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AnsweredWill I Lose Everything If I Restart My iPhone?

I have an iPhone X. I’m having some weird glitches and I’ve heard that a reboot might help. But I don’t want to risk losing photos or messages. I was wondering if I restart my iPhone, will I lose everything? Has anyone tried this and can share your experience?

Best Answered by May    September 4, 2023

If you restart your iPhone, don’t worry, you won’t lose everything! A simple restart won’t delete your photos, messages, or other important data on your iPhone. On the contrary, restarting your iPhone does help you fix some simple issues, such as:

App crashes: Restarting your iPhone can fix app crashes and freezes, giving you a smooth app experience.
Slow performance: It boosts the speed and performance of your iPhone to make it snappy again.
Wi-Fi and cellular network issues: Restarting your iPhone may resolve Wi-Fi and cellular network connection issues.
Bluetooth trouble: It can fix Bluetooth connection problems with other devices.

If you are worried about data loss, you’d better back up your iPhone data to a PC ahead of time. How to make a full iPhone backup? Here FoneTool is a top choice for you, which is a free and reliable backup tool for Windows users, which can help you fully or selectively back up your iPhone to a PC, USB drive, or external hard drive.

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To back up your iPhone to a PC, you can follow the simple steps below to do that:

1Install and open FoneTool on your PC > Connect your iPhone to your PC > Tap Trust This Computer on your iPhone screen.

2Click Phone Backup on the left side of the home page > Move the cursor to Full Backup > Click the Get Started button.

3Enable Backup Encryption to encrypt your iPhone backup > Click Backup Storage Path to select where to save the backup files > Then, click the Start Backup button.

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