Mastering WhatsApp Font Tricks - A Comprehensive Guide

Elevate your WhatsApp game with these incredible font tricks! Dive into a world of creative expression as we walk you through multiple methods, each with easy-to-follow steps. Unleash your messaging potential now!

May by May Updated January 24, 2024
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Are you tired of sending plain, mundane texts on WhatsApp? Do you wish to add a touch of flair and creativity to your messages? Look no further – we've got you covered! In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore various WhatsApp font tricks that will transform your messaging experience. Get ready to impress your friends with your newfound font mastery.

WhatsApp Font Tricks

How to Master WhatsApp Font Tricks Easily

Whether you're a casual chatter or a messaging maestro, this guide empowers you to effortlessly wield bold, italics, strikethroughs, and more. Immerse yourself in the art of font customization, making every message a unique masterpiece. Ready to stand out in the world of WhatsApp? Let's dive in!

Method 1: Bold Statements

  • Asterisk Enclosure: To make a word or phrase bold, simply enclose it with asterisks. For example, *Hello* will appear as Hello.
  • WhatsApp Shortcuts: If you're not a fan of manual formatting, WhatsApp also supports shortcuts. Typing *text* automatically converts it to bold.

Method 2: Italics for Emphasis

  • Underscore Magic: Use underscores to italicize your text. Typing _italic_ will result in italic.
  • Shortcut Alert: Similar to bold, WhatsApp offers a shortcut. Typing _text_ will automatically convert it to italics.

Method 3: Striking Through

  • Tilde Takedown: To strike through text, enclose it with tildes. For instance, ~strikethrough~ becomes strikethrough.
  • Built-in Shortcut: Don't want to manually add tildes? WhatsApp has you covered with the shortcut ~text~.

Method 4: Mixing It Up - Bold Italics

  • Combo Move: Want to make a statement? Combine bold and italics using both asterisks and underscores. For example, *_bold and italic_* will display as bold and italic.

Method 5: Monospace Madness

  • Backticks Brilliance: Monospace font adds a unique touch. Use backticks to enclose your text. Typing `monospace` will appear as monospace.
  • Quick Shortcut: WhatsApp's quick shortcut for monospace is `text`.

Method 6: Changing Font Size

  • Size Matters: Change the font size to emphasize or de-emphasize text. Use three backticks to begin and end a block of text.

Method 7: Text Color Extravaganza

  • RGB Mastery: You can change text color by using RGB values. For instance, [[255,0,0]text] will display as red text.
  • Hex Code Hack: Alternatively, use hex codes for colors. [#FF5733text] becomes orange text.

Method 8: Adding Emojis for Extra Flair

  • Emoji Integration: Emojis add personality to your messages. Simply type :emoji_name: to insert emojis. For example, :heart: becomes ❤️.

Method 9: Line Breaks for Clarity

  • Shift + Enter: Ensure your messages are easy to read by adding line breaks. Press Shift + Enter to start a new line within a message.

Method 10: Mastering Font Tricks Recap

In summary, unleash your creativity with these WhatsApp font tricks:

  • Make bold statements with asterisks or WhatsApp shortcuts.
  • Add emphasis with italics using underscores or WhatsApp shortcuts.
  • Strike through text using tildes or the built-in shortcut.
  • Combine bold and italics for a unique touch.
  • Experiment with monospace font using backticks.
  • Change font size using three backticks to begin and end a block of text.
  • Play with text colors using RGB values or hex codes.
  • Spice up messages with emojis.
  • Use line breaks for clarity in your messages.

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The Bottom Line

Now that you've mastered these font tricks, take your WhatsApp conversations to a whole new level. Impress your friends and stand out in group chats with your newfound messaging prowess. Get creative and have fun expressing yourself like never before!

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