How to Unlock SIM Card on iPhone [Ultimate Guide]

How to unlock SIM card on iPhone? Continue reading as this post entails the best methods on how to unlock SIM card on iPhone for free.

May by May Updated April 7, 2024
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Why Is My SIM Locked on My iPhone?

Experiencing a locked SIM card on your iPhone can be frustrating and may hinder your ability to seamlessly utilize cellular services. Before discovering how to unlock SIM card on iPhone, understanding why your SIM card is locked is critical to effectively resolving this issue. Some common reasons are listed below:

  • Activation of SIM PIN: When SIM PIN is enabled, the SIM card will be locked to protect your cellular data and personal calls.
  • Incorrect PIN Entry: Entering the wrong SIM PIN code multiple times may cause the SIM card to be permanently locked.
  • Second-Hand iPhone: Purchasing a used iPhone that is locked to a specific carrier may lead to the SIM card being locked upon insertion.
  • Carrier Restrictions: Certain carriers may impose a SIM card lock on an iPhone, tying it only to its network until it is unlocked.
  • Security Measures: In some cases, carriers may lock SIM cards as a security measure to prevent unauthorized access or usage.

How to Unlock SIM Card on iPhone

How to Unlock SIM Locked iPhone [100% Free & Safe]

Unlocking a SIM-locked iPhone is a crucial step for users who want to change carriers or use a device with a different SIM card. This post will guide you on how to unlock SIM card on iPhone for free.

Way 1. Unlock Your iPhone SIM Card with AT&T Carrier

The following is about how to unlock SIM card on iPhone 15/14/13. Let's check it!

Step 1: Begin by finding your iPhone’s unique IMEI number. You just need to go to Settings > General > About, and locate the IMEI number under the Primary section.

Unlock iPhone SIM Card with AT&T Carrier

Step 2: Input the IMEI number into AT&T’s designated unlock portal > Follow the step-by-step instructions on the screen to unlock your device.

Way 2. Unlock Your iPhone SIM Card with T-Mobile

The second method about how to unlock SIM card for iPhone is to use T-Mobile. Here's how to do it:

Step 1: Access your MyT-Mobile account through a web browser like Mozilla or Safari. (This process must be done via the website, not the T-Mobile app.)

Step 2: Navigate to the upper left corner and click Account > Choose the service plan associated with your phone > Select Device Unlock under the Device section.

Unlock iPhone SIM Card with T-Mobile

Way 3. Unlock Your iPhone SIM Card with Sprint

To unlock your iPhone on the Sprint network, simply dial 1-844-665-6327 and provide your IMEI number to the agent. Sprint typically requires a few days to finalize the unlocking process, and your service might be terminated once the unlock is complete.

Make sure to have a SIM card from your new carrier on hand to insert into your phone before initiating the unlock with Sprint. If you wish to maintain your Sprint service, be sure to communicate this to your customer care agent to avoid any interruptions.

Way 4. Unlock Your iPhone SIM Card with Verizon

According to Verizon’s unlocking policy, devices purchased directly from Verizon will be locked for 60 days after purchase. Verizon will automatically unlock the device after 60 days unless the device has been reported stolen or purchased fraudulently. After this period, if you purchased your phone from an authorized Verizon provider, simply wait 60 days for your device to automatically unlock.

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How to Unlock Your iPhone’s SIM Card Without the Carrier

Can you unlock SIM card on iPhone without the carrier? Well, this section will outline two alternative ways of how to unlock SIM card in iPhone.

Way 5. Unlock Your iPhone SIM Card Using the Settings App

Accessing the Settings app is the optimal method to initiate the unlock process. Simply navigate to the Cellular section and then locate the SIM PIN option. Your iPhone will prompt you to unlock the SIM card accordingly.

Unlock iPhone SIM Card via Settings

Way 6. Unlock Your iPhone SIM Card Using the Phone App

Another efficient method to regain access to your SIM card is by engaging the lock dialogue and unlocking your iPhone via the Phone app. Simply initiate a call using any number or contact from your list. Upon initiating the call, the dialogue will prompt you to enter your SIM PIN.

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The Bottom Line

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