How to Transfer Apps from Android to Android: 5 Ways

This passage will tell you how to copy data from Android to Android. You can keep on reading to get detailed steps.

Kathy by Kathy Updated January 9, 2024
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Why need to transfer apps from Android to Android?

transfer apps from android to android

Transferring apps like WhatsApp from one Android device to another might be necessary due to several reasons:

enlightened Device Upgrade: When switching to a new phone, transferring apps ensures you maintain your preferred applications and their data on the new device.
enlightened Data Continuity: Moving apps helps retain app settings, preferences, and in-app data, ensuring a seamless transition without losing important information.
enlightened Saving Time: Rather than re-downloading each app individually, transferring apps saves time, especially if you have numerous apps or specialized configurations.
enlightenedLimited Data: If your new device has limited data or a slower internet connection, transferring apps directly from the old device can be quicker than re-downloading.
enlightened App Customizations: Some users might have customized or modified certain apps on their old device. Transferring these apps maintains the customized versions on the new device.

In essence, transferring apps from one Android device to another ensures a smoother transition, preserving app data, configurations, and preferences.

How to transfer apps from Android to Android

Transferring apps from one Android device to another can be done using various methods:

1. Copy data from Android to Android using Google Play Store

Step 1. Open Google Play Store on the new device.

Step 2. Go to "My Apps & Games" and select "Library."

Step 3. Locate the app you want to transfer, tap "Install," and follow the prompts.

2. Use Google account sync to transfer apps between Android devices

Ensure both devices are connected to the same Google account.

Enable Google backup and sync in device settings to automatically install previously downloaded apps on the new device.

3. Use a third-party app to transfer data from Android to Android

Utilize apps like SHAREit, Send Anywhere, or CLONEit, allowing direct app transfer between devices using Wi-Fi Direct or QR code scanning. Then you can transfer WhatsApp from Android to Android free.

4. Move apps from Android to Android with device manufacturer's tools

Some device manufacturers offer their own transfer tools or apps to migrate data, including apps, from old to new devices.

5. Use manual APK to finish Android to Android file transfer

Locate the APK file of the app on the old device (can be found using file manager apps).

Transfer the APK file to the new device via Bluetooth, email, or cloud storage.

Enable installation from unknown sources in device settings and install the transferred APK file.

Ensure app transfer methods comply with data privacy and security measures. Some apps might require re-logging in or reconfiguring settings after transfer.

Bonus: How to transfer other data from Android to Android

If you're in need of an efficient tool to move data among Android devices such as Samsung, Pixel, OnePlus, and others, FoneTool proves to be an invaluable solution. It facilitates the smooth transfer of photos, music, videos, contacts, and files, providing the flexibility to choose specific data for the transfer. 

Remarkably, this application operates without the necessity of Wi-Fi or cellular data, ensuring swift transfer rates. To initiate the process, download FoneTool on your Android device from this page and proceed with the following steps for swift data transfer:

Download for Android All Android OS
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Step 1. Open FoneTool on both devices, allowing WLAN usage (no Wi-Fi connection needed).

Step 2. Access "Connect to Android" on one device and select the target device to establish a connection.

connect to android

Step 3. In the source Android, navigate to "File Transfer," select the desired data, tap "Send," and confirm the transfer on the target device.

send photos

Moreover, FoneTool offers broad compatibility, allowing data transfers between iPhone to Pixel or other Android devices and vice versa.


Now you can get 5 ways to transfer apps from Android to Android. If you need another handy tool to transfer other data from Android to Android, FoneTool might be a ideal choice to make it.


mail Is it possible to transfer apps without losing data?

Some methods, like Google backup and sync or manufacturer tools, can transfer apps without losing app data.

mail Does transferring apps also transfer app settings and preferences?

Yes, methods like Google Account sync or Google backup often transfer app settings along with the apps themselves.

mail​​​​​​​ Can I transfer paid apps from one Android device to another?

Yes, if you've purchased apps using the same Google account, they can be reinstalled for free on another device.

mail​​​​​​​ Do I need an internet connection to transfer apps between Android devices?

Methods like Google Play Store or Google Account sync may require an internet connection, while some third-party transfer apps operate offline.

mail​​​​​​​ Are there size limitations for transferring apps between devices?

The transfer methods might have limitations based on the device's storage capacity or internet speed but usually can accommodate most apps.

mail​​​​​​​ Can I transfer system apps along with user-installed apps?

System apps usually can't be transferred due to device-specific dependencies, but user-installed apps are transferable.

mail​​​​​​​ Will transferred apps require reinstallation or configuration on the new device?

In most cases, transferred apps will require installation, but settings or configurations might need re-configuration.

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