How to Fix iPhone Video Freezes but Audio Continues Issue

 How to fix iPhone video freezes but audio continues issue? This article will tell you why, and show you 5 easy ways to fix videos keep stopping on iPhones.

Clara by Clara Updated April 18, 2024
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So recently I’ve had problems with iPhone video freezes but audio continues. If I pause or rewind 10sec it won’t change, however if I skip it forward 30sec it will play like normal again until it does it again. Anyone else experience anything like this?

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Why Do My Videos Freeze on iPhone?

Sometimes, when you want to watch some videos on your iPhone to recall some funny moments. or just view the videos to relax. But at this time, you start experiencing some video playback problems. For example, the videos keep freezing but the audio is still playing. Why does my video freeze but audio continues?

 iPhone video freezes but audio continues

There are many reasons for this situation, including video playback software bugs, unresponsive iPhone programs, iPhone running laggy, and so on. Next, we will introduce you 5 ways to help you solve the iPhone video freezes but audio continues issues. Let’s start to read!

How to Fix iPhone Video Freezes But Audio Continues

There are 5 options you can choose to help you solve the videos keep stopping on iPhone. Let’s read and check the steps.

Option 1. Close the Camera App and Open It Again

If you are watching a video using the iPhone camera, you find that the iPhone video freezes but audio continues. An easy way to help you solve this problem is to close and reopen the video-playing app. After you force quit and restart it, your video can play normally. Here's how we close and re-open the iPhone.

Step 1. Click the home button twice until you see the background apps.

Step 2. Move the Camera app to close it.

Step 3. After a few seconds, open the Camera app again.

 iPhone video freezes but audio continues

Option 2. Force Restart Your iPhone

Restarting your iPhone is an initial troubleshooting step for addressing iPhone video freeze issues. This process does not erase any data on your iPhone, so you can perform it without worrying about data loss. Follow the the guide to do it.

Step 1. Press and hold the volume button and the side button until you see the power-off slider. 

Step 2. Move the power-off slider to the right to close your iPhone.

Step 3. After a while, press and hold the side button then you can see the Apple logo appear on the screen.

 iPhone video freezes but audio continues

If iPhone force restart not working, you can follow the guide to fix this problem.

Option 3. Reset Your iPhone

If you still find the video freezes but audio continues on iPhone after using the above ways, you can consider resetting the iPhone as an alternative. This method will not delete any data on your iOS device. It can reset certain settings that affect the video-playing function. Let’s follow the steps below.

Step 1. Navigate to the Settings app and find the General section > Scroll down the menu and select the Transfer or Reset iPhone option.

Step 2. Click Reset All Settings and confirm the action. It will help you resolve any issues caused by unfamiliar settings.

 iPhone video freezes but audio continues

Option 4. Ensure Your iPhone Has Enough Space 

If there is not enough space on your iPhone, some errors may occur in the video-playing process. So you’d better ensure your iPhone has enough storage space. Follow the guide to check your iPhone space.

Step 1. Go to the Settings app.

Step 2. Find and click General.

Step 3. Select Storage. Then you can see the screen like the below pictures.

 iPhone video freezes but audio continues

If the iPhone storage is insufficient, try to delete some data from your device. If you don’t want to lose your data, you can transfer files from iPhone to PC to free up storage space.

Option 5. Update iPhone to the Latest Version

If the above 4 methods can’t help you fix the issue about videos keep stopping on iPhone. Another way is to check whether you install the latest iOS version. An outdated iOS version also contributes to video-playing mistakes.

The step to ensure you update to the latest iOS version is simple: Open the Settings app > Go to General > Select Software Update > Click Download & Install.

 iPhone video freezes but audio continues

FAQs on iPhone Video Freezes but Audio Continues

There are other questions you may want to know about iPhone video freezes.

1. Why does my YouTube video keep freezing on iPhone?

There could be several reasons why a YouTube video may keep freezing, such as slow internet connection, a browser issue, or a problem with the video itself. You can try refreshing the page, clearing your browser's cache, or trying a different browser. If the issue persists, it may be due to a problem with the video itself or a larger issue with YouTube's servers.

2. How to fix the YouTube video freezing issue

Besides the methods we provide in the above article, you can also try the below steps:

  • Refresh the page or clear your browser's cache.
  • Ensure your internet connection is stable and strong.
  • Check for any available updates for your browser.
  • Try using a different browser.
  • Change the video file to a different format

3. How do I stop my iPad from buffering video

Some possible solutions to stop your iPad from buffering video include resetting your network settings, changing your video quality settings, or using a wired internet connection instead of Wi-Fi. You can also try watching the video at a different time when there may be less traffic on the network. If the issue persists, it may be a hardware issue and you may need to contact Apple for assistance.


That’s all about how to fix iPhone video freezes but audio continues issue. The methods include closing the camera app and re-opening, restarting the iPhone, resetting the iPhone, checking the iPhone storage space, and checking the iOS version. Hope this article can help you address the problem of iPhone video freeze.

By the way, don’t forget to backup iPhone or transfer important files before you delete the data to free the iPhone space.

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