[Full Guide] Synology Cloud Sync with iCloud - 3 Ways

This article helps you complete Synology Cloud sync with iCloud. With the detailed guide, you can learn how to use Synology NAS with iCloud, and learn how to manage your iCloud data.

Clara by Clara Updated December 26, 2023
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I've got a Synology NAS and I want to achieve Synology cloud sync with iCloud. Has anyone tried it? How's the experience? Any tips or issues to watch out for? Thanks!

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Can Synology Sync with iCloud?

Ensuring data synchronization is essential to avoid the risks of data loss and leakage. Before we show you how to complete “iCloud Synology cloud sync”, let’s have a brief introduction of them.

enlightened What is Synology NAS?

Synology NAS serves as a network-attached storage solution, offering users a centralized platform to store, organize, and retrieve files. Packed with features like data backup, file sharing, and multimedia streaming. Synology NAS devices are recognized for their reliability, performance, and clear interface.

enlightened What is iCloud?

iCloud stands as Apple's cloud storage service, providing a secure platform for users to store files, photos, and videos in the cloud. Seamlessly integrated with Apple devices like iPhone, iPad, and Mac, iCloud enables file access across multiple devices. Notably, iCloud Drive offers collaborative features, simplifying the sharing of photos among iCloud users.

synology cloud sync icloud

While Synology NAS is widely used and prone to data loss, syncing it with iCloud emerges as a prudent measure. This guide offers 3 useful methods for syncing your Synology NAS to iCloud. Additionally, a comprehensive introduction is provided on effectively managing your iCloud and its data.

How to Use Synology with iCloud - 3 Methods

Here, we provide 3 ways to sync iCloud with Synology NAS. Read and check the guide below.

Method 1. Sync Synology NAS to iCloud by iCloud Website

The first easy method for transferring files between Synology NAS and iCloud involves downloading and re-uploading them. You can manually re-upload files from the Synology NAS to iCloud by initially downloading them from the NAS. The steps are as follows:

Step 1. Download the necessary files from the Synology NAS to your local PC. Such as photos, music, videos, and so on.

Step 2. Launch your Synology iCloud photo sync task by opening a browser.

Step 3. Go to iCloud.com and sign in > Upload the downloaded files from the local computer to iCloud.

synology cloud sync icloud

The speed of file upload depends on the size and number of your files. If you want to upload a large number of files, or relatively large files, we recommend that you use the third-party tool FoneTool. You can browse how to use it in the next section.

Method 2. Backup iCloud with Synology by MultCloud

In addition, you can also use a professional and reliable cloud file manager to quickly and automatically synchronize NAS and iCloud drives. For example, with the help of MultCloud. It enables the management of multiple cloud accounts within a unified interface, facilitating the synchronization, transfer, or backup of data across them.

here are the steps of Synology sync to iCloud:

Step 1. Create a MultCloud account via your email. You can also authorize login with your Facebook or Google account.

Step 2. Tap Add Cloud > Then click the NAS icon > Follow the prompts to add to MultCloud.

Step 3. After that, add your iCloud Drive account in the same way.

Step 4. Enter Cloud Sync > Configure the folder in NAS as the source directory > Set the folder in the iCloud Drive as the target directory.

Step 5. Finally, click the Sync Now button to begin.

synology cloud sync icloud

Method 3. Transfer Synology to iCloud via iCloud Auto-Sync Folder

This is the third method to finish “Synology cloud sync iCloud” task, and the steps are slightly different on your Windows PC and Mac. You can also use iCloud Drive auto-sync folders to sync data between NAS and iCloud.

If you are a Windows PC user, follow the guide below:

Step 1. On your computer, mount the Synology NAS as a network disk > Access your NAS files in the same way as you would local hard drive data.

synology cloud sync icloud

Step 2. Download iCloud for Windows from the iCloud website > Access the files backed up in iCloud by opening the iCloud Drive folder in File Explorer.

Step 3. Drag and drop files between iCloud Drive and Synology NAS folders to automatically sync them to the appropriate cloud storage service.

If you see iCloud Drive not syncing Windows 10/11, you can fix it by going to this link.

If you are a user of Mac, here are the instructions:

Step 1. This step is similar to the steps on the PC. Map the Synology NAS as a network disk and access your NAS files.

Step 2. On your Mac, select Finder > Go to iCloud Drive.

Step 3. To back up your data to iCloud, simply copy the desired files, paste them, or drag them into the designated iCloud folder.

synology cloud sync icloud

Bonus Tip: Manage iCloud in A Smart Way

After you accomplish Synology iCloud sync, you will find that your iCloud stores more and more data, and the free space of iCloud is limited (5 GB). Therefore we recommend you to learn how to manage your iCloud and iCloud drive data with professional software.

FoneTool is a data management tool, it can help you to manage your iCloud and iCloud drive data on your computer. You can browse and select your data, including uploading, downloading, and deleting data easily. Also, if you also want to sync iCloud and onedrive/iCloud, FoneTool also can help you.

Free download FoneTool by clicking the below button, and follow the simple steps to manage your iCloud data and iCloud drive data with ease.

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Step 1. Open FoneTool on your PC > Go to its main interface.

Step 2. Click My iCloud on the left pane > Sign in with your iCloud account > Tap Manege iCloud option.

synology cloud sync icloud

Step 3. Click each icon to preview and manage the files. We take Photos as an example, you can click the Delete button to delete iCloud photos, tap Download to save 100 iCloud photos within seconds, or choose Upload to upload photos from PC to iCloud.

synology cloud sync icloud

Besides, FoneTool also provides a free backup feature, you can back up iPhone to iPad/PC/iPhone/other external devices. Or selectively back up your files, such as photos, music, contacts, messages, videos, Safari history. If you want to explore more functions of FoneTool, download it right now!

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synology cloud sync icloud


That’s all about how to complete Synology cloud sync with iCloud. This article provides 3 useful ways, including using iCloud Website, via MultCloud, or by iCloud Auto-Sync Folder. You can choose the way according to your needs. And if you want to manage your iCloud data on your computer easily, you can let FoneTool help you, it is a reliable all-in-one tool.

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