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AnsweredIs iCloud the Best Way to Backup iPhone? [Quick Answer]

Best Answered by May    September 28, 2023

Whether iCloud is the best way to back up your iPhone depends on your specific needs and preferences. iCloud backups are automatic and can be set up to occur when your device is connected to Wi-Fi and plugged in, but the 5 GB of free storage might not be sufficient for users with large amounts of data. You may need to purchase more storage, which can be an ongoing cost.

Here’s how to back up your iPhone with iCloud:

Step 1: Open the Settings app on your iPhone > Tap your Apple ID name at the top of the screen > Scroll down and tap iCloud > iCloud Backup.

Step 2: Toggle on the iCloud Backup switch. Then, your iPhone will automatically back up to iCloud when connected to Wi-Fi. If you prefer to start the backup manually, you can tap Back Up Now.

Also, there are some alternative ways to make an iPhone backup. Here it’s strongly recommended to use FoneTool - a free and reliable iPhone backup tool. With the help of FoneTool, you can selectively or fully backup your iPhone or transfer data from iPhone to PC or USB drive.

FoneTool - Easily Control Your iPhone Data

All-in-one mobile data manager helps you backup, transfer, manage data on your iOS and Android devices quickly and easily.

Feel free to download FoneTool without any charge by clicking on the icon provided above. Now, let’s proceed with the steps to utilize FoneTool effectively:

1Run FoneTool on your PC > Connect your iPhone to the PC and tap Trust on your iPhone to establish a secure connection.

2Navigate to the Phone Backup section > Proceed to initiate a Full Backup by clicking Get Started. (You can also select Selective Backup to back up desired files.)

3Enable Backup Encryption according to your preferences > Select a suitable storage path where you’d like to store the backup > Click Start Backup.

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