iPhone 15 Camera Not Working? How to Fix It Right Now!

If you want to fix the problem of iPhone 15 camera not working, effective ways are here. This article provides you with 8 solutions to fix iPhone 15 camera issues.

Clara by Clara Updated April 18, 2024
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iPhone 15 camera not working

My iPhone 15 camera's on the fritz. Any quick fixes or troubleshooting tips? Really want to capture the moment!

- Question from Apple Community

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, the iPhone 15 stands as a pinnacle of innovation, housing an impressive camera system that captures moments with unprecedented clarity.

switch camera mode

However, even cutting-edge technology can encounter hiccups. In this article, we delve into the common issues that iPhone 15 users may encounter with their camera and provide a guide to troubleshooting these challenges.

Common Issues with iPhone 15 Camera

The pursuit of perfection in smartphone photography is not without its stumbling blocks. You may grapple with iPhone 15 camera issues such as blurry images, focus glitches, or unexpected app malfunctions. Understanding these common problems is the first step towards reclaiming the seamless photography experience promised by the iPhone 15.

Quick Troubleshooting Steps - 8 Fixes

In this part, there are 8 solutions to help you address iPhone 15 camera not working. You can try these ways one by one, or pick the ways you like.

Fix 1. Check for Software Updates

In the intricate tapestry of technological advancement, software updates serve as the threads that weave together optimal performance. Ensure your iPhone 15 is running the latest software version to benefit from bug fixes and enhancements that might directly address camera-related issues.


Fix 2. Restart Your iPhone

A tried-and-true remedy for myriad technological perplexities, restarting your iPhone can alleviate temporary glitches, like iPhone 15 pro front camera issue. This simple yet effective step is akin to a digital reset button, offering a fresh start for your device's intricate processes.

restart your iPhone

Fix 3. Inspect Camera Settings

Navigate through the labyrinth of camera settings to ensure no inadvertent adjustments have derailed your photographic escapades. Misconfigurations can often be the elusive culprits behind seemingly insurmountable camera problems.

Fix 4. Clean Camera Lens

The lens, a gateway to the visual realm, is susceptible to smudges and dust. Employing a delicate touch, cleanse the lens to restore the crystalline clarity envisioned by the iPhone 15's creators.

Fix 5. Ensure No Physical Damage

In the realm of hardware, vigilance is paramount. Examine your device for any physical damage that might impede the seamless functioning of the camera. A meticulous inspection can unearth subtle issues that elude casual observation.

iPhone 15 Pro Screen Camera

Fix 6. Test with Different Apps

Variety is the spice of life, and it applies to app usage as well. Experiment with different camera applications to discern whether the issue lies within a specific software domain or extends to the broader functionality of the camera.

Fix 7. Reset Camera Settings

For those willing to delve into the intricacies of their device, a reset of camera settings can recalibrate the system to its factory state. Exercise caution, as this step is akin to a surgical intervention and should be approached with a meticulous understanding of its implications.

Fix 8. Visit Apple Support or Authorized Service Center

When all else fails to solve iPhone 15/15 Pro/Pro max camera issues, seek the expertise of the artisans behind the technological masterpiece. Apple Support and authorized service centers are bastions of knowledge, ready to diagnose and remedy issues that transcend the scope of user-initiated troubleshooting.

Tip: Transfer/Backup iPhone Photos to Avoid Data Loss

If you don't want to lose any of your photos, I recommend that you back up your data first when you fix iPhone 15 front camera not working. Compared with using iTunes and iCloud to protect your iOS data, We also recommend using another reliable third-party tool - FoneTool. FoneTool is a professional iPhone data management tool, it supports you back up and transfer your iPhone data in an simple way.

enlightened Why you choose FoneTool?

laugh Easy to use.

laugh No limits on data size and number.

laugh Fully and selectively back up. Both iTunes and iCloud can’t backup specific files, but FoneTool can do it.

laugh Fast transmission and backup process. If you want to learn how to fix iCloud sync very slow, you can tap this link.

laugh Unlimited storage space. While iCloud only have 5 GB free storage space, FoneTool allow you backup iPhone to iPad/PC/Other external devices.

laugh Transfer iPhone to iPhone with one click.

Now, download FoneTool and follow the guide to manage the data on your iPhone 15.

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How to back up iPhone photos to PC

Step 1. Open FoneTool on the computer > Go to Phone Backup > Choose Selective Backup > Tap Get Started.

iphone 15 camera not working

Step 2. Click the Photos icon > Select the photos you want to back up. You can also back up contacts, music, videos, messages, and so on.

iphone 15 camera not working

Step 3. Choose Backup Storage Path to set a location to save the backup > Hit Start Backup to start.

iphone 15 camera not working

If you ever need to restore the photo backups, navigate to Backup History and click on Restore. You have the flexibility to restore the backups to another iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, even if they have different Apple IDs.

How to transfer photos from iPhone to PC

Step 1. Connect the iPhone 15 to computer > Open FoneTool > Choose Phone Transfer > Mouse over to iPhone to PC > Tap Start Transfer.

iphone 15 camera not working

Step 2. Tap the plus icon > Click the Photos icon > Preview and select the photos you wish to transfer > Click OK to confirm.

iphone 15 camera not working

Step 3. Set a destination from Transfer Settings > Click Start Transfer to start the process.

iphone 15 camera not working


That’s all about to fix the problem of iPhone 15 camera not working. The iPhone 15 camera, a paragon of photographic prowess, can occasionally falter in the face of technological tumult. By navigating the labyrinth of troubleshooting steps and embracing preventative measures, you can rekindle the magic of capturing moments with unparalleled clarity.

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