Easily Fixed: Saved Passwords Didn’t Transfer to New iPhone [4 Ways]

This post mainly gives solutions to the problem of why my saved passwords didn’t transfer to new iPhone. If you’re facing the problem right now, read this post to get it fixed.


By Ellie / Updated on June 13, 2023

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Why my saved passwords didn’t transfer to new iPhone?  


I’ve got a new iPhone and none of my saved passwords have been transferred from another iPhone and an iPad. I have nearly 160 on my other devices. Could anyone please tell me why my saved passwords didn’t transfer to new iPhone and how to fix it?”


How to fix saved passwords didn’t transfer to new iPhone [four methods]

When you get a new iPhone, there may be a few tiny annoyances that spoil your joy. One of the most typical ones troubling the users is the problem they encounter when transferring passwords to the new iPhone. There are four solutions to help you fix this problem.

Method 1. Sync iPhone passwords with iCloud Keychain

The first method we use here is to use iCloud Keychain to sync iPhone password to your new iPhone.

Step 1. Make sure your old iPhone is connected to the internet. Open the Setting > Apple ID > iCloud > Keychain. Then turn on iCloud Keychain.

Enable iCloud Keychain

Step 2. Then on your new iPhone, log in with the same Apple ID as on your old iPhone. Then repeat the same steps above to enable iCloud Keychain. Wait for some time before downloading your passwords to the new iPhone.

Method 2. Transfer iPhone passwords with AirDrop

You can also use AirDrop to share your passwords to another iOS device.

Step 1. Wipe down the screen to open the Control Center, long-press the wireless network section, and enable AirDrop. The Bluetooth and WiFi features should also be enabled on both devices. You can also select Everyone as its visibility to easily transfer your data.

Enable AirDrop

Step 2. On your old iPhone, go to Settings > Passwords & Accounts > Website & App Passwords.

Website and App Passwords

Step 3. Here, you can view a list of all the saved passwords on your iPhone.

View Passwords

Step 4. Select the account that you want to share, simply hold and long tap its Password section to get the Copy and AirDrop options. Select AirDrop.

AirDrop Passwords

Step 5. Select your new iPhone and then accept the incoming data on your new iPhone to save the shared password.

Choose AirDrop Contacts

Method 3. Sync iPhone passwords with encrypted iTunes backup

If you have created an encrypted iPhone backup for your old phone using iTunes, then you can restore the backup to your new iPhone and sync your passwords to it.

Step 1. Make sure you have the latest version of iTunes on your computer. Then connect your old iPhone to the computer. Click the Device tab.

Device Icon iTunes

Step 2. Tick This computer and Encrypt local backup, and then click Back Up Now. You'll be asked to enter a password that will be needed to access your backup later. Click Set Password after entering the password. Disconnect your old iPhone after the process completes.

Create Encrypted Backup Password iTunes

Step 3. Connect your new iPhone to iTunes and click the device icon. Click Restore Backup, select your encrypted backup, enter the password and then transfer everything including passwords to your new iPhone.

Restore Backup to New iPhone

Note: This will erase all existing data on your new iPhone, so please make sure you’ve backup your new iPhone if there’s something important.

Method 4. Transfer iPhone passwords with the free iOS transfer tool

The final solution is to transfer all data, including passwords, from your old iPhone to your new iPhone with one click using the free iOS transfer tool FoneTool.

  • Diverse transfer methods. It enables you to transfer all your iPhone data with one click or transfer selectively data, like photos, videos, songs, contacts, and messages.
  • Multiple functions. It not only supports iOS data transfer but also data backup, data restore, data erasion, photo deduplication, etc.
  • Fast speed. Its transfer speed is faster than many other mobile phone backup software on the market.
  • Wide compatibility. It works with almost any iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, as well as Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7.

Step 1. Download, install, and run FoneTool on your PC. Then connect both your old iPhone and new iPhone to the computer, and tap Trust This Computer on your iOS devices.  

Download FreewareWin 1110/8.1/8/7
Secure Download

Step 2. Go to Phone Transfer, locate iPhone to iPhone option, and then click Start Transfer.

iPhone to iPhone Transfer

Step 3. Ensure both iPhones are in the right place. Click the Start Transfer to begin the transfer process. Your iPhone will automatically restart after the transfer is complete.

Start Transfer

Note: You can also fully backup all your iPhone data or selectively back up your photos, music, videos, contacts, and messages on your iPhone to the computer.


This post primarily focuses on four solutions to the issue of why my saved passwords didn’t transfer to new iPhone. When you’re asked to input the previous passwords of apps and sites on your new iPhone, you can use the four methods to directly transfer them to the new phone.