Why Need iPhone Data Eraser?

Erase Information

Erase All Information Before Selling or Giving away

Do you need to sell your old phone or give it away? iPhone trade-in campaign attracted you? Be sure to erase all data and settings before replacing your device to avoid personal information being tracked. FoneTool protects your private information and personal data from data criminals.

Factory Reset iDevice

Factory Reset iDevice to Troubleshoot Problem

If you are experiencing some troublesome issues like iPhone freezing, Quick Start not working, iPhone keeps restarting, the most direct and effective solution is to quickly erase all content and settings to reset the device.

Erase All Data on iPhone/iPad/iPod Permanently

100% Erase All Data

100% Erase All Data

Erase all data and information on iPhone with one click, including settings and various app data. Get brand new equipment for free with a few clicks.

Choose Wipe Modes

2 Wiping Modes to Choose from

Two modes (General Erase and Deep Erase) available depending on your needs. You can choose to factory reset your iPhone or erase all data completely, everything is not possible to be recovered.

Wipe iPhone Without Recovery

Wipe iPhone Without Recovery

FoneTool offers a 100% commitment to safely deleting all data and settings in iDevice so that they cannot be recovered by any means!

Transfer Data to Another Location Just In Case

Erasing iPhone means completely and permanently wipe all data from your device. We strongly recommend that you can transfer important files like photos, music, contacts, etc. on your iPhone to another location, which can be computer or phone. Even if you need it urgently later, this data can be obtained quickly.

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Only 3 Steps to Recover Data from iPhone

  • Erase iPhone Data Step 1

    Step 1.

    Connect your iPhone to PC, and open the FoneTool, click Toolbox -> iPhone Eraser.

  • Erase iPhone Data Step 2

    Step 2.

    Check the custom options as shown in the image.

  • Erase iPhone Data Step 3

    Step 3.

    Tap the Erase iPhone button to determine the erasing iPhone all contents and settings.

    Erase iPhone Data Step 1 Erase iPhone Data Step 2 Erase iPhone Data Step 3
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