Android/iPhone: Why Cannot Send Text Messages But Can Receive?

Cannot send text messages but can receive on your mobile phone? No matter whether you are using an Android phone or an iPhone, you may need this guide to get causes and solutions to the issue.

Demi by Demi Updated December 6, 2023
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Encountering difficulties in sending texts from your Android phone? The issue might stem from your Android device, the recipient's end, or the mobile service provider. Fortunately, resolving this problem is often a straightforward process.

cannot send text messages but can receive

There are several troubleshooting steps you can take to address the issue of cannot send text messages but can receive in this guide.

Why you cannot send text messages but can receive?

At the very beginning in this part, we’ve concluded some common causes to this issue. In this part, we’ll explain why you cannot send text messages but can receive on Android or iPhone.

Network issues. Poor network coverage, signal interference, or network congestion can all contribute to the problem.
Messaging app glitches. Glitches and bugs of the messaging application can lead to disruptions in the sending process.
❌ SIM card issues. Issues with the SIM card, such as improper insertion, damage, or outdated cards, can impede your ability to send text messages.

Once you've implemented the fixes within your control, you should be back up and texting in no time.

Fixes to cannot send text messages but can receive on Android/iPhone

Restoring text messaging functionality is typically a straightforward process as long as you are within a network range. Here's a tried-and-true method that tends to work effectively.

1# Force restart your Android phone/iPhone

The first thing you can do is to force restart your Android/iPhone device. A force restart can refresh your device and resolve some glitches on your phone.

• For Android phone, press and hold the Lock button and the volume - button until the phone does a forced power cycle.

• For iPhone with Face ID, press the volume + button and then quickly release. Press the volume button and then quickly release. Press the side button for seconds until you see the Apple logo.

force restart iphone

Performing a shutdown on your phone initiates a device reset, a method that frequently resolves various glitches.

2# Turn on & off Airplane mode

Toggle Airplane Mode on and off to prompt your phone to initiate a new connection to the network, often resolving texting issues and restoring functionality.

Simply head to the control center on your phone, locate the airplane button to toggle on and off to refresh the network connection.

enable airplane mode

3# Check for software update

If refresh your device and network connection didn’t work, you should check if there are any updates you can install.

Troubleshooting in the Settings app on Android varies slightly based on the device, but the steps are generally consistent across devices. The process may have nuanced differences, but the core steps remain largely similar.

If you are using iPhone, go to the Settings app > General Software Update and then clicking Download and Install.

ios software update

4# Clear your Messages cache (Android phone)

If you are using an Android phone, like Samsung, Huawei, etc., the next solution to troubleshoot cannot send text messages but can receive is to clear your messages caches. To clear your message cache, follow these quick steps:

Open the Settings app > Scroll down and tap Apps > Choose the Messages app > Storage > Tap Clear cache in the bottom-right corner.

clear messages cache

5# Check your SIM card

Ensure that your phone's SIM card is correctly installed. To avoid the SIM card that prevents you from sending text messages, you can try to remove the SIM card from your device and inspect it for any visible damage.

If the card appears to be in good condition, reinsert it securely into the SIM card slot. If you suspect the SIM card is faulty, consider contacting your mobile carrier for a replacement.

remove sim card

6# Check if the recipient blocked your messages

If your text messages are not reaching a specific recipient, it's possible that they have blocked your number. Unfortunately, there's no straightforward alert for such actions. Nevertheless, a couple of methods can help you check for this possibility.

To check if you've been blocked:
• Call Test: If calls go to voicemail consistently, you may not be blocked. Persistent unavailability signals a potential block.
• Suggested Contacts: Remove the number and check for suggested contacts. If they reappear, it's less likely you're blocked; if not, it's a red flag.
• Text Test: Send texts to others; if messages go through to everyone but one person, you might be blocked. Watch for these signs to assess the situation.

block text messages

7# Check mobile service provider status

If you still have trouble sending text messages, you may need to check your mobile service provider status. It's also advisable to reach out to your mobile carrier's customer support. They can provide valuable insights into any potential network disruptions, messaging plan restrictions, or other issues that may be affecting your ability to send text messages.


When you cannot send text messages but can receive, you should know that the issue can be attributed to various factors, ranging from network issues to glitches within the messaging app.

By systematically addressing these potential issues, you can often resolve the problem and restore your device's full messaging functionality. Staying proactive with regular updates, ensuring correct configurations, and seeking assistance from mobile carrier support when needed are key steps towards maintaining a seamless messaging experience on your mobile device.

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