How to Transfer Calendar to New iPhone with Ease

This post will show you how to transfer calendar to new iPhone. You can get the easiest way to transfer calendar or other data to new iPhone here.


By Zoey / Updated on September 21, 2023

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Can I Transfer Calendar to New iPhone?


Is it better to start from scratch or is it’s ok to transfer all data and apps from your old phone? I recently upgrade from iPhone 6s to 15 and there was an option to transfer all data from 6s to 15 which is pretty neat. I want to know can I transfer calendar to new iPhone in an easy way, and if there is a useful solution to transfer other types of data?

- Question from Reddit

Like the user case mentioned above, a number of users have recently switched to the new iPhone 14 series. After switching phones, the biggest problem is that you should transfer data from old iPhone to new iPhone.

Since many users record important or meaningful calendar information in their calendars, they want to know if they can transfer their calendars to their new iPhone. The answer is YES! On this page, you will learn how to transfer calendar to new iPhone in 4 different ways.

4 Effective Ways to Transfer Calendar to New iPhone

To sync calendar to your new iPhone, there are some different methods for Apple users. Please read on to get them in detail.

Way 1. Transfer Calendar with One Click

First, we prepared the easiest way and you can transfer calendar with one click - using FoneTool. It is a reliable data transfer tool for iPhone and allows you to transfer calendar from iPhone to iPhone with ease.

FoneTool provides a great iPhone to iPhone transfer feature, which can help you transfer data from iPhone to iPhone without backup. In addition to transferring data to iPhone, you can transfer data to any iOS device with this feature. Let’s see how to transfer calendar to new iPhone without iCloud:

1. First, download FoneTool on your computer. Connect your iPhone to the PC. Select Trust if it asked.

Download FreewareWin 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download

2. On the FoneTool main page, select the iPhone to iPhone Transfer option  in the Phone Transfer tab.

Iphone To Iphone Trasnfer

3. Then you need to set the source device and target device. Choose your old iPhone as the source device, and choose your new iPhone as the target device. And you should enable backup encryption to protect data in the source device.

Enable Backup Encryption

4. After that, click Start Transfer to transfer calendar from old iPhone to new iPhone.

Start Transfer

⇒ Note:

1. Once the transfer task is done, your target device - the new iPhone will be rebooted automatically. After restarting, you can see all the data in calendar have been copied from the source device already.

2. The system version of your new iPhone must be higher than the source iOS device.

3. The remaining space of your new iPhone must be more than the used space of the source iOS device.

4. Please make sure that the disk space of your computer is enough.

5. When the transfer is done, the backup password of the source iOS device will be saved to your new iPhone.

Way 2. Transfer Calendar via iCloud

When you ask how to transfer calendar from an old iPhone to new iPhone, one of the common methods is to use iCloud. Here are the easy steps to transfer Calendar to new iPhone via iCloud:

1. Go to Settings on both your old and new iPhones, tap on your name and click iCloud.

2. Toggle the Calendars switch on. Then your data on the calendar will be transferred to the new iPhone automatically. In this way, you can get photos from iCloud to new iPhone or transfer other types of data to your new iPhone.

Toggle On Calendar

Way 3. Transfer Calendar via iTunes

iTunes is another common way to help users transfer data to new iPhone. It requires you to create a backup for data on your old iPhone, then restore iPhone to your new iPhone. But iTunes will transfer all the data to your new iPhone, and the data on your new iPhone will be erased first and replaced with the data from your old iPhone, which will take you much time. If you do not mind spending much time, you can follow the steps below to transfer calendar to new iPhone using iTunes:

1. Download and install the newest version of iTunes on your PC, then launch it.

2. First, connect your old iPhone to your computer.

3. Select Device, then choose backup to This Computer, and click Back Up Now.

Backup Using Itunes

Way 4. Transfer Calendar via Gmail

There is another effective method is to use Gmail as a transfer solution. As an email service provided by Google, Gmail also can help you transfer some types of data between different devices. The steps are easy to follow and you can refer to this guide:

1. On your old iPhone, go to Settings > Passwords & Accounts.

2. Then find your Gmail account. If there is not a Gmail account, click Add Accounts to add and verify your Gmail account.

3. Turn on the Calendars option.

Turn On Calendar For Accounts

4. On your new iPhone, turn on the Calendars option likewise. Then go to Settings to Fetch New Data, and slide the Push button. Then your Calendar data will be transferred to your new iPhone via Gmail.


After reading this article, we believe you have known how to transfer calendar to new iPhone. You can pick one method that suits you best from the 4 useful ways we prepared.

FoneTool can transfer all or selected data from iPhone to iPhone without data erase. iCloud and iTunes will sync all your data to your new iPhone and take much time. If you have a Gmail account, using Gmail to transfer calendar is also a nice choice.

If you are still confused about transferring calendar to new iPhone, please leave a comment and we will reply to you as soon as possible.