Update! Top Fixes to iPad Transfer to New iPad Stuck

If you fail to transfer everything to new iPad because iPad transfer to new iPad stuck, try solutions to fix it or Quick Start alternative in this guide to achieve iPad to iPad transfer.


By Demi / Updated on March 1, 2024

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Transfer to new iPad stuck

I’m trying to transfer data to new iPad with Quick Start. But the screen gets stuck on “Settings up your Apple ID...” What do I do now?

- Question from Apple Community

Upgrading to a new iPad is an exciting prospect, promising enhanced features and a better user experience. Thanks to Quick Start, you can transfer old iPad to new iPad with no effort. However, the joy of getting a new device can be dampened if you encounter issues during the transfer of data from your old iPad to the new one. Are you in one of the following scenarios that iPad transfer to new iPad stuck:

• iPad stuck on setting up Apple ID
• iPad stuck on Preparing to transfer
• iPad stuck on estimating time remaining

ipad transfer to new ipad stuck

No matter which step of the data transfer you are stuck in, we'll address the common problem of iPad stuck on transferring data and provide top-notch fixes to ensure a smooth transition of your data. 

Why won't my iPad transfer to new iPad?

The reasons why new iPad won't transfer from old iPad vary. And following are some common causes behind the issue that lead to setting up new iPad from old iPad not working.

⛔ Poor internet connection.
⛔ The size of data on the source iPad are too large.
⛔ Insufficient storage space on the new iPhone.
⛔ The two iPads are too far apart.

How to fix iPad transfer to new iPad stuck

Since Quick Start requires a lot to work well, you should firstly make sure the two iPads are close to each other and on charge. Then, try the following solutions one after another until your trouble gets fixed.

Optionally, if you are in a hurry, you can choose to transfer everything from old iPad to new iPad with the tool mentioned in the next part.

Fix 1. Check and update iPadOS version on iPad

Unless both of your iPads are running iPadOS 13 or later, the Quick Start service cannot provide a full iPad migration. Generally speaking, new iPad are shipped with the latest iPadOS installed.

Therefore, you may need to check the iPadOS version on your old iPad. Just open the Settings app on your iPad > Tap General > Software Update to have a check.

It is also recommended that you upgrade iPadOS to the latest version to avoid any glitches in the old iPadOS that prevent you from data transfer.

check iPadOS update

Fix 2. Check the Wi-Fi network condition on both iPad

You should know that both of your iPads need to connect to the same Wi-Fi network when using Quick Start. You can visit the control center to have a check. Besides that, the Wi-Fi network needs to be stable.

To avoid any unknown network issue that lead to iPad won’t transfer to new iPad, you can all reset network settings. Go to Settings > General > Transfer or Reset iPad > Reset > Choose Reset Network Settings > Tap Reset to confirm.

reset network settings

Fix 3. Use Quick Start in a wired way

Quick Start offers both wireless and cable methods for transferring data between iPads. If you failed wirelessly, purchase a USB 3 Camera Adaptor and a Lightning to USB cord to use Quick Start to transfer data to the new iPad. The processes are the same as they are for Wi-Fi connection.

lightning to 3 camera adapter

One-click transfer data from old iPad to new iPad [more reliable]

It is unpredictable when Quick Start will go wrong. Why don’t you try its alternative to transfer data from old iPad to new iPad in a stabler way? Here we recommend FoneTool, professional data transfer and backup desktop software for iPad, iPhone, and iPod.


▶ Faster transfer speed. It just takes 2 seconds to transfer 100 photos, and no more than half an hour to finish iPad to iPad migration.

▶ Stabler and offline transfer. Such iPad transfer to new iPad stuck issue won't happen in FoneTool. Wired and offline transfer promises a stable and smooth

▶ Two transfer options. You are allowed to transfer everything or selective files from iPad to iPad. Besides, you can perform data transfer after setting up the new iPad,

▶ Wide compatibility. FoneTool supports most models of iPad, iPad Air, iPad Mini, and iPad Pro. It also works well with iPhone and iPod.

Download FreewareWin 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download

Step 1. Connect both iPads to the computer with USB > Click Phone Transfer on the Home screen of FoneTool > Go to iPhone to iPhone and click Start Transfer.

iPhone to iPhone transfer

Warm tip: If you have only one Apple Lightning USB cable, you are also given Full Backup option to full backup your old iPad and restore it to your new iPad with no data loss.

Step 2. To protect your privacy, you can enable Backup encryption. You will be asked to enter the password when you try to access the data in the future.

backup encryption

Step 3. Click Start Transfer to begin the task. When it finishes, your new iPad will be restarted automatically.

start transfer

You can check whether you have all your wanted files imported to your new iPad. Don’t need iPad anymore? You may want to sell out the old iPad or give it to others. Before that, it is recommended to deeply clean the old iPad using the erase function in FoneTool


That’s all about the solutions to iPad transfer to new iPad stuck. If the problem persists despite your best effort, you can try FoneTool to transfer data to your new iPad. It can also meet your daily needs for backing up iPad photos, videos, messages, etc. If this guide is helpful, please share it with others.