How to Transfer WiFi Password from iPhone to iPhone: 2 Ways

The detailed tutorial shows how to transfer WiFi password from iPhone to iPhone, and it can help you clarify the specific operation steps. If you have any questions, come here to find the answer.


By May / Updated on December 22, 2023

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How Can I Transfer WiFi Password Between iPhones?

Have you encountered the following situations in your daily life? Situation 1: You have changed your iPhone but forgot the WiFi password at home. How can you transfer the WiFi password from the old iPhone to the new iPhone? Situation 2: You are visiting a friend and want to connect to the WiFi network of your friend's house, but how to transfer WiFi password from iPhone to iPhone if your friend forgets the WiFi password?                           

iphone transfer

It is true that many people have encountered this situation and want to use the WiFi network, but don't have the WiFi password. At this point there will be a question about how to transfer the password from iPhone to iPhone. Because compared with the transfer of photos, video and music, transferring WiFi password is more complicated.

Don't worry, now there are two strategies about how to transfer WiFi password between iPhones, you can choose arbitrarily to implement according to your actual situation.

Two Ways to Transfer WiFi Password from iPhone to iPhone

When you don't want to use cellular data, but want to get network information, sharing Wi-Fi passwords between devices is the best way for you to choose a fast network access process. Let's learn how to transfer WiFi password to another iPhone with friends and family.

Way 1. How to Transfer WiFi Password from iPhone to iPhone via Bluetooth

Bluetooth is a way that people usually transfer data to each other, which can help with password sharing. However, it won't work when the network is unstable and the devices don't match. Therefore, before officially starting to use this method, please make sure that the iPhones meet the following prerequisites:

1. Only Apple devices running iOS 11.0 and later versions support transferring WiFi passwords.
2. Turn on WiFi and Bluetooth normally on both iPhone devices, and turn off the personal hotspot.
3. One iPhone needs to add the phone number of the other one to the address book or the Apple ID in the iCloud.

The specific operation steps are as follows:

Step 1. Turn on the Bluetooth of the two iPhones at the same time and keep them together to ensure that they are within a certain communication range.

bluetooth and wifi

Step 2. One iPhone is connected to the WiFi network first, and the other one opens the WiFi to find and select the connected network.

Step 3. At this time, the device connected to the WiFi network will pop up a Share Password button. After clicking it, a Complete interface will pop up after a while, indicating that the two phones have successfully transmitted the WiFi password. 

share wifi password

Step 4. Click the Done button to exit this interface.

wifi transfer

Way 2. How to Transfer WiFi Password from iPhone to iPhone via FoneTool

Unstable Bluetooth connection? Mobile device does not match? Haven't added the other's Apple ID? Worried about the WiFi password being leaked? FoneTool is recommended here to transfer WiFi password from iPhone to another iPhone more easily. 

FoneTool is a free iPhone transfer software, which is convenient and easy to operate. It can quickly transfer data without any network. Most importantly, it keeps everything safe while transferring important data. I believe that as a transfer tool, it is your best choice. Let's see what makes it unique about how to transfer WiFi password to new iPhone with this tool.

Super-fast iPhone transfer: Compared with Bluetooth, it can provide a more stable transmission environment and transfer everything to another iPhone at super fast speed.
Transfer by one click: No complicated operation steps, just uses one click to transfer between iPhones.
Available for all iOS versions: It works on all iOS versions and can transfer from iPhone to iPhone, iPhone to iPad, and iPhone to Windows.
Protect iPhone data security: It uses professional technology to protect the security of your transmitted data throughout the process, so you don't have to worry about data leakage or loss.

So let's download this software and follow the guidelines below:

Download FreewareWin 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download

Step 1. After setup, connect the two iPhones on the computer, and select Phone Transfer. Move the cursor to iPhone to iPhone. click Start Transfer.

iphone transfer

Step 2. Wait for the interface to show that the two phones are connected successfully. If you want to keep your data safe in transit from iPhone to iPhone, you can choose Backup encryption.


Step 3. Select the file to click Start Transfer.

start transfer

In addition to data transfer, FoneTool also supports all iPhone backup, flexible management of your device storage space, effective iPhone data backup to prevent data loss.

Frequently Asked Questions About iPhone WiFi Password Sharing

Apart from transferring WiFi passwords between iPhones, you may encounter some other issues during the password sharing process. We list some frequently asked questions and provide you with helpful answers.

# 1. How Can I Transfer WiFi Password from iPhone to iPad?

Just follow the steps mentioned in the article. It should be noted that way 1 is only applicable to iOS11 and above, please try to update to the latest version to ensure the efficiency of the transfer. If you don't want to update the version, you can try way 2 which supports all versions.

# 2. Does Transfer WiFi Password Use Cellular Data?     

Neither method requires the use of cellular data, and you can safely follow the same steps above.

# 3. What If the Above Steps Don’t Work?

If you still can't transfer your Wi-Fi password, try these steps:

Step 1. Make sure your iPhone version has been updated, you can check the specific situation in the settings.

Step 2. Turn on and off the WiFi button, please restart both devices and try again.

Step 3. Reconnect to the WiFi network, sometimes there will be network freezes or delays.

Step 4. Put the two iPhones as close as possible to ensure a smooth connection.


Through the introduction of this article, you can learn how to transfer WiFi password from iPhone to iPhone. If you are concerned about the risk of crucial data leakage when the transfer of WiFi passwords, FoneTool is a better choice. It ensures data security while transferring quickly, allowing you to share passwords with others with confidence.