Free HEIC Converter Download to Convert HEIC to JPG/PNG

HEIC photos can’t be viewed on Windows or Android? Read this passage to pick and download HEIC converter to let them viewable.


By Dylan / Updated on March 3, 2024

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How do I covnert HEIC?

I have got my photos off the iPhone so that I could edit them in Photoshop as usual, but my PC can read it. Yes, it is Windows PC. How to can I convert HEIC to JPG, PNG, or other formats?

- Question from Apple Community

Why need to download HEIC converter?

What is HEIC? It is a new format released by Apple in 2011. An iPhone would save taken photos in HEIC format since iOS 11. HEIC images take less space while giving you a relatively nice image quality. 

But HEIC is usually used on Apple devices. It doesn't work with Windows devices, and most non-apple programs can't read HEIC. So if you need to transfer HEIC photos from iPhone to PC, use your HEIC photos on Office, Photoshop, or other programs. you will need to download a HEIC converter to change the format.

heic file

If you want to view the raw iPhone photos in Windows platform, use them in Microsoft Office, Photoshop, or other programs, or upload them to the website as avatars or for other use, you need to convert them into JPG or PNG files, so download the HEIC converter for your iPhone photos to convert HEIC to JPG on Windows.

What is the best HEIC converter for Windows 11/10/8/7?

When you need to convert HEIC images, you can rely on FoneTool. This is a free but professional HEIC converter for Windows 11/10/8/7. This tool allows you easily switch HEIC pictures to high-quality JPG/JPEG/PNG in seconds.

You can check the outstanding features on HEIC converting:

Free HEIC Converter: FoneTool is absolutely free. You could use it to convert unlimited HEIC images with it.
Offline Converter: FoneTool does not require internet, you can quickly convert HEIC images anytime.
● Perfect Quality: All the details of your images would be retained and the quality of images won’t be affected.
● Batch Convert: You can batch convert HEIC to JPG/PNG/JPEG at a time.

Now you can click the download button and refer to this next part, we will show you how to easily convert HEIC images to JPG/PNG/JPEG with FoneTool.

Best Free HEIC Converter | FoneTool

Convert the iPhone HEIC images into JPG/JPEG/PNG on Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7 for viewing, editing in Photoshop, inserting to Microsoft Office, or other uses.

Download FreewareWin 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
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How to convert HEIC to JPG/PNG/JPEG with FoneTool

Connect your iPhone to computer. Install FoneTool. Follow the guide below.

Step 2. Open FoneTool and select "ToolBox" on the left pane. Choose "HEIC converter".

choose heic converter

Step 3. To put your HEIC images into this converter, you could click Add Photos or directly drag and drop the photos.

add photos

Step 4. Select the target image format and path. Click "Start Converting".


Bonus tip: how to turn off HEIC on iPhone | Save iPhone photos as JPG 

If you don't want to save your taken photo as HEIC photos any more, you can follow the steps to switch the default images format on your iPhone.

Step 1. Go to "Settings" app on your iPhone.

Step 2. Select "Camera" option. 

Step 3. Choose the "Most Compatible".

most compatible camera format

Last Words

When you need to convert HEIC to JPG, PNG, or JPEG on Windows 11/10/8/7, you can free download the HEIC converter - FoneTool. It uses easy-to-use software making the process simple. And it can batch-convert your HEIC images. 

In addition, it is more than a HEIC converter. It is an all-in-one iOS data manager. FoneTool is able to help you transfer photos from iPhone to Win 10 PC, or transfer PC to iPhone. And you can use it to find and delete duplicate photos in iPhone camera roll.