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AnsweredCan Someone Unlock a Stolen iPhone? Here Is the Answer

Best Answered by May    September 13, 2023

Generally speaking, it is difficult to access your iPhone without a passcode. However, in this case, the first thing that you should do is to take swift and systematic action is crucial to protect your personal information and increase the chances of recovering your device. Here’s a recommended guide on what to do:

Enable Lost Mode: If you haven't already, activate Lost Mode using the Find My app or iCloud. This not only locks your device but also enables tracking to help locate it.
Change Your Apple ID Password: Log in to your Apple ID account and change your password immediately. This prevents the thief from accessing your iCloud account and any linked services.
Consider Remote Wiping: If you believe your device won’t be recovered, or if it contains highly sensitive data, remotely erase it using the Find My app or iCloud. This will erase all your data, making it inaccessible to the thief.

If there are a lot of important data on your iPhone, it’s can be terrible. Therefore, it’s important to get into the habit of backing up your iPhone data on a regular basis to avoid losing it in the event of a loss or theft, for example. So, how to make a full backup of your iPhone data? Here FoneTool will be a top choice for you.

FoneTool - Easily Control Your iPhone Data

All-in-one mobile data manager helps you backup, transfer, manage data on your iOS and Android devices quickly and easily.

After downloading and installing FoneTool on your Windows PC, here is the step-by-step guide on how to create a full iPhone backup:

1Connect your iPhone to your PC with a USB cable > Establish a trusted connection by tapping Trust on your iPhone.

2Launch FoneTool > Navigate to Phone Backup and select Full Backup > Then, click the Get Started button to begin.

3Enable Backup Encryption as you prefer > Click Backup Storage Path to select a location to save backup files > Click Start Backup to initiate the backup process.

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