for you. 

Key features and advantages of FoneTool
👍 Erase all or selective data: You can choose to erase iPhone completely or erase only certain app data to free up space.
👍 Deep erase: FoneTool erases your data more than once, making the erased files unrecoverable.
👍 Simple and quick erase: FoneTool is user-friendly, and enables you to finish the erasure within a short time.
👍 Wide compatibility: FoneTool can work well with models of iPhone, iPad, and iPod, as well as Windows X/7/8/10/11.

You can feel free to click the icon below to download FoneTool to your computer, and follow the steps below to delete cache from unwanted apps on iPhone.

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Step 1. Connect your iPhone to computer with USB > Launch FoneTool, click Toolbox > Choose Data Eraser.

choose data eraser

Step 2. Mouse over to Erase private data, and click Get Started.

erase private data

Step 3. Select apps you'd like to clear cache from, here we take Safari History as an example > If needed, check Enable Deep Erase Technology for permanent deletion > Click Start Erase to begin.

start erase safari history

Please note that FoneTool clears not only cache from certain apps but also everything from them. Thus, you need to make sure there is nothing important or you need anymore.

Besides an iPhone cleaner app, FoneTool is also powerful in iOS data backup and transfer, feel free to explore the functions in FoneTool to easily and safely manage your data on iOS devices. 


Regularly clearing app cache on your iPhone can significantly improve its performance, storage capacity, and privacy. By following the outlined methods to clear app cache without deleting apps and utilizing tools like FoneTool for efficient file management, hope you can optimize their iPhone experience and maintain a clutter-free device environment.

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