[Full Guide] How to Remove Apple ID from iPhone

Need to remove Apple ID from an iPhone but don’t know how? You’ve landed on the right page! Let’s read the passage to get the Apple ID deleting ways with/without password.

Kathy by Kathy Updated December 19, 2023
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Can you remove an Apple ID from an iPhone?

When you get a second-hand iPhone, or you switch to a new iPhone and need to sell/present your old iPhone to others. It’s necessary to remove the Apple ID from the iPhone. Can you finish the process? Don’t worry! It’s easy to delete the Apple ID no matter if you know or don’t know the password.

How to remove Apple ID from iPhone with password

Erasing Apple ID from a device is not complex, but you’d better back up your iPhone first to avoid data loss. And then you can get some ways to complete the removal process with a password.

Get rid of others’ Apple ID from Settings app on iPhone

When you need to delete other's Apple account from your iPhone, this way is the easiest for you to make it. Before the process, you need to turn off Find My option: Open Settings app > Tap your name > Select Find My > Disable Find My iPhone > Enter the password and choose Turn Off.

Then you can sign out the Apple ID from App Store or iCloud via Settings app directly.

Delete it from App Store: Open Settings app > Scroll down and locate iTunes & Apple Store > Choose the Apple ID and select Sign Out, then you can sign in your Apple ID to enjoy the phone using.

Delete it from iCloud: Launch Settings app > Click the account from the top of the page > Choose Sign Out to finish the task.


Remove the device from your Apple ID on iPhone

This way is suitable for someone who needs to sell or present the iPhone to another one. Then you can choose to remove the iPhone from your Apple ID via App Store.

Step 1. Launch Settings app on your iPhone, and click your name at the top of the page, then hit the iTunes & App Store banner.

Step 2. Tap on your Apple ID followed by View Apple ID option, and confirm the the choice if asks.

Step 3. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and click Remove This Device under the iTunes in the cloud section.


Step 4. Choose the back button to turn back and click Sign Out at the bottom of the Apple ID page. Input your Apple ID password and select Turn off to confirm. Then tap Sign Out time and again to confirm.

If you don’t have your iPhone handy, you can also remove your Apple ID on computer.

Delete the device from iCloud on computer

Step 1. Open the Browser on your Mac or Windows PC, sign in to iCloud.com.

Step 2. Click on Find iPhone, then choose All Devices at the top of the screen to view the list of your devices.

Step 3. Scroll down the list and find your targeted iPhone and tap on it. After that choose Remove from Account. And the Apple ID will be deleted completely.


You can also use this way to remove your account from iPad when your iPad is linked to an Apple ID.

Delete the device via Apple.com on computer

Except for deleting Apple ID from iCloud, it’s also feasible to operate via appleid.apple.com.

Go to the website from your Browser > Key in your Apple ID and password > Confirm your verification by entering the code > Choose the iPhone you need to remove > Click Remove from account, then confirm the action by tapping on Remove from account again.


After that, your Apple ID will be removed. If you want to change your Apple ID, you can sign in with a new Apple ID from this page.

Remove Apple ID from iPhone without password

For someone who don’t know or forget the password, it may be a little difficult to delete the Apple ID from an iPhone. But you can also make it by erasing your iPhone with FoneTool or iTunes.

One click to delete Apple ID using FoneTool

This iPhone data management app - FoneTool is custom-designed for iPhone users to transfer or back up data between iPhone and Windows PC. And you can easily erase the iPhone data with one-click operation using this tool.

Because of the Deep Erase Technology, all erased data can’t be recovered by any means. For some users who need to fix the iPhone/iPad storage full issue, this technology will help you a lot.

Before the Apple ID removal, it’s suggested that you should back up your iPhone data because the process will delete all iPhone data and reset your iPhone to factory settings.

Now you can download FoneTool and back up your important iPhone data.

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Steps on selectively backing up iPhone:

Step 1. Connect the iPhone to computer with a compatible USB cable. You may need to tap Trust on iPhone to let the PC access your files.

Step 2. On the Home page of FoneTool, click Phone Backup > Go to Selective Backup and click Get Started to begin. (If need, you can choose to fully back up your iPhone)


Step 3. Click each icon to select the files you want to back up to computer, then click OK.


Step 4. Choose a storage path to restore the backup > Click Start Backup to begin the task.


When the backup is finished, you can remove Apple ID from iPhone efficiently.

Steps on erasing iPhone:

Step 1. Choose ToolBox on the home page, and click Data Eraser.


Step 2. Choose Erase all data and tap Get Started.


Step 3. Tap Erase Data to confirm to erase all contents and settings on iPhone, then your Apple ID will be removed successfully.


After the deleting process, you can restore your backup to your iPhone: Choose Backup History > Click Restore dot to get your backup.


Delete Apple ID without password via iTunes

If you don’t wanna use a third-party tool, you can also restore your iPhone via iTunes.

This way can help you restore your iPhone to default settings, and iTunes will reinstall the latest software on your device. And here’s how:

Step 1. Connect your iPhone to the computer with a USB cable > Launch iTunes and click on the device icon > Choose Restore iPhone on the Summary page.

Step 2. A pop-up window will appear to ask you whether to back up or not, you can choose according to your need. (All data will be erased after the restoring.) Then click on Restore to confirm the action and the Apple ID will be deleted.



That’s all about how to remove Apple ID from iPhone with/without password. You can make it on the iPhone directly or operate on the computer. Keep in mind that it’s better to back up the iPhone data before deleting. Besides, if you need a powerful iPhone data management tool, FoneTool will be your good helper!

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