[Answered] Can You Smart Switch from Android to iPhone? How to Do It!

Are you making the smart switch from Android to iPhone? Don't worry about the hassle of manual data transfer, our comprehensive guide on using Smart Switch makes it a breeze.

Clara by Clara Updated May 28, 2024
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Can You Smart Switch Transfer from Android to iPhone?

mail What is Smart Switch?

Smart Switch, developed by Samsung, is a data-sharing software that comes pre-installed on newer Galaxy phones and is available for download on older models. It allows users to effortlessly transfer content from old Galaxy phones to new ones.

If you want to share one or more files from your Android phone with an iPhone user, or plan to switch from Android Phone (like Samsung) to iPhone to enjoy the seamless performance of iOS, you might wonder: "Can Smart Switch from Android to iPhone?"

smart switch

Unfortunately, Smart Switch does not support sharing content with iOS devices. But don't worry, the following article will guide you through the best methods to efficiently transfer data from Android to iPhone without losing any information. Read on to find out more.

Best Smart Switch-like App: Switch Data from Android to iPhone Easily

Among the vast array of data transfer solutions, FoneTool emerges as a compelling alternative. This versatile tool supports you to easily transfer data from Android to iPhone to ensure that your data finds a new home with unparalleled efficiency.

Highlights of FoneTool:
▶ FoneTool leverages advanced technology to enable seamless transfer of photos, music, videos, contacts, and other files between Android and iPhone.
▶ It does not require a WiFi connection or use cellular data for the transfer.
▶ All transferred files are accessible through the transfer history.
▶ It is fully compatible with iOS devices and Android devices, including iPhone/iPhone SE/iPad/Air, and supports the latest iOS and Android system.

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Do Apple to Samsung Transfer Wirelessly

You can now scan the QR code below to get FoneTool on your iPhone, then click FoneTool for Android to download it for your Android device. Follow the guide below to learn how to Smart Switch Android to iPhone.

download code

Step 1. Open FoneTool app on both your Android and iPhone > Allow it to use WLAN. Just turn on the Wi-Fi option, it doesn't require any Wi-Fi connection.

Step 2. Establish a connection on your devices:

  • On the Android phone: Move Connect Device > Tap Connect to iOS > Then you can see the connection code.
  • On the iPhone: Go to Connect Device > Click Connect to Android > Use the iPhone to scan the code on the Android > Tap Join to connect.

connect to ios

Step 3. Go to File Transfer on your source Android > You can tap the Photos/Music/Videos/Contacts/Files options to choose files you need to switch > Click Send to begin > Tap Confirm on your iPhone to receive them.

airdrop from Android to iPhone

Now you can easily transfer different data from Android to iPhone. FoneTool also allows you per from Apple to Samsung transfer.

With a simple tap, commence the wireless transfer process. FoneTool orchestrates a smooth migration, ensuring your data flows seamlessly, creating a harmonious connection between your Android and iPhone. Choose FoneTool – where every transfer is a melody of connection in your digital symphony.

By the way, FoneTool has a desktop version, it is a professional iOS management tool. You can transfer iPhone to PC, PC to iPhone, or transfer old iPhone to new iPhone.

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Other Alternative Method for Data Transfer from Android to iPhone

To facilitate a smooth transition from Android to iPhone, Apple introduced the Move to iOS app. This app creates a direct Wi-Fi connection between the Android device and the iPhone, allowing users to transfer contacts, messages, photos and videos from the Camera Roll, mail accounts, calendars, and web bookmarks effortlessly.

yes Tips: Want to know how long does Move to iOS app take? You can find the answers in the link.

Steps: How to smart switch Android to iPhone with Move to iOS

Step 1. Download Move to iOS app on Android phone.

Step 2.  Preparation on your iPhone:  Go to Settings > Tao General > Click Reset > Choose Erase All Content and Settings. If tyou don’t want to lose any data on iPhone, you can use the desktop of FoneTool to backup your iPhone and restore it later.  

Step 3. Set up the iPhone then you can see the App & Data screen > Select Move Data from Android.

Step 4. On your Android: Launch Move to iOS app > Tap Continue > Read the terms and conditions and tap Agree > Tap Next in the top-right corner of the screen.

Step 5. On your iPhone: Tap Continue on the Move from Android screen > Wait for a ten-digit or six-digit code to appear.

Move Data From Android

Step 6. On the Android phone: Enter the code that shows on your iPhone > When you see the Transfer Data screen > Select the content you want to transfer > Tap Next.

That's all the steps to use the Move to iOS to Smart Swatch. Then you need leave both devices alone until the loading bar that appears on your iOS device finishes. If you prefer an easier method to transfer Android to iPhone, we strongly recommend you use FoneTool.


This guide shows you how to Smart Switch Android to iPhone. Although Smart Switch not supports your using it on the iPhone devices, you have other alternative to share data from Android to iPhone. 

As the chapter concludes, consider the alternative avenues, such as FoneTool, that may complement and enhance your data transfer experience. In the ever-evolving realm of digital connectivity, Smart Switch remains a stalwart companion, guiding your data through the intricate dance of technological progression.

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