How to Delete Duplicate Photos on iPhone (iOS 13/14/15)

Sometimes, you may find you iPhone contains lots of duplicate or similar photos, this post will help you to delete some duplicate photos on an iPhone running with iOS 17/16/15.


By Dylan / Updated on December 20, 2023

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Need to delete duplicate photos on iPhone?

It is easy to find an iPhone running out of space due to too many photos. But when you go to the “Photos” app it probably is cluttered with duplicate photos.

If you ever synced photos between iPhone and PC or iPhones, your iPhone can contain a good number of duplicate pictures. In addition, sometimes, we want to capture fleeting moments with iPhone, and we will take many photos, but similar photos can pile up quickly.

How to delete duplicate photos on iPhone (iOS 13-iOS 17)

Generally, there are 2 common ways to delete duplicate or similar photos on the iPhone-iPhone shortcut and professional photo deduplicate tool-FoneTool. You can choose one according to your need.

Method 1.  Delete duplicate photos with Siri shortcut

The shortcut is a feature in iOS 12 and later iOS versions. It allows users to automate some tasks on their iPhone/iPad. In iOS 13 and iOS 17, you can find a photo deduper shortcut. Here are the steps.

1. Please makesure your iCloud Photos is disabled for shortcut to work.
2. As we mentioned, the shortcut only delete duplicate photos that were downloaded multiple times. To delete similar photos of the same scene/people, please turn to method 2.

Step 1. Tap “Shortcut” app on your iPhone to run it.

Step 2. Choose “Library”.

Step 3. There would be a "Photo Deduper"/“Delete Duplicate Photos” option listed here, just simply tap it to run.

photos deduper

Step 4. The Shortcut may ask the permission to delete photos. Allow it and it will delete duplicate photos.

Best app to delete duplicate photos on iPhone

Here, we would like to recommend FoneTool, which is one of the best apps to delete duplicate pictures on the iPhone easily. It is able to scan and detect duplicate photos or screenshots on your iPhone. Then you can delete them with one click.

These are some key features of this tool:

Easy-to-use software: This tool comes with a simple and intuitive interface allowing you to delete duplicate pictures with ease.
Transfer pictures before deleting: If there are some similar photos you don’t want to delete right now, this tool provides an option to save your photos on computer.
Delete duplicate photos on computer: If you got duplicate photos on your camera, android phone, you save your PC firstly and delete duplicate pictures on the PC with FoneTool.
Widely compatible with iDevice: It works perfectly with iOS, and iPadOS, which means you can delete duplicate photos on all iPhone/iPad models.

Now please click the download button, we would lead you through how to deduplicate iPhone in detail.

Download Freeware Win 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download

How to delete duplicate photos on iPhone (iOS 13 - iOS 17)

Connect your iPhone with a computer via USB cable. You may need to "Trust" on the iPhone if it is the first time to connect the iPhone to the computer. Then follow the steps below.

Step 1. Run FoneTool, and click "Toolbox" > “Photos Duplicate” on the main interface.

click photo dudeplication

Step 2. When the program is launched, click “Scan iPhone".

scan ios device

Step 3. Now you can set a filter date range according to the time the photo was taken. Then click "Start Scanning".

start scanning ios

Step 4. Then choose the photos you want to remove, and click "Delete".

delete duplicate photos

Tip:  To avoid accidental deletion, you can click "Migrate to" to move duplicate photos from iPhone to computer and it will delete the selected photos automatically.


This is how to delete duplicate photos on iPhone (iOS 13 and iOS 17). If you download the same memes or pictures on an iPhone running with iOS 13/17, you can turn to the Siri shortcut to delete duplicate photos. 

Otherwise, FoneTool is more suitable for you. It is good at moving not only duplicate but similar photos on your device. Besides, if these photos are important,  FoneTool also supports backing up photos to a computer/external disk to protect data.