How to Fix WhatsApp Stuck Issue with a Thorough Guide

WhatsApp contains your previous conversations. Backing up WhatsApp data makes the conversations never disappear and the backup could also be used to transfer the conversations to new iPhone. If you have WhatsApp backup stuck issue, the guide would tell you how to fix it.


By Dylan / Updated on April 21, 2023

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Why WhatsApp backup is stuck at 99%?

{I was backing up WhatsApp on my iPhone 14. It worked well but fails this time. The progress stopped when it reached to 99. So What to do when Whatsapp backup is stuck? Can you help me?

- Question from iPhone user

● WhatsApp Messenger is a free instant message app, owning thousands of users around the world.

● Data would not be saved to the server until you manually perform a backup or set an automatic backup plan.

Your stories and media files would be saved to backup so that they could reappear anytime you want.

To backup WhatsApp chat, you need to open WhatsApp and then go to Settings > Chat Backup > Back Up Now.

Whatsapp Icon

Creating WhatsApp data is necessary. Sometimes you need to recover the conversation or just need the old chat history for reminiscence. Sometimes you need to transfer WhatsApp conversations from iPhone to iPhone right away because you must not want to look up your old iPhone every time you need the old conversations.

It would be disappointing if you can’t complete backup WhatsApp on iPhone because you cannot save important data or do data migration. The next sections would tell you the solutions to the problem and how to transfer necessary data to another device.

Section 1. How to fix WhatsApp backup stuck issue?

Generally speaking, your WhatsApp backup could be stuck for poor network conditions, wrong settings on iPhone, or all kinds of system glitches. You would know how to troubleshoot and solve the problem in this section.

Solution 1. Check Internet Connection and Settings

If you're attempting a backup on a cellular data network, enable cellular data usage for iCloud.

Internet could directly influence the progress of making WhatsApp backup. If you attempt to visit the server for several times in a short time, the connection would be stopped, so connect iPhone to a fast and stable Wi-Fi. You should also do this when iPhone backup failed for poor network connection.

If you don’t mind to use cellular data to backup your WhatsApp data, you could change the Settings. In fact, you need to do this when you see the message: Backup paused waiting for Wi-Fi.

Go to Settings app on iPhone > tap your profile > select iCloud > locate Use Cellular Data and switch it on.

The ultimate way to solve all kinds of issues about the Internet is resetting settings but you’d better remember the password of your Wi-Fi before you do this.

Go to Settings app on iPhone > select General > select Reset > select Reset Network Settings.

Reset Network Setting

Solution 2. Check WhatsApp data size and iCloud storage

If you backup WhatsApp on Android, data would be uploaded to Google Drive but if you do this on iPhone, data would be uploaded to iCloud. That’s why you can’t transfer WhatsApp messages from Android to iPhone.

Free iCloud account has only 5GB of storage. It might not be enough when there are too many large files in WhatsApp. You need to check the size of WhatsApp data and available iCloud storage:

Open Settings > tap your profile > select iCloud > tap Manage Storage. Here you could check how much iCloud space you could use.

Manage iCloud Storage

In Manage Storage, tap Backups. Here you could how much space that every app needs in iCloud.

To successfully backup WhatsApp, you need to make sure there is 2.05 times available iCloud space than the size of WhatsApp data.

You could remove the unimportant data from iCloud in Manage Storage when iCloud storage is full. If you have enabled automatic iCloud backup, to save space, decrease the frequency.

In WhatsApp, go to Settings > select Chat > select Chat Backup > select Auto Backup > set it to Monthly. Delete the previous WhatsApp backup when there is the new one.

WhatsApp Auto Backup Frequency

Also, you don’t have to save videos in that backup to hugely reduce the size of your backup. Later you could transfer your videos to computer as in section 2.

Solution 3. Check iOS or Apple server issue

WhatsApp backup issue could be caused by all kinds of iOS issues. Some of them have been known by Apple. You can go to this site System Status to check whether iCloud service is being repaired.

Some users also reported that they fix this issue by disabling and then enabling iCloud Drive.

On your iPhone, go to Settings > tap your profile > select iCloud > turn off iCloud Drive > go back to WhatsApp and then quit it > turn on iCloud Drive again.

iCloud Drive

Your issues might be fixed in the next update.

To update WhatsApp:

Open App Store > search WhatsApp > tap Update.

To update iOS:

Go to Settings > select General > select Software Update.

Update iPhone

If you are taking part in the beta plan of WhatsApp development. It is common to have problems using this app. You can quit the beta plan in TestFlight and then try backing up WhatsApp again.

Sometimes there would be issues for some iCloud clients. You could contact Apple Support to check whether there is redundant data in your iCloud space.

Section 2. Alternative way to backup WhatsApp

If the above methods can't help you fix the problem, you can turn to another WhatsApp backup software. Like FoneTool. It is a professional backup software helping you to backup WhatsApp chat history, pictures, videos, attachments, and other WhatsApp content from iPhone to computer easily.

You can download FoneTool and connect iPhone to computer with USB cable. And check the steps below to backup your WhatsApp data.

Download FreewareWin 10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download

Step 1. Run FoneTool on your computer. Click "WhatsApp Manager" on the left side. 

Step 2. Choose "WhatsApp" or "WA Business" according to your need. Move your cursor to the "WhatsApp Backup". Click "Get Started".

backup whatsapp

Step 3. Click Backup Storage Path to choose a location to save the backup files. Click the "Start Backup" button. 

start backup whatsapp

When the backup is completed, you can go to Backup History to manage your WhatsApp backup files. Here you can view, restore, export, delete your backup files.

backup history whatsapp

If you want to export WhatsApp chats to PC, click View > Export to Computer on the Backup History.
If you want to directly transfer WhatsApp to new iPhone, you can choose "WhatsApp Manager" > "WhatsApp Transfer".


WhatsApp could save your conversations and media files on iPhone, you can make a backup to recover the conversation or transfer WhatsApp data to anther iPhone. If you have problem like WhatsApp backup stuck, you can use the solutions in this passage to solve it. Besides, you can also use FoneTool to backup WhatsApp to a computer.