Fix Sent Emails Not Showing up in Sent Folder iPhone/iPad

This article shows you how to fix sent emails not showing up in sent folder iPhone/iPad? With the guide, you can successfully solve the “sent email not showing on iOS” issues.

Clara by Clara Updated November 21, 2023
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I've noticed a weird thing happening on my iPhone 13 running iOS 16. Sent emails not showing up in sent folder iPhone. Has anyone experienced this? Any tips on how to fix it? I don't want my sent emails disappearing into thin air!

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Why Are My Sent Emails Not Showing in My Sent Folder?

Sending email is a common and convenient feature for many iPhone and iPad users. However, more and more users are reporting that sent email not showing on iPhone/iPad. Why is my sent email not showing? There are some possible reasons:

  • Email Client Settings: Check your email client's settings to ensure that the option to save copies of sent emails is enabled.
  • Email Account Configuration: If you are accessing your email from multiple devices or using different email clients, there may be an iPhone not updating your Email.
  • Update issues: iOS updates often include bug fixes and improvements that can address issues with the Mail app.

sent emails not showing up in sent folder iphone

In this article, you can learn how to fix whatever is causing this problem.

How to Fix Sent Mails Not Showing on iPhone/iPad

In this section, there are 6 fixes to help you solve sent emails not showing up in sent folder. Check them one by one or select the ways you like. Let’s start to read!

Fix 1. Check Your Mail Accounts

The confusion of multiple email accounts is what should be causing sent emails not showing up on iPhone/iPad. An effective solution is to disable and re-enable all these Mail accounts. It requires you to re-enable all accounts one by one. Follow the steps to check your Mail accounts:

Step 1. Open the Settings app > Locate Mail > Tap on Accounts.

Step 2. Click your Account > Turn off the Mail option of it > After a few seconds to turn it on.

sent emails not showing up in sent folder iphone

Now you can try sending an email through this account to check if it is working properly. Once you have identified the account, click "Delete Account" and re-add the deleted account. This may resolve some common configuration issues.

Fix 2. Configure the Sent Folder

If you are experiencing issues with sent mail not showing in sent folder in iOS, make sure your sent emails are stored in the same folder on the server. It ensures that emails are displayed synchronized on the server and other devices. Below are the steps about how to do it: 

Step 1. Navigate to Settings > Select Mail> Tap on Accounts.

Step 2. Click the problematic account > Under IMAP, find and tap on Account.

sent emails not showing up in sent folder iphone

Step 3. On this page, select Advanced option at the bottom > Click on Sent Mailbox under the Mailbox Behaviors.

Step 4. Ensure to turn on the Sent icon under the On the Server section.

By this way, you can access and view your sent emails regardless of which device you are using.

Fix 3. Uninstall and Reinstall the Mail App

The problem of sent emails not showing up in sent folder Outlook still persists? Trying to uninstall and reinstall Mail app is a worthwhile endeavor. It will help you to fix the malfunction due to the low version of the application itself or if it is buggy.

Fix 4. Reset All Settings on iOS

Resetting all settings is an easy and useful fix for some iOS errors. It won't erase all your data, will only erase your preference settings and bring them back to their default state. All your private data, like files, messages, photos, etc., will remain intact. Here’s the guide:

Step 1. Open Settings > Locate General > Choose Transfer or Reset iPhone.

Step 2. Tap on Reset > Click Reset All Settings.

sent emails not showing up in sent folder iphone

Fix 5. Restart the iPhone/iPad

Also, force restarting your iPhone/iPad is a useful way to solve the problem of iPhone mail not sending notifications. You can check the guide below on how to properly restart your iDevices.

How to force restarting your iPhone:

Fast press and release the Volume Up button > Next, press and release the Volume Down button > Finally, press and hold the Side button until the Apple logo appears.

sent emails not showing up in sent folder iphone

If your iPhone force restart not working, look for solutions here.

How to force reboot your iPad:

Please press and hold the Power button and the Volume up button until the Power Off slider shows on the screen > Move the slider to turn off it > Wait for a while, press and hold the Power button on your iPad.

sent emails not showing up in sent folder iphone

Fix 6. Update the Latest iOS Version

How long has it been since you updated your iOS system? In some cases, performing an update can fix some of the iPhone/iPad glitches, including the sent email not showing on iOS 17/16 issue. It's worth noting that the process of updating your system wipes your device data and requires you to be connected to a stable internet connection. Now you can follow the guide below:

Step 1. Navigate to Settings > Click General > Tap Software Update from the menu.

Step 2. If there is the latest one, select Download and Install to update the device.

sent emails not showing up in sent folder iphone

enlightened Bonus Tip: How to back up iPhone/iPad data without data loss

Before you update the iOS version to fix sent emails not showing up in sent folder iPhone/iPad, we strongly suggest you back up your iOS devices to prevent you from losing your important files.

FoneTool is a free and professional iOS backup tool. It offers a high-speed backup speed and wide ways, like backup iPhone/iPad to PC, or backup iPhone to iPad. With a user-friendly interface, you can easily save your all iPhone data or just select the files you need.

In addition, it supports your preview and selecting a backup location without worrying about space limitation. Now click the button to free download FoneTool, and the below steps with guide you on how to back up iOS data.

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Step 1. Connect your iPhone to a PC > Open FoneTool > Click Phone Backup.

Step 2. We take Selective Backup as an example. If you need to back up all your iPhone data, you can choose Full Backup to make it. > Tap Get Started.

sent emails not showing up in sent folder iphone

FoneTool also allows you to transfer data from iPhone to PC, or between iPhones. Choose the button on the left pane and follow the guide.

Step 3. Click the icon to select files > Select the files you need to back up > Then tap the OK.  

sent emails not showing up in sent folder iphone

Step 4. Decide a Backup Storage Path to save the backups > Click Start Backup to begin the process.


The above article shows you how to fix sent emails not showing up in sent folder iPhone/iPad. Hope you can achieve to solve this problem and share your emails normally. When you decide to update the iOS to address the issues, don’t forget to backup your data to prevent losing files. And FoneTool is a good choice for you!

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