Answered! Why iPhone text green to Another iPhone

Do you wonder why iPhone text green to another iPhone? In this guide, we have described every detail about what green message means and why it happens.

Demi by Demi Updated April 19, 2024
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iPhone text green to another iPhone?

“Why are my messages sending green to another iPhone? Why iPhone text messages to another iPhone changed green? Why are my messages green?”

In the realm of iPhone messaging, you may have noticed that sometimes your messages appear in blue bubbles, while other times they're in green. This intriguing color switch isn't a random occurrence, but rather a result of underlying messaging technologies.

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This has led several iPhone users to wonder about the reasons behind this distinction, particularly when their iPhone send green text to another iPhone. To address these questions and provide solutions, we have created this guide to offer explanations and resolutions for users' inquiries about the green message bubble phenomenon in the messaging app.

What is green text message?

A green message background signifies a traditional SMS text message, which indicates that a message you've sent to someone was transmitted through the SMS message service rather than Apple's iMessage. Conversely, a blue message background indicates that the message was sent using iMessage technology. Curious about the reasons for this color change?

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There are various potential explanations why text messages transition to the green color, including:
📌 iMessage Switched Off: If iMessage is deactivated on either your iPhone or the recipient's iPhone, the message will be sent via SMS, resulting in the green color background.
📌 iMessage Server Issues: Temporary issues with the iMessage server on either your iPhone or the recipient's iPhone can also cause the message bubble to turn green.
📌 Sending to Non-iOS Device: When you send a message from your iPhone to a non-iOS device, the message bubble will appear green on your iPhone.

These factors contribute to the change in message bubble color to green in the messaging app.

About iMessage and SMS Technology

iMessage can be transmitted through either a Wi-Fi connection or a mobile network, and it does not necessitate a text messaging plan as traditional SMS does. When sent over Wi-Fi, iMessage incurs no charges. Additionally, iMessage is exclusively exchanged between iOS devices, whereas SMS messages are exchanged between both iOS and non-iOS devices or two iOS devices.

• When you send an iMessage to a device that is non-iOS, like an Android device, the message format will automatically switch to SMS. This ensures that recipients on non-iOS devices can still read the message.

• Similarly, if you're sending a message in a group that includes participants using non-iOS devices, the message will be converted to SMS format to ensure compatibility for everyone in the group, regardless of their device.

How to manually switch from iMessage to SMS or vice versa

On your iPhone, you have the option to manually enable or disable both iMessage and SMS functions. This gives you the flexibility to choose whether to send a message as an SMS or an iMessage, depending on your preference.

Send message as an SMS text message
>> Option 1. From Settings: Go to the Settings app on your iPhone > Navigate to Messages > Toggle off the switch next to iMessage.

enable iMessage

>> Option 2. From Messages app: Once you create a message in the iPhone Messages app, long-press the message that you want to send in SMS format. When a dialog box appears, choose Send as Text Message. In this way, your message bubble will be turned blue to green.

send as text message

Send message as iMessage
To send message as iMessage on iPhone, you need to enable a Wi-Fi connection in advance. Then, make sure you have enabled iMessages from iPhone Settings > Messages.

After that, you can send messages as iMessage. And if the recipient's contact is saved with both their phone number and email associated with iMessage, the message will automatically switch to iMessage if they are online.


Understanding the distinction between blue and green bubbles in your iPhone messages is more than just a color code—it's an insight into the technologies that facilitate your conversations. iMessage offers a richer, feature-packed experience when both sender and recipient are using compatible Apple devices and have a stable internet connection. On the other hand, green messages in SMS format are universal and functional across different devices and networks.

Whether you're enjoying the conveniences of iMessage or embracing the universal reach of SMS, your iPhone allows you to seamlessly switch between these technologies to match your communication needs. Remember, whether it's blue or green, the important thing is the connection you're making with the recipient on the other end.


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