Transfer Text Messages from Android to iPhone Without Computer

After switching from Android to iPhone, you may want to transfer text messages from Android to iPhone without computer only. Just follow this guide to get effective solutions to make it.

Demi by Demi Updated December 14, 2023
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Transferring messages from an Android device to an iPhone without using a computer can indeed seem like a challenging task. However, the significance of preserving these messages, which connect us with our loved ones, cannot be overlooked.

transfer data from android to iPhone

If you've recently purchased a new device and are seeking ways to transfer text messages from Android to iPhone without computer, this article will provide you with the necessary solutions. We will explore various methods to simplify the process and make your task more convenient.

Part 1. Can you transfer text messages from Android to iPhone without computer?

Certainly, it is indeed possible to transfer messages from Android to iPhone without the need for a computer. There are three primary methods you can employ: via Move to iOS during the iPhone setup process, exporting text messages using Google Drive, backing up them from Gmail. Let's delve into the details of each method, so you can better understand how to implement them effectively.

Part 2. How to transfer text messages from Android to iPhone without computer?

If you’re unsure about how to transfer text messages from Android to iPhone without computer, don’t worry! I’ll provide you with three simple ways that you can try.

Way 1. Android to iPhone message transfer via Move to iOS

To transfer text messages from an iPhone to an Android device without using a computer, you can take advantage of the Move to iOS application developed by Apple. This app simplifies the transfer process significantly. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to use the Move to iOS application.

Warm tip: If you have already set up new iPhone, please go to Settings General Transfer or Reset iPhone and choose Erase All Content and Settings to reset iPhone. Or, try the other two ways.

Step 1. On your Android device, download and install the Move to iOS app from the Google Play Store.

Step 2. Open the Move to iOS app on your Android device and follow the on-screen instructions.

Step 3. Set up your iPhone until you head to the "Apps & Data" screen, then select "Move Data from Android" and wait for a ten-digit code to appear.

choose move data from android

Step 4. Enter the code displayed on your iPhone into the Move to iOS app on your Android device.

Step 5. Check Messages and the other types of files you’d like to transfer to iPhone, and tap "Next" to initiate the transfer.

transfer from Android


Step 6. Wait for the transfer to complete. Once finished, you can proceed with the remaining setup steps on your iPhone.

By utilizing the Move to iOS app, the Android to iPhone message transfer process has become incredibly effortless. This convenient tool enables you to make the switch confidently, knowing that your valuable messages will seamlessly transfer to your new iPhone. With Move to iOS, you can experience a smooth transition to your preferred device while preserving your important messages.

Way 2. Android to iPhone message transfer via Google Drive

Transferring text messages from an iPhone to an Android device without using a computer can be a secure but somewhat lengthy process. If you're seeking a reliable procedure to transfer your messages, follow these steps:

Backup messages to Google Drive on Android
Open your device Settings, then scroll to the bottom and tap Google (or System) > Select Backup, then toggle on Back up to Google Drive > Tap Account and select your Google account. Finally, tap OK to confirm the action.

google drive app backup

Restore Google Drive backup to iPhone
On your iPhone, go to the Settings menu and, go to “Accounts & Password” settings. After that, click on “Add Account” option and then, tap on “Google”. Here, add your Google account detail to restore Google Drive backup to iPhone.

Way 3. Backup and restore SMS via Gmail

If you're concerned about transferring text messages from an Android device to an iPhone without the need for a computer, rest assured that the process is straightforward and easy to follow. However, it's important to note that you'll need to first backup your SMS and then access it on the other device. Here are the methods you can follow to complete this procedure:

Step 1. Open your Gmail account using your email and password. Go to settings and turn on IMAP access.

Step 2. Download the SMS backup app; otherwise, the process will not complete. Backup the data using this application and sync your messages.

backup sms via gmail


Step 3. Finally, log in to your Gmail account on iPhone, and you will get access to all the text messages through attachments.

Bonus: Easily share files between Android phone and iPhone

Consider giving FoneTool transfer app a shot for a seamless airdrop from Android to iPhone, and vice versa. This tool not only boasts a user-friendly interface, ensuring a smooth wireless data transfer, but also facilitates the seamless transfer of contacts, photos, videos, and various other data types.

Moreover, FoneTool stands out by preserving existing data on the target device and operating without the need for a network connection. This distinctive feature ensures a convenient and data-efficient transfer process. Just for an example, the following will show you how to transfer photos from Android to iPhone with it.

• Go to your app store to download FoneTool for Android and FoneTool for iPhone.

• Open FoneTool on Android phone and iPhone and allow the tool to use WLAN. (No need to connect to a Wi-Fi, just need to turn on the Wi-Fi option.)

• On your Android phone, go to Connect Device > Tap Connect to iOS and scan the QR code using your iPhone to connect two devices.

connect to ios

• On your Android phone, Go to File Transfer > Tap each file type from the menu bar to preview and select the files you’d like to airdrop to iPhone > Click Send to make it.

tap send photos

• On your iPhone, simply tap Confirm to receive files from Android phone. The transferred photos and contacts will be saved in Photos app and Contacts app. Songs and videos are saved in "Received Music" and "Received Videos" in FoneTool and you can tap to play.

Conclusion & FAQs

The outlined methods above provide effective ways to transfer text messages from Android to iPhone without computer. They are free and reliable options to consider. Hope you can make the most of your new iPhone experience now.


Q1: Can I use Bluetooth to transfer text messages from Android to iPhone?
A1: No, Bluetooth cannot be used to directly transfer text messages from Android to iPhone. Bluetooth is typically used for short-range wireless connections and does not support the transfer of large amounts of data like text message backups.

Q2: Can I use a SIM card to transfer text messages from Android to iPhone?
A2: No, you cannot directly transfer text messages from Android to iPhone using a SIM card. SIM cards primarily store information related to cellular network connectivity and do not contain the actual text message data.

Q3: Is there a built-in feature or tool on Android or iPhone for transferring text messages?
A3: Both Android and iPhone do not have built-in features or tools specifically designed for transferring text messages between the two platforms. Third-party apps or methods are typically required for this purpose.

Q4: Can I manually copy and paste text messages from Android to iPhone?
A4: Manually copying and pasting text messages from Android to iPhone is not a practical method due to the limitations of the messaging apps and the complex nature of the message format.

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