2024 Updated! How to Change IP Address on iPhone

Wondering how to change IP address on iPhone? This guide will introduce what the IP address is, as well as detailed instructions on how to change IP address on iPhone in all effective methods.

Demi by Demi Updated March 13, 2024
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Want to change iPhone IP address?


How do I get a new IP address for my iPhone?

How can I get a new IP address if my ISPs/service provider(s) won’t help or aren’t being helpful in order to get this done? Is there anything else i can do? ANY response with guidance or assistance in helping me get this done would be EXTREMELY appreciated.

- Question from Apple Community

For many reasons, you may need to change your iPhone IP address. For example, you’d like to change or hide your IP address to access geoblocked content. As well, by changing your IP address, you can maintain uninterrupted streaming of your preferred movies and shows while travelling abroad.

change ip address on iphone

Here in this guide, you will know what an IP address is, types of IP addresses, and how to change IP address on iPhone. Without further ado, let’s get started.

Part 1. What is an IP address?

The term "IP address" stands for "internet protocol address," which comprises a series of numbers assigned to each internet-connected device for unique identification.

Two primary internet protocols exist, each with distinct number formats: IPv4 and the more recent IPv6. The introduction of IPv6 was primarily due to the depletion of available IPv4 addresses.

Despite the gradual adoption of IPv6 addresses, the majority of internet service providers (ISPs) and mobile networks continue to rely on IPv4 addresses. Consequently, your iPhone is likely to possess an IPv4 address, typically represented as a sequence such as 192.168.X.X or any other combination of four numbers.

Types of IP addresses

There are two types of IP addresses you might want to change: your public IP address and your local IP address.

Public IP Address:
Your public IP address is visible to anyone online and is used by websites to identify your device. If your iPhone is on a mobile network, it has its own public IP address. If it's connected to WiFi at home, it shares the public IP address of your WiFi router.

Local IP Address:
Your local IP address is assigned by your WiFi router and is only visible within the network. It can't be used by outsiders to track or restrict your online activity.

Part 2. How to change IP address on iPhone

After knowing the types of IP addresses, now, let’s head to this part, getting detailed steps to change both local and public IP address on iPhone.

Change local IP address on iPhone

You can directly change your private local IP address in your iPhone’s Settings app manually. Please be noted that you can only adjust the IPv4 settings within your iPhone Settings.

However, if you wish to alter your local IPv6 address, you'll need to access and adjust the IPv6 settings on your router, provided it supports this functionality. Here is how to change iPhone IP address.

Step 1. Go to the Settings app om your iPhone > Tap Wi-Fi > Tap [network name].

Step 2. In the IPv4 Address, note down your current IP address, the Subnet Mask, and the Router address. Tap Configure IP.

congfigure ip

Step 3. Set the Configure IP to Manual. In the Manual IP section, enter a new IP address and add your subnet mask and router address.

manual ip

Note: Your new IP address should maintain the first three sets of numbers identical to your router's. Only the last set should vary—select a number between 1 and 256.

Step 4. Finally, tap Save at the top right when you are done.

Change public IP address on iPhone

When your iPhone links to a mobile network, its public IP address is determined by the network provider. However, when connected to WiFi, your ISP typically assigns the router's IP address, which doubles as your iPhone's public IP address.

There are several methods available to alter or conceal the public IP address provided by your mobile network or ISP.

Change Your Network:

Switching to a different wireless network, such as a public WiFi hotspot, will assign your device a fresh public IP address. However, ensure you review the terms of service for any "free" WiFi networks, as many capitalize on selling your personal data.

Restart Your Modem:

Temporarily power off your home WiFi router, wait at least 10 seconds, and then restart it. While your ISP may allocate a new public IP address to your network, results aren't guaranteed. Even if successful, you'll likely receive another address within the same city.

Contact Your ISP:

Consider reaching out to your ISP to request a change in your public IP address. Though they might not readily accommodate this, it's worth exploring as one potential option.


Utilize a Proxy:

A proxy server positioned between your device and the internet can furnish you with a new public IP address, concealing your original one. However, be mindful that proxies can be sluggish, and few provide a secure, encrypted connection.

Connect via Tor:

For maximal online anonymity, explore the Tor network by installing the Onion Browser on your iPhone. Tor encrypts and redirects your internet traffic through a global network of servers, obscuring your initial IP address. Nevertheless, be prepared for a notable reduction in internet speed when using Tor, suitable primarily for those seeking the utmost anonymity.

Use a VPN:

Employing a virtual private network (VPN) is among the simplest methods to alter your public IP address. A VPN establishes an encrypted connection between your device and a designated VPN server, which then accesses the internet on your behalf. However, exercise caution in selecting a trustworthy VPN provider, as they have visibility into your online activities.



We've outlined numerous methods to alter your iPhone's IP address. Whether motivated by security concerns, evading government surveillance, or accessing region-specific content, utilizing a VPN emerges as the optimal choice, ensuring privacy, anonymity, and protection. Furthermore, it stands as the simplest solution available!

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