How to Tell If Someone Is Tracking Your iPhone

Can an iPhone be tracked and how can you know if your iPhone is tapped? In this guide, you will be given detailed instructions on how to tell if someone is tracking your iPhone in all possible signs.

Demi by Demi Updated November 1, 2023
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How to see if someone is tracking your iPhone

I have a suspicion my girlfriend is tracking me through my Find My app. Any way to know for sure and any way to tell what device was utilized find my iPhone to look me up. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thx.

- Question from Apple Community

In an era of advanced technology and interconnected devices, concerns about privacy and personal data security are paramount. Many iPhone users wonder if their devices can be tracked by unauthorized individuals or entities. Understanding the mechanisms and signs of iPhone tracking is essential for ensuring your privacy and data security.

how to tell if someone is tracking your iphone

This guide will cover the question whether an iPhone can be tracked and explore ways to learn how to tell if someone is tracking your iPhone.

Can an iPhone be tracked without you knowing?

The ONLY way someone can track you is if they know your Apple ID and password, so if you suspect someone is tracking you simply change your password, and they won't be able to. There is no way of knowing if she is actually tracking you if she knows your Apple ID and password. If she doesn't know it, she can't track you.

How to tell if someone is tracking your iPhone

You can determine if someone is spying on your iPhone by the following signs to recognize whether your iPhone is tracking through spy apps.

1# Compromised Apple ID

If someone gains access to your Apple ID using your iCloud password, they can easily track your iPhone using a spy app.

One indicator of potential access to your Apple account is receiving a notification regarding altered account information:

• An email claiming that your Apple ID sign-in was recognized from a new device
• An email from Apple Inc. informing you that your account password has recently been updated
• Your iPhone is locked and set to lost mode
• Find deleted SMSes and files
• Your password isn’t valid suddenly

apple id

If any of these apply, then it is safe to say, your phone is being tracked. You need to follow the protocol to regain access to your Apple ID to prevent anyone from tracking you.

2# Unknown devices in Family Sharing or Find My

Trackers can easily gain access to your iPhone using Family Sharing or Find My features. Family Sharing allows for the sharing of various content and features, including subscriptions, purchases, photos, locations, and more, without the need to share individual Apple accounts. These tools are often not checked regularly, making them potential targets for unauthorized access. To ensure security, it's important to regularly review and verify the devices associated with these tools.

If you do find a device in there that you do not recognize, there is an easy way to remove the device. Head to Settings app > Tap [your name] > Family Sharing. Click on the device you want to remove, then click Remove xx from Family to clear that device from your family sharing.

remove from library

3# Blue GPS Sign-in status bar

The blue GPS symbol indicates active location services on your iPhone. While legitimate apps may access your location, it can also indicate the presence of tracking apps installed on your iPhone. If you usually keep location services off and haven't authorized location access, it's advisable to investigate further.

Check the Location Services settings to identify any GPS tracking apps using your location by going to iPhone Settings > Privacy > Location Services.

check location service

4# Compromised microphone/camera permissions

Unusual sounds during calls, like beeping, static, or additional voices, might indicate spy software on your iPhone. Certain spy apps can cause these noises by recording calls, suggesting potential tracking.

Be cautious if apps ask for unnecessary permissions, such as a note app seeking camera access or a culinary app requesting voice recording. Additionally, if your phone's pop-up camera activates without your action, it could indicate spy apps secretly capturing images.

compromised microphone camera permissions

5# Tracking-URL received on SMS

Some services allow tracking an iPhone by phone number. To gain access, a text message is sent to the number intended for tracking.

Receiving a message seeking permission to track your location, typically with a link to confirm, indicates an attempt to track your iPhone. If unexpected, avoid clicking the link and report the message.

6# Strange power consumption

Spy software running unnoticed in the background might cause quicker battery drain. However, multiple reasons, like apps left open or aging device batteries, can also deplete the battery faster. Pay attention to any irregular power usage as a potential sign of spyware.

Checking the physical heat of your iPhone is also a good idea. If your iPhone is running hot, it could be a sign of some spyware being installed on your device. Spy apps run in the background and use a lot of data, causing your iPhone to physically overheat and drain the battery.

7# Random shutdowns/reboots

As what has been mentioned, spy apps consume significant power, making them noticeable. An iPhone may exhibit signs such as unresponsiveness, slower apps, automatic setting changes, or random shutdowns/reboots, indicating potential remote tracking of the device.

How do I avoid/stop being tracked?

No matter whether your iPhone is tracked or not after going through the 7 signs, it is necessary to take some actions to avoid or stop being tracked in the future. You can use some of the following tips:

💡  Reset your iPhone if you’re sure your iPhone is tracked
💡  Keep an eye on apps that are using location-sharing
💡  Ensure iPhone is not jailbroken
💡  Use a VPN
💡  Enable Two-factor authentication on your Apple ID
💡  Keep the iOS updated

Final words

That’s all for how to tell if someone is tracking your iPhone. Ensuring the security and privacy of your iPhone is paramount in today's connected world. Recognizing signs that someone might be tracking your device without your consent is essential for safeguarding your personal data and privacy.

By identifying potential indicators and taking appropriate steps to address the issue, users can maintain control over their privacy and security. If you suspect your iPhone is being tracked without your consent, taking immediate action to address the situation will help protect your data and restore your device's security.

Additionally, following best practices for device security and regularly monitoring your iPhone for unusual activities can help prevent unauthorized tracking and ensure the safety of your personal information.

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