How to Fix iPhone not Getting Text Notifications: 2024 Tips

Not getting text notification is a common problem in iOS 17/16. This article will provide 5 common solutions to help you out of this issue.


By Dylan / Updated on December 28, 2023

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Why iPhone not getting text notifications?

Sometimes, you may find your iPhone can’t get any notifications when someone sends a message to you. Generally, there are 4 causes that can lead to this problem.

System bug. It is fact that iOS got some bugs like photos missing, not receive notifications, and so on when it initially came out.
Notification is turned off: Once the “allow Notification” option is disabled, you can't get any notification on your iPhone, as well as iPad, Apple Watch.
Do Not Disturb Mode: This is a feature that silences all alerts and calls on your iPhone. You can turn it off to solve this problem.
Bluetooth connection: if you connect your iPhone with other devices via Bluetooth, the notification can be found on the connected device. So it can’t be found on your iPhone.

Next, we are going to provide 5 common solutions to not getting text notifications on iPhone 8, X, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 with iOS 15, 16, 17.

How to fix iPhone not getting text notifications in 2024

If you are not getting iPhone notification from another iPhone, iPad, with your Apple watch, from an Android phone, try the following methods to solve it.

Method 1. Update your iOS version

If you are using an old iOS version, you may find the message alert is not working on your iPhone, it can be related to a bug on iOS 13 or other specific iOS versions. You can update to iOS 16 or a later version to see.

Method 2. Check Text notification setting

If you ever hide your messages by shutting off notifications, you can’t get the alert when some send messages to you. You can follow the steps below to check the setting.

Step 1. Go to “Settings” on your iOS device.

Step 2. Tap “Notifications” > “Messages” on the Settings app.

Step 3. Make sure the “Allow Notifications” option is turned on. And you can also specify the alerts location, banner style, sounds here.

Allow Notications Messages

✍ Note: You can also check the Sounds effect, if it shows “None” please select a Sounds for it.

If the message notification is not working, go to other solutions.

Method 3. Turn off Deliver Quietly

It is a feature for iOS 12 and later versions. Once you enable Deliver Quietly feature, you won’t get annoying alerts. You can turn off this feature to get your message.

Step 1. Wiping down from the top of your iPhone, you can find the all notifications.

Step 2. Wipe the message or another app notification leftwards.

Step 3. Tap “Manage” and tap “Turn off”.

Deliver Quietly

Method 4. Disable Do Not Disturb mode

If you can’t get a text notification on iPhone when it locked and it shows a half-moon icon when you check the message, it is because you enabled the Do Not Disturb mode, which makes calls and notifications silent while your iPhone is locked.

Besides, if you silence a specific conversation on Message app, it will be also marked with a crescent moon icon beside the contact’s name. Then you can’t get a notification from this specific person.

To disable Do Not Disturb mode: Go “Settings” > tap “Do Not Disturb” > Turn off the “Do Not Disturb” option.

Do Not Disturb Mode

● To turn off Do Not Disturb mode on iMessage: Open Message app > find the contact’s name marked with a crescent moon and slide it leftward > Tap the bell icon.

Method 5. Toggle off Bluetooth feature

Most people keep their Bluetooth settings is turned on for connecting with their Airpods, sharing files using AirDrop anytime, and other purposes. But it can be the case of making your iPhone notification not working because it will send to the connected device.

Thus, you can just go to “Setting” and tap “Bluetooth”. Then toggle off the “Bluetooth”. And see if the problem is solved.

Turn Off Bluetooth

Bonus tip: Backup iPhone text messages to protect data from loss

Text messages or iMessages usually contains conversations from other vital people that we don’t want to lose. However, if you never backup your iPhone messages, once your messages get hacked or your iPhone is lost, you may lose your text message forever.

Thus, after solving the “iPhone not getting text notifications” issue, it is a wise choice to backup your messages to another safe place like a PC or an external disk, USB drive. Here we recommend a popular iOS backup tool named FoneTool. This tool is able to backup iPhone messages to a PC or external drive easily.

Download Freeware Win 11/10/8.1/8/7
Secure Download

In addition, this tool performs well in protecting your data by the following advantages:

Fast backup: It is one of the fastest backup tools that enable you to make a backup in a very short time.
Incremental Backup: If you have a backup with it, next time you can only backup the newly added messages to save you lots of time.
Selective messages: you can choose messages that sent from one or some contacts to backup.
Support multiple file types: Apart from text messages, FoneTool also helps you to backup music, videos, pictures, contacts, or other data to a computer or external drive.

backup messages


This is all about how to fix iPhone 6, 7, 8, X, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 not getting text notifications on iOS 17/16/15. Hope these methods can really help you to solve the problem. To avoid message contacts or other data loss, it would be better to backup your iPhone with FoneTool. Besides, this tool can help you to move data to PC, like transfer music to computer.