How to Fix Apple Health not Tracking Steps

It can be frustrating that Apple Health is not tracking steps. To help you get out of the issue, this guide will list possible causes behind the issue, as well as how to fix Apple Health not tracking steps.

Demi by Demi Updated April 22, 2024
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Apple Health, an integral part of the iOS ecosystem, offers a comprehensive way to monitor and track various health and fitness metrics, including steps taken. However, encountering issues where Apple Health fails to track steps can be frustrating, especially for users reliant on this data for fitness and health monitoring.

apple health not tracking

In this guide, we'll explore the possible reasons behind Apple Health not tracking steps and provide effective solutions to address this issue.

Why is Apple Health not tracking my steps?

Several factors might contribute to Apple Health not accurately tracking steps. Before any solutions, it is necessary to figure out why your iPhone health app not counting steps correctly, enabling you troubleshoot the issue faster.

Motion & Fitness Tracking Settings
If motion and fitness tracking settings are disabled or not configured correctly, Apple Health might not capture steps accurately.

Privacy Settings
If you've denied access to motion and fitness tracking permissions for Apple Health, the app won’t be able to record steps.

Background App Refresh
Disabling background app refresh for Apple Health can prevent the app from collecting step data in the background.

Technical Glitches
Sometimes, software bugs or technical issues within the Apple Health app or the iOS system might cause it to stop tracking steps.

Incorrect Device Handling
Incorrect device handling, such as carrying the iPhone in a manner that prevents the motion sensor from detecting steps, can result in inaccurate step counts.

Fixes to Apple Health not tracking steps

Here are effective solutions to troubleshoot the issue of Apple Health not accurately tracking steps. Try them one after another, until your issue gets fixed.

1# Check Fitness Tracking settings

To count your steps, the Health app on your iPhone needs Fitness Tracking permission. If this permission is disabled for the Health app, it won't count your steps. Here's how to check and enable it.

Step 1. Head to the Settings app on iPhone > Go to Privacy & Security > Scroll down and choose Motion & Fitness.

Step 2. Toggle on the switches next to Fitness Tracking and Health.

enable fitness tracking

2# Check Motion Calibration

The Health app utilizes your iPhone's motion sensors, like the accelerometer and gyroscope, to accurately measure steps and distances. Yet, if Motion Calibration is disabled on your iPhone, the Health app can't track your steps. Verify if this setting is turned on.

Step 1. Go to iPhone Settings > Privacy & Security > Click Location Services.

Step 2. Scroll down to select System Services > Enable the toggle next to Motion Calibration & Distance.

enable motion calibration distance

3# Remove conflicting fitness apps

Having multiple fitness apps installed on your iPhone might cause conflicts that prevent the Health app from tracking steps. If you suspect this issue, you'll need to identify the problematic app and uninstall it using the following steps.

Step 1. Go to the Settings app on your iPhone > Go to Privacy & Security > Motion & Fitness > Check if there are others apps that can access the Fitness tracking data.

app tracking fitness

Step 2. Disable Fitness tracking next to the other apps, or go to Home Screen and remove the app from your iPhone.

4# Disable Low Power Mode

Low Power Mode can help save your iPhone's battery, but it disables some essential services, affecting the built-in step counter in the Health app. To ensure accurate step counting, consider disabling Low Power Mode.

To disable Low Power Mode, go to Settings > Battery > Toggle off the switch next to Low Power Mode.

low power mode

5# Force restart your iPhone

If the solutions above didn't resolve the issue, performing a force reboot on your iPhone can help fix software glitches or bugs that might affect the built-in pedometer's functionality.

iPhone 8 and later: Press and quickly release the Volume + button > Perform the same operation on the Volume - button > Press and hold the Side button and release when you see the Apple logo.
iPhone 7/7 Plus: Press and hold both the Volume - button and the Power button > Release both buttons when the Apple logo appears.
iPhone 6s or earlier: Press both the Power button and the Home button for seconds > Release both buttons when the Apple logo appears.

hard reset iphone

6# Update iOS

Sometimes, glitches or bugs within old versions of iOS can affect useful features. To address this on your iPhone, follow these steps to check for any new software updates issued by Apple with bug fixes.

To update iOS, go to Settings > General > Software Update. Tap Download and Install if an update is available.

ios software update


Encountering issues with Apple Health not tracking steps accurately can be frustrating for users relying on the app for fitness and health monitoring. By understanding the potential causes and implementing the troubleshooting solutions outlined in this guide, users can address and often resolve issues with step tracking in Apple Health.

Ensuring that motion and fitness tracking settings are enabled, background app refresh is permitted, and the device's software is up-to-date can significantly enhance the accuracy of step tracking. If the issue persists, consider reaching out to Apple Support for further guidance and assistance in resolving step tracking problems within the Apple Health app.

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