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How to backup & restore favorite stickers in WhatsApp

I need to switch to new iPhone but I have lots of favorite tagged stickers in WhatsApp. I need to transfer them to my new device.How can i do that? Please help.

- Question from Apple Community

Without emojis, texting is boring and bland! Given how frequently people use emojis to add meaning and fun to their texts, WhatsApp introduced the stickers features, which elevated messaging to a new level.

Since then, several sticker packs have been released, and WhatsApp users are competing to see who has the best collection. Everything is fun until you need to replace your phone!

backup stickers WhatsApp

This includes backing up your WhatsApp conversations, contacts, media, and, of course, stickers. Because you don't want to lose the collection you've worked so hard to curate! Follow this guide to know how to backup stickers on WhatsApp on iPhone.

Does WhatsApp backup include stickers?

The answer to the question - does WhatsApp backup include stickers is, of course, YES! Generally speaking, when you backup WhatsApp chat in iPhone via a WhatsApp tool, all conversations, contacts, media files, as well as stickers will be backed up by default. That’s to say, all you need to consider is to choose a satisfying backup software to assist you.

How to backup WhatsApp stickers to iCloud

When it comes to backing up data on iPhone, iCloud may be the first tool that comes into your mind. Indeed, in the WhatsApp app, you can have iCloud back up WhatsApp separately, in which your favorite WhatsApp stickers will be backed up at the same time.

Preparation prior to the backup process
Check that you have enough free space in iCloud, which should be at least twice the size of the WhatsApp data you're about to backup.

You should also ensure that you are using the same phone number in WhatsApp and iCloud.

Steps to backup WhatsApp stickers on iPhone via iCloud
Step 1. On your iPhone, go to Settings > Tap [your name] iCloud > Turn on iCloud Drive and WhatsApp if they are not enabled.

iCloud Drive

Step 2. Open WhatsApp on your iPhone > Go to its Settings Chats > Chat Backup.

Step 3. You can tap Back Up Now to backup WhatsApp chats to iCloud right now. You can also tap Auto Backup and select an auto backup frequency to backup it.

iCloud WhatsApp backup

How to backup stickers on WhatsApp from iPhone to PC

If iCloud is full, how do you backup WhatsApp? If you don't want to pay for extra iCloud storage, you might be wondering how to backup stickers on WhatsApp on iPhone without iCloud and how to save WhatsApp backup to PC locally. Here WhatsMover, a powerful WhatsApp backup tool for iOS devices is highly recommended.

What WhatsMover differs from iCloud
👍 Offline backup process. During the backup process, WhatsMover has no network requirements. As long as you connect your iPhone and computer via USB, the backup will be completed.
👍 Better protect privacy. WhatsMover uses offline backup and then saves your backup data locally, which differs from iCloud in that it significantly reduces privacy leaks.
👍 No storage space limitation. WhatsMover allows you to save your WhatsApp backup to any location you want, such as local folders on your computer, external hard drives, NAS, and so on.

How to backup WhatsApp stickers in iPhone to PC using WhatsMover
Step 1. Download and open WhatsMover on your computer > Connect your iPhone to PC via USB > You may need to tap Trust on your iPhone to let your PC access your iPhone data.

Step 2. On the main interface of WhatsMover, click Back Up WhatsApp on Devices from the left pane > Click Back Up to confirm.

WhatsMover Backup WhatsApp

Step 3. When WhatsMover is done backing up your WhatsApp chats, documents, and stickers, you will see a prompt: "WhatsApp Messenger Backup Successful". At this point, click Done to confirm to finish backing up iPhone WhatsApp.

WhatsMover backup done



That’s all for the two ways to backup stickers in WhatsApp on iPhone. Although it is hard to backup only stickers in WhatsApp, you can backup the whole WhatsApp chats to save your favorite stickers. If this guide helps you, please share it with others.


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