[Solved]: AirDrop Failed to Save Item

In this post, you can know why AirDrop failed to save item, and learn the solution.


By Kathy / Updated on September 19, 2023

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“Has anyone found a solution to this problem? I chose to transfer the old file via AirDrop, then when I updated the video file it says “Failed to save item. Save iCloud Drive instead?”.

- Question from Apple Community

AirDrop Fail

What is AirDrop, and which devices are supported by it? 


AirDrop is a feature exclusive to Apple's iOS, iPad OS and Mac OS systems. With Bluetooth and Wi-Fi turned on, it can be used to share files between multiple Apple devices. At the same time, it not only has a fast transmission speed but also does not require a network, so it is widely used in our daily life.

In reality, AirDrop doesn't work on all Apple devices. It supports iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch with ios7 and above. It also works on Macs, and all Macs launched after 2011 (not including the 2012 Mac Pro) or running OS×Yosemite or later. Before using it, you can check if your device is compatible.

Fix "AirDrop failed to save item" with 4 ways

In fact, many times we can't say exactly why "AirDrop failed to save items. Save to iCloud drive instead" occurs, but we know some possible reasons for this result, so we can try to solve this problem by troubleshooting these factors.

Way 1. Power off and restart

Failed to save may be caused by the temporary failure of the mobile phone, so you can restart the two devices and transfer again.

Way 2. Check your iPhone screen

When you are transferring large files, the process will take some time. During this process, you need to make sure that your phone screen is awake, otherwise, the transfer will fail or be interrupted. To prevent this from happening, you can do as I show below.

Click Settings > Tap “Display &Brightness” > Click “Auto-Lock” > Select “Never”



Way 3. Turn off Personal Hotspot

AirDrop and personal hotspot conflict, so they cannot be used at the same time. You can close it in the settings.

Settings > Click “Personal Hotpot” > Close “Allow Others to Join”

Way 4. Check WIFI or Bluetooth

No Internet is required when you use AirDrop, but you should make sure your Bluetooth and WIFI are enabled. You can check it in the Settings, or in the control center.


Alternative to AirDrop to transfer files from iPhone to iPhone

If you feel tired to try kinds of solutions for AirDrop failed to save item or other issues like transfer objects cannot be found, it’s wise to try a stable and fast file transfer tool for iOS devices, FoneTool.

 is such software. It’s a professional transfer software, which can transfer various types of files, including photos, messages, contacts, etc. wirelessly. You can download iOS version by searching MBackupper in the Apple Store or scanning the QR code. 

QR Code


Now, let me show you how to use it.

Launch the tool > Select the type of file to transfer > Choose the file you need to transfer > Tap Send > Connect transfer object to begin.

iOS MBackupper


☞ Both you and the object need to download the software.

☞ The two devices cannot be too far apart (usually within 100 meters).

Fully transfer (one click) from iPhone to iPhone without Internet

If you want to transfer files with USB cable, you can use  FoneTool Windows version, which can be used without the Internet.

Download FreewareWin 11/10/8/7
Secure Download

Step 1. Open the FoneTool, and the plugin for two devices. (You have to enter the password, otherwise, the software will not be allowed to access the phone.)

Transfer Step1

Step 2. Two devices will appear in the interface, and click Start Transfer button.

Transfer Step3


☞ Make sure the storage: The target iPhone memory cannot be smaller than the original iPhone.

☞ Check the iPhone version: The target iPhone version cannot be lower than the source iPhone.

Bottom Line

When your AirDrop failed to save item, you can first rule out possible problems one by one, or you can use FoneTool directly to transfer files. 

FoneTool is a stable, safe, convenient software, and it can not only transfer quickly and completely but also backup your iPhone fully or selectively. When the iCloud space is not enough, you can use it to back up iPhone data.