[3 Ways] How to Convert Live Photo to Still

Want to convert Live photos to still on your iPhone/iPad? This guide will tell you 3 simple methods of converting a single or multiple Live photos to still. Let’s see in detail.

Demi by Demi Updated March 6, 2024
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Live Photos on iPhones have revolutionized the way we capture our cherished memories, offering a unique blend of images and videos that come to life with a simple touch. However, there are instances when you may wish to convert these animated moments into traditional still photos for various purposes, such as printing or sharing on platforms that don't support Live Photos.

convert live photo to still

In this article, we will explore three effective methods to convert Live Photos to still images, allowing you to preserve and share the perfect moments in a static format.

Way 1. Convert Live photo to still by photo editing

To convert a Live photo to still on iPhone is really easy to do, you can make it by disabling the Live feature when editing the photo. Here are simple steps you can follow.

Step 1. Find the Live photo you want to convert on your iPhone Photos app. Tap Edit in the upper right corner.

Step 2. Tap the Live icon from the button of the screen. Tap the yellow LIVE on the top to turn it off. Finally, tap Done to save it as a still photo.

turn off live feature

Repeat the steps above to convert other Live photos to still. If you’d like to get Live photo back, just turn on LIVE again.

Way 2. Convert multiple Live photos to still by duplication

To convert Live photo to still on iPhone, you can duplicate a live photo as still photo in Photo app. You are able to convert multiple Live photos to still using this feature. However, the most obvious drawback is that duplicate photos on iPhone will take up your iPhone space, and you need to spend extra time removing duplicate photos on iPhone.

If you don’t mind the disadvantages, follow the steps below to duplicate photos to save Live photos as still.

Step 1. Go to the Photos app on your iPhone, open a Live photo or tap Select to choose multiple Live photos you’d like to convert > Tap the three-dot icon > Choose Duplicate.

tap duplicate

Step 2. From the prompt window, choose Duplicate as Still Photo, then, still duplicate photos will be saved in your library.

duplicate as still

Way 3. Batch convert Live photos to still on Windows

As you have read above, with built-in iPhone functions to convert Live photos to still, you either can only convert a single Live photo and can't view at the Live photo again unless converted back again, or save tons of the duplicate photos on your iPhone wasting your iPhone memory. Is there a more ideal solution to convert Live photo to still?

Here FoneTool gets you covered. FoneTool is originally free software to transfer photos from iPhone to PC. With its powerful transfer functions, your Live photos will be transferred and saved to computer as JPG, together with a short video relatively.

Do no harm to your Live photos on your iPhone, you can follow the steps below to convert Live photos to still on Windows using FoneTool without losing any image quality.

Step 1. Free download FoneTool to your Windows PC by clicking the button below > Connect your iPhone to computer with USB.

Download FreewareWin 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download

Step 2. Launch FoneTool and choose Phone Transfer option > Mouse over to iPhone to PC and click Get Started.

go to transfer

Step 2. Click the plus icon > Check the Photos icon and uncheck the others > Preview and select the Live photos you want to convert > Click OK to confirm.

select photos

Step 3. Choose a destination from Transfer Settings as per you like (Local folders, external hard drives, USB, etc. are all allowed) > Click Start Transfer to start the process.

start transfer

Conclusion & FAQs

Converting Live Photos to still images allows you to preserve the essence of a moment without the animation, making it easier to share, print, and display your favorite memories. With the built-in capabilities of the Photos app and the diverse array of third-party apps, you learn how to convert Live Photos and how to save live photos.

By following our step-by-step guides, you can confidently convert Live Photos to stills and ensure your precious memories remain vibrant and accessible for years to come.


Q1: Does converting a live photo to a still image affect the photo's quality?
A1: No, converting a live photo to a still image usually does not affect the photo's quality. The conversion process typically retains the original resolution and clarity.

Q2: Will converting a live photo to a still image remove any special effects or animations?
A2: Yes, converting a live photo to a still image will remove any motion or animation effects captured in the live photo, resulting in a static image.

Q3: What file formats are supported when converting live photos to still images?
A3: The supported file formats for live photo to still image conversion depend on the software or app you use. Common formats include JPEG, PNG, and GIF.

Q4: Does converting a live photo to a still image affect the photo's aspect ratio?
A4: Converting a live photo to a still image may affect the aspect ratio if the original live photo had a different aspect ratio from the still image format you choose.

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