Top Photo Deduplication Tool for PC and iPhone

Duplicate photos waste storage space on your iPhone, iPad, and Windows PC, SSD, HDD, which may slow down your device’s running speed. What’s more, too many duplicate and similar items make a mess in your photo library.

FoneTool is an awesome and free duplicate photo finder and cleaner. It enables you quickly find and delete duplicate photos on iPhone and computer.

  • Delete iPhone Duplicate Photos

    When taking photos with iPhone, you may tap the shutter multiple times to take the best one. But you may have many duplicate or similar images on your iPhone.

  • Delete Computer Duplicate Photos

    Too many duplicate images cluttering up your computer files. Find and remove these photos to organize your files and free up computer space.

Smartly Search Similar Photos for iPhone/Computer

Besides duplicate photos, you may have lots of similar photos, FoneTool can easily find and remove these images, even if there are just slightly different.

Why Delete Duplicate Photos with FoneTool?

3 Steps to Find and Delete Duplicate Easily

  • Step 1.

    Click “Toolbox” on FoneTool > Choose “Photo Deduplication”.

  • Step 2.

    Choose to scan your iOS device or your Windows computer.

  • Step 3.

    Scan your device. Then select duplicate photos and delete.

    Step 1 Step 2 Step 3
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What Did Our Users Say?

FoneTool works greatly. I have 10 GB of duplicate photos on my iPhone. It helped me find and delete all my duplicate photos. Thanks.

Alexander Moore

FoneTool is a great duplicate photos cleaner. I have too many images on my iPhone. So, I think there could be some duplicate items on my device. I used this software and find hundreds of duplicate and similar photos.

Sarah Allen

FoneTool is the best photo deduplication tool I ever tried. It is very easy to use. It found 100 duplicate images on my iPhone in 2 minutes.

Abigail Evans

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