How to Recover Deleted iMessages Without Backup [Easy Way]

Have you found your iMessages disappearing without any corresponding backup? don’t worry! This post will show you an easy and useful method to recover deleted iMessage without backup. Let’s check it!

May by May Updated May 7, 2024
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Can I recover deleted iMessage without backup?

Has anyone here tried recovering deleted iMessages without a backup?  I’m on an iPhone 11 and wondering if there’s any magic trick or tool that could help me out.

- Question from an iPhone user

Can I Recover Deleted iMessages Without Backup?

After deleting iMessages, iPhone archives its data in a field called SQLite, a transition from the Allocated field to the Unallocated field.  As a result, the actual data content remains in place. Therefore, as soon as data disappears, stop using the device. Otherwise, deleted iMessages may not be recovered if new data takes up the field.

Recover Deleted iMessages Without Backup

How to Recover Deleted iMessages Without Backup – Recover Tool

The iMessage you failed to back up is lost due to several factors such as accidental deletion, device malfunction, virus invasion, or even the process of upgrading iOS. In such cases, a reliable third-party solution becomes imperative so that you can recover deleted iMessage without backup free.

Here it’s strongly recommended to use FoneTool which is a free and safe iPhone data recovery tool. With FoneTool, you can easily recover your deleted iPhone data such as messages, contacts, call history, photos, video, and more.

Step 1: Download and install FoneTool on your PC for free > Connect your iPhone to your computer using a USB cable.

Download Freeware Win 10/8.1/8/7/XP
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Step 2: Launch FoneTool on your computer and navigate to the Toolbox section > Select iOS Data Recovery.

Choose iOS Data Recovery

Step 3: Click the Messages icon and then click the Start Scan button to initiate the scanning process.

Click Start Scan

Step 4: Select the desired messages that you want to recover > Click the Recover to PC option to successfully retrieve the messages from your iPhone.

Recover to PC

In addition, FoneTool is an excellent WhatsApp deleted messages recovery app that allows you to scan and find your deleted messages on your WhatsApp.

Bonus Tip: Easy and Safe Way to Back Up Messages to PC

Although the iPhone data recovery tool is an effective way to recover deleted iMessage without backup on iPhone, it cannot ensure that you can find all lost data back. In this case, the best way to protect your data from loss is to regularly back up your iPhone data (including messages, contacts, music, photos, videos, etc.).

In addition to backing up your iPhone to iCloud or iTunes, here it’s highly recommended to use FoneTool - also a free, safe, and professional iPhone backup and transfer tool. With this tool, you can easily back up your iPhone to a PC, USB drive, or any external hard drive.

Highlights of Using FoneTool to Back Up iPhone Messages to PC:
Selective Backup: With FoneTool, you can pick specific conversations or message threads to back up, providing a tailored approach to data retention.
Offline Backup: You can securely back up your iPhone messages to your PC without relying on an Internet connection.
Flexible Storage Options: FoneTool allows you to backup iPhone to external SSD or PC, ensuring that your iPhone messages are stored exactly where you like them.
User-Friendly Interface: The user interface has been designed with simplicity in mind so that even those who are not technically savvy can easily navigate and perform backups.

So, how to back up your messages using FoneTool? Here is a full guide:

Step 1: Download and install FoneTool on your PC > Establish a connection between your iPhone and PC.

Step 2: Run FoneTool > Access the Phone Backup option > Choose Selective Backup and click the Get Started button.

Selective Backup

Tips: If you want to make a full iPhone backup, you can also choose the Full Backup option.

Step 3: Click the Messages icon to preview and select desired messages that you want to back up > Upon your selection, a decisive click OK solidifies your intent.

Select Messages to Back Up

Step 4: Click Backup Storage Path to specify a preferred location to save your backup files > Then, click the Start Backup button to initiate the backup process.

Start Backup

Once the backup is complete, you can go to the Backup History section to view your backup files. If you want to restore your backup data later, you can go there to selectively restore iPhone data with ease.

Backup History

FAQs on How to Recover Deleted iMessages

Here are several frequently asked questions about how to recover deleted messages. Let’s have a look!

Q1: Is it safe to use third-party message recovery tools?

Many reputable third-party recovery tools are safe to use, but it’s essential to choose a well-known and trusted tool (like FoneTool) to avoid potential security risks.

Q2: What is the difference between message recovery and backup restoration?

Message recovery focuses on retrieving deleted messages, while backup restoration involves restoring the entire device to a previous backup, which can bring back messages and other data.

Q3: What should I do to prevent future message loss?

Regularly back up your device’s data to prevent message loss in the future. Also, avoid unnecessary deletion and consider using cloud services to sync messages for added safety.

The Bottom Line

After reading this post, you have already known how to recover deleted iMessage without backup. There are a lot of iPhone data recovery software on the market, and it’s essential to choose a free and reliable tool like FoneTool.

Most importantly, it is a good habit to back up your iPhone data with safe and professional tools such as FoneTool. With the help of FoneTool, you cannot only create backups of your iPhone but also transfer data to a PC, USB drive, or even another iPhone.

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