5 Free Ways to Transfer Music to iPhone Without iTunes

You might not want the way that iTunes does when sending music to iPhone. Read this passage and easily transfer music to iPhone without iTunes with these 5 reliable ways.


By Dylan / Updated on March 25, 2024

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How to listen to MP3 music on iPhone without iTunes.

I'm looking for a way to transfer my MP3 music to my iPhone. I have searched the web. Tons of tips for using iTunes to do it. I want to bypass that. How can I download MP3 music to iPhone without iTunes?

- Question from Macrumors.com

Can you transfer music to iPhone without iTunes?

iTunes is a traditional iOS transfer tool for iPhone users to transfer playlists to iPhone, so they can enjoy songs on their iPhone at any time. However, iTunes does not work very well in all conditions because of some shortcomings. For example, if you sync your iTunes playlists, the newly added music will erase the old one every time. And you can only download the music purchased on iTunes.


So lots of users would like to find another way to download music to iPhone. Actually, you can do so. Besides iTunes, there are many ways to manually add music to iPhone without iTunes, such as using FoneTool, Dropbox, YouTube Music, etc. And all of them will not replace the old music with new one.

Next, you can refer to the following content, we will list 5 ways of sending music from computer to iPhone without iTunes easily.

Method 1. The best free way to transfer music from PC to iPhone without iTunes

To quickly add songs from computer to iPhone, here we recommend FoneTool, which is a popular and professional iOS transfer app specially designed for iOS devices. With this tool, you can easily transfer music from computer to your iPhone and vice versa.  And Here are some features of it.

yes Its fast transfer speed allows you to send 1000+ songs within minutes.
yes You can preview and choose specific items flexibly to add to your iPhone. 
yes You can easily transfer various music files to your iPhone including mp3, wav, m4r, m4a, m4b, etc.
yes It’s widely compatible with all iOS devices and versions, even the latest iOS 17 and iPhone 15.
yes You can also transfer photos, videos, contacts, messages, etc between iPhone and PC or iPhone to iPhone.

Then follow the steps below to see how to finish the process efficiently.

Step 1. Download FoneTool and connect iPhone to computer with USB cable.

Download Freeware Win 11/10/8.1/8/7

Step 2. Run FoneTool, and choose Phone Transfer on the left column. Move the mouse to PC to iPhone mode, and click Get Started to launch it.

Transfer to iPhone

Step 3. Drag and drop music from your computer to the box.

Select Music

Step 4. Click Start Transfer to start the task right away.

Transfer Music

Then just wait for seconds, and your music will be shown on your iPhone. You can open the Apple Music app on your iPhone to find the transferred songs.

Method 2. Download music to iPhone using YouTube Music

YouTube Music service is widely used around the world. You can upload your music to YouTube Music from your computer. Then you can enjoy your music with your iPhone.

Step 1. Access YouTube Music from your computer and sign in with your account.

Step 2. Click on the profile icon in the upper right corner and click on Upload Music.

Step 3. Select the music files you have saved on your computer and upload them. You can also select multiple uploads at once.

upload music to youtube

Once it's uploaded, you can listen to your music on your iPhone. Also, you can make it offline.

Method 3. Send music to iPhone via Dropbox

Dropbox allows users to upload files to the cloud and share them on their different devices. Then we can use this way to send music to your iPhone.

Step 1. Download Dropbox on both your computer and iPhone, and install it. Then, sign in to Dropbox with the same account.

Step 2. Download free music from the internet (Dropbox supports music with file extensions like mp3, aiff, m4a, wav, etc.).

Step 3. Open the Dropbox folder on the laptop or desktop via the Dropbox app, then drag and drop all the music you want to listen to into this folder.

Put Music on iPhone using Dropbox Folder

Step 4. Open the Dropbox app on your iPhone and listen to these songs via a network. But if you don’t have an internet connection, you can mark songs as "Favorite" to make them available offline.

enlightened Note: To make songs available offline, you can swipe the song you want to keep on your iPhone from left to right, then tap ☆ to store songs.

Method 4. Transfer MP3 to iPhone without iTunes wirelessly

If you need a convenient wireless way to transfer songs from computer to your iPhone, sending emails is also available.

Step 1. On your computer, create an email and add the targeted music files to the email as attachments.

Step 2. Send the email to your own account > Browse the target email from your device.

Step 3. Tap the files to load. When it has done, close the music playing window and tap the "Share" icon on the screen.

Step 4. Choose to open the song with another app. Then you can select a music app as you like to add the song to your iPhone.

send music using email

Method 5. Sync music to iPhone without iTunes via Apple Music

To put music on your iPhone without syncing iTunes, streaming apps are also available. Then Apple Music will be the best option. It has over 90 million songs ad-free. You can try it for 3 months free before upgrading. To finish the process, just follow the steps below.

Step 1. First, subscribe to the Apple music streaming service. Then sign in with your Apple ID. Just launch Apple Music, then click Account > Choose Sign in and key in your Apple ID and password to continue.

Step 2. Next, you need to sync the Library on your iPhone. Just go to the Settings option > Choose Music and toggle on the Sync Library option.

apple music

Step 3. Once your music is synced, you can now freely listen to your music on your iPhone.

Final words

This is all about how to transfer music to iPhone without iTunes, you can try the above ways to add mp3, aiff, m4a, wav, etc to your iPhone or even iPad, or iPod Touch.  Hope these methods can really help you. But by contrast, FoneTool can be a nice choice. It transfers music directly to your device, and it also performs well in sending other data to your iPhone, like transfer videos from computer to iPhone.