3 Recommended Professional iPhone Backup Unlockers 2024

Need iPhone backup unlocker? When you forget your iTunes backup password, you could pick an iPhone backup unlocker in this article to unlock it.


By Dylan / Updated on December 28, 2023

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Forget the password and unable to unlock iTunes backup

I used iTunes to backup my iPhone half a year ago, and now I want to restore iPhone from this backup. It seems that I have forgotten the password of it so I need an iTunes backup unlocker. Anyone could recommend a good iPhone backup unlocker for me?

- Question from {Apple User}

iTunes Enter Password

iTunes is commonly used to backup iPhone. It saves the most data than any other third-party software. You could know about how iTunes works and what iTunes backup includes. iTunes allows you to encrypt iPhone so it would save your keychain data and require the password when this backup is being used to restore iPhone.

If you remember the password, the restoration would be very easy. However, if you happened to forget the password, your restoration seems to be permanently stuck before it could be started.

iTunes would just keep telling you to enter password of this backup but provide no way for you to remember the old password. After you try some special combination of numbers, it still fails. This time you need the help from professional suppliers.

After thousands of experiments, there are many suppliers who have successfully decipher the password of iTunes. This article would introduce the top 3 iPhone backup unlockers for Windows and Mac to you. You would know every detail you need to choose the one tool you like. If you want to view iTunes backup after unlocking it, you could also use iTunes backup browser to view data from it for free.

#1 PassFab: iPhone backup unlocker

PassFab is a professional supplier concentrating on deciphering password of every software, like Windows and Excel, so you could always trust them to safely unlock your iTunes backup.

PassFab iPhone backup unlock could help you in many situations: “Enter your password to unlock your iPhone backup”, “Could not restore iPhone because iPhone backup password was incorrect”, “iPhone backup was incorrect. Please try again”, etc.

Passfab iPhone Backup Unlocker

There are three attack modes for you to choose from.

● Dictionary Attack: iPhone backup unlocker would decipher iTunes backup by trying possible passwords from a dictionary. It performs automatically and could try millions of times.

● Brute-force with Mask Attack: If you remember several characters of your password, you could tell it to a backup unlocker. This could help it generate your password faster.

Brute-force Attack: This could be your ultimate solution. It would try all the possible passwords until the correct password is found.

What iPhone backup unlocker could do for you?

As a professional tool, a backup unlocker would give you options to use your encrypted iTunes backup in every way. It causes no damage to the iPhone backup.

  • Retrieve iTunes Backup Password: Forget your password and want to know the right password?  It can help you retrieve the password by all means.

  • Remove Backup Encryption Settings: Don’t want your password anymore? You could directly erase the password rather than decipher it. Support iOS 11 and above.

  • Remove Screen Time Passcode: It could not only be used to unlock the encrypted iPhone backup, it could also be used to remove screen time passcode. If you forget your passcode, or screen time limits are set as a trick, you could definitely use this software to remove the passcode.

  • Accelerate GPU: It would be a bonus feature for you. This software could not only be used to decipher, but also help your computer perform better. It supports AMD Radeon HD 7000 series and GeForce GTX 650.

How to use iPhone backup unlocker?

It would be simple to use this software. Just tell it what you want to do with your iPhone backup, then you leave the work to it.

Download and open iPhone backup unlock > automatically scan iTunes backup on computer > select the encrypted iPhone backup > select the attack mode > unlock the iPhone backup.

Seccessfully Unlock iPhone Backup

Note: This iPhone backup unlock is brilliant but it’s not free. You need spend at least $45.95 to buy the license.

#2 Tenorshare: 4uKey - iTunes Backup

Tenorshare is a professional company for data recovery. Recovering lost iPhone backup password is also one of their businesses.

  • Three attack modes: Dictionary Attack, Brute-force Attack, Brute-force with Mask Attack

  • Three features: Retrieve iPhone backup password, remove iPhone backup password, remove screen time passcode.

  • Price: $45.95 for a month.

The steps to use 4uKEy cracker are still simple. Just download the software > select the iPhone backup > select attack mode > unlock the iPhone backup.

4Ukey iTunes Backup Unlocker

#3 ThunderShare: Free iTunes iPhone Backup Unlocker

Thunder Share is a company specialized in producing digital tools. This software is partially free because the free version could only help you retrieve partial password. It could still be used to give you a clue to guess the full password.

  • Retrieve iPhone backup password

  • Decipher in 3 password attack types

  • Support all iOS devices

  • Require Windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista/7/8/10

The steps to use this tool is as usual. Download software > select locked iPhone backup > select attack type > unlock iPhone backup.

Thunder Share Free iTunes Backup Unlocker


Encrypting iPhone backup could protect your privacy. It should a good habit if you always remember the right passwords. If you couldn’t remember too many passwords, you could write down them to your note. If you could not remember the right password, you could use the introduced iPhone backup unlocker professional crack to decipher the password.

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