Top 8 Ways to Fix Screen Mirroring Not Working (2023)

When you are experiencing difficulties with the screen mirroring not working issue on your device, it becomes critical to resolve the issue. Luckily, this post offers a full guide to correct this issue on your device.

May by May Updated July 21, 2023
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Can I Fix the Screen Mirroring Not Working?

Screen mirroring is a convenient way to display your iPhone’s content on a larger TV or computer monitor. Its usefulness is not limited to entertainment; iPhone users can also find applications for presentations, content creation, app development, and live streaming.

However, as with any technology, screen mirroring can occasionally be problematic. In some cases, it doesn't work as expected. If you experience such inconveniences, don't worry as there are several remedies you can take to resolve the issue on your device. This guide provides a series of basic solutions to fix screen mirroring not working.

Screen Mirroring Not Working

How to Fix Screen Mirroring Not Working

The solutions presented below do not demand any technical expertise. If you possess basic device handling skills, you can readily apply these methods to resolve the screen mirroring issue. Let’s have a look!

Way 1. Check the TV Input

To troubleshoot this problem, the first thing is to verify that the TV’s input is set for screen mirroring. If the input source is a different type, such as an HDMI connection, this will prevent the iPhone screen from being successfully mirrored to the TV.

For most TVs, accessing the Settings menu lets you modify the current input selection. Alternatively, you can use the on-screen options to perform input adjustments. By ensuring that the correct input source is selected, you can facilitate seamless screen mirroring between your iPhone and TV.

Way 2. Connect One Device Once

Most screen mirroring services enforce a one-device limit, which means you can only connect one device to your TV at a time. To avoid any problems, make sure that only one device is connected at a given time.

If your TV detects multiple connection attempts, it may reject the connection, preventing you from establishing the desired mirroring link. Sticking to a single device connection will help to achieve a smooth and successful mirroring experience.

Way 3. Restart Your iPhone

Sometimes, minor software glitches in your smartphone can get in the way of successful mirroring to your TV. Fortunately, these minor issues can be easily resolved with minimal effort. Simply rebooting your smartphone and TV can effectively resolve these issues. After performing the reboot, try reconnecting your iPhone to the TV to determine if the screen mirroring not working iPhone issue is fixed.

Turn off and Then on Your iPhone

Way 4. Establish Device and TV Pairing

Some smart TVs require that you pair your smartphone with the TV before you can enable the screen mirroring feature. This additional security measure ensures that only authorized users can use this feature.

For exact instructions on how to pair your iPhone with your TV, refer to your TV manual. Once the pairing process is complete, try mirroring your screen and you should now be able to implement it seamlessly.

Way 5. Eliminate Physical Obstructions

Since the screen mirroring feature relies on wireless technology, it is important to make sure that no physical objects are obstructing the connection between your iPhone and TV. Before attempting to connect your iPhone to the TV, completely remove any potentially interfering objects in the vicinity. This will optimize the mirroring process and facilitate a seamless connection.

Way 6. Disable Bluetooth on the TV

Typically, screen mirroring functions over a Wi-Fi connection, eliminating the need for Bluetooth on your TV. Since Bluetooth operates wirelessly, it may interfere with your mirroring connection. Therefore, it is recommended that you disable Bluetooth on your TV before attempting the screen mirroring process again. By doing so, you can increase the stability of your connection and ensure a seamless mirroring experience.

Disable Bluetooth on the TV

Way 7. Reboot Your TV

Why is my screen mirroring not working? Sometimes, if anything goes wrong, simply restarting your Smart TV can work wonders. Turn it off using the TV remote or a physical button on your TV and then turn it back on.

Way 8. Restart Your Wi-Fi Router

Since screen mirroring relies on your Wi-Fi connection, it's important to make sure your Wi-Fi router is working properly. If there are any connectivity issues, restarting your router will usually solve the problem. Reboot and see if that helps resolve the mirroring issue.

Reboot Your Wi-Fi Router

Bonus Tip: Alternative Way to Fix Screen Mirroring Not Working

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The Bottom Line

After reading this post, hope the above guide can help you resolve the screen mirroring not working issue. However, if the problem still exists despite your efforts, it may be worth exploring third-party apps such as FoneTool to transfer your iPhone to your PC. These external tools can provide alternative solutions to ensure a seamless mirroring experience.

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