Troubleshooting WhatsApp Message Not Delivered [2024 Guide]

Encounter issues with WhatsApp message delivery? Explore this in-depth guide for expert insights and step-by-step solutions to resolve the "WhatsApp message not delivered" problem.

May by May Updated January 24, 2024
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Are you facing the frustration of sending a WhatsApp message, only to find it stuck with the ominous "not delivered" status? Don't worry; you're not alone. In this comprehensive guide, we'll delve into the intricacies of troubleshooting this issue. From common causes to practical solutions, we've got you covered with multiple methods to ensure seamless message delivery on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Message Not Delivered

Common Causes of WhatsApp Message Not Delivered

  • Internet Connection Issues:

Ensure you have a stable internet connection.

Switch between Wi-Fi and mobile data to troubleshoot connectivity problems.

  • Recipient's Contact Changes:

Verify if the recipient has changed their number.

Confirm that you're using the correct contact information.

  • Blocked Contacts:

Check if the recipient has blocked you on WhatsApp.

Unblock or ask the recipient to unblock you if necessary.

  • Outdated WhatsApp Version:

Update WhatsApp to the latest version from your app store.

Older versions may have compatibility issues leading to message delivery problems.

How to Fix “WhatsApp Message Not Delivered” Easily

Method 1: Internet Connection Troubleshooting

Check Wi-Fi/ Mobile Data:

  • Navigate to your phone settings.
  • Toggle Wi-Fi or mobile data off and on to refresh the connection.

Switch Connection:

  • If using Wi-Fi, switch to mobile data, and vice versa.
  • Confirm if the message sends with an alternative connection.

Restart Router/Hotspot:

  • Turn off and on your Wi-Fi router or mobile hotspot.
  • Reconnect your device to the network.

Method 2: Verify Recipient's Contact Information

Double-Check Number:

  • Ensure you're using the correct phone number for the recipient.
  • Verify with the recipient if there have been any recent changes.

Update Contact:

  • Update the contact information on your phone.
  • Delete and re-add the contact if necessary.

Check for International Codes:

  • If sending a message internationally, include the correct country code.
  • Verify the recipient's number format.

Method 3: Unblock Contacts on WhatsApp

Check Block Status:

  • Go to WhatsApp settings.
  • Navigate to "Account" > "Privacy" > "Blocked Contacts."
  • Confirm if the recipient is on the blocked list.

Unblock Contacts:

  • If blocked, unblock the contact from the list.
  • Request the recipient to unblock you if they've blocked your number.

Method 4: Update WhatsApp to the Latest Version

Visit App Store/Google Play:

  • Open your device's app store.
  • Search for WhatsApp and check for updates.

Update WhatsApp:

  • If an update is available, click "Update."
  • Once updated, restart WhatsApp and attempt to resend the message.

Additional Tips for WhatsApp Message Delivery

Check Service Outages:

  • Visit WhatsApp's official Twitter or status page.
  • Confirm if there are service outages in your region.

Clear App Cache:

  • Navigate to your device settings.
  • Find the WhatsApp app and clear its cache.
  • Restart the app and attempt to resend the message.

Reinstall WhatsApp:

  • Backup your chats (if necessary).
  • Uninstall and reinstall WhatsApp from your app store.

Contact WhatsApp Support:

  • If all else fails, reach out to WhatsApp support.
  • Provide detailed information about the issue for personalized assistance.

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FAQs About WhatsApp Message Not Delivered

Q1: Why are my WhatsApp messages not delivering?

A: Poor internet connectivity or server issues may be causing the delay. Check your network connection and try again.

Q2: Can blocked contacts lead to message delivery failure?

A: Yes, if someone has blocked you, your messages won't be delivered. Ensure the contact hasn't blocked you.

Q3: What does the single tick on WhatsApp indicate?

A: A single grey tick means your message has been sent but not yet delivered. It might be due to the recipient's offline status.

Q4: Are there restrictions on sending messages to multiple contacts?

A: Yes, sending bulk messages may trigger spam filters, leading to delivery issues. Avoid sending the same message to numerous contacts.

Q5: How can I troubleshoot message delivery on WhatsApp Web?

A: Check your phone's internet connection, ensure both devices are connected, and restart WhatsApp Web. Clearing browser cache can also help.


Resolving the "WhatsApp message not delivered" hiccup might seem complex, but with this comprehensive guide, you have a range of methods at your disposal. From connectivity checks to contact verification, each step is designed to enhance your chances of successful message delivery. Remember, patience is key, and by following these steps, you'll likely bid farewell to the dreaded "not delivered" status on your WhatsApp messages. Happy messaging!

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