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AnsweredCan I Connect My iPhone to My Windows PC? [Answered]

Best Answered by May    October 7, 2023

The aim of connecting your iPhone to your Windows PC is to transfer your files from iPhone to Windows PC and vice versa. iTunes presents an effective way for file transfer, which empowers seamless management and transfer of files between your iPhone and your computer. Here is how to do that:

Step 1: Download the most up-to-date version of iTunes onto your PC, then proceed to install and initiate the app.

Step 2: Connect your iPhone to your PC via a USB cable, and click the Device icon within iTunes > From the array of options presented, choose File Sharing.

Step 3: Next, designate the particular app from which you intend to transfer files >  Conclude this process by clicking Save.

While iTunes can help you transfer files between your iPhone and your Windows PC, this software relies on a good network connection, which may cause data loss during the transfer process. In this case, it’s highly recommended to use FoneTool - a free and reliable iPhone backup and transfer app that allows you preview files before transfer and does not require a network connection.

FoneTool - Easily Control Your iPhone Data

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To seamlessly transfer files from your iPhone to your PC (and vice versa) using FoneTool, follow these straightforward steps:

1Download and install FoneTool on your PC > Establish a secure connection between your iPhone and PC using a reliable USB cable.

2Launch FoneTool and navigate to the iPhone Transfer option > Choose the iPhone to PC or PC to iPhone mode and click Start Transfer to kickstart the process.

3Within the transfer interface, cherry-pick the specific files you intend to transfer and click OK to confirm > Click Start Transfer to execute the transfer.

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