Top 6 Ways to Fix Google Maps Voice Not Working on iPhone

Are you looking for the ways to fix the issue of “Google Maps voice not working iPhone”? Well, this guide will show you 6 effective methods to help you turn on voice on Google Maps iPhone.

May by May Updated April 18, 2024
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Part 1. Why Is Google Maps Voice Not Working on iPhone?

Google Maps is a widely-used web mapping service and mobile app developed by Google. It provides detailed and interactive maps of various regions, including streets, landmarks, businesses, and geographical features. But why is Google Maps voice not working iPhone? Here are some possible reasons listed below:

Muted Volume: Check if your iPhone’s volume is turned down or set to silent mode, which can result in no voice guidance.
Google Maps Settings: It’s possible that voice navigation is disabled in your Google Maps settings.
Location Services: Google Maps requires location access, so ensure your iPhone’s location services are enabled for the app.
App Permissions: Ensure that Google Maps has permission to access the iPhone’s microphone and speakers.

Google Maps Voice Not Working on iPhone

Part 2. Backup iPhone Before Fixing Google Maps Voice Not Working

Before attempting any fixes on your iPhone, it’s strongly recommended to take the precaution of making a backup. This step is crucial for obvious reasons, mainly to prevent potential data loss. To create a backup of your valuable data, you can choose an official tool such as iTunes or iCloud. Both iTunes and iCloud are free to generate a comprehensive backup of your data, but you may easily find that the iPhone won’t backup to iCloud or iTunes due to a poor network connection.

Another option to consider is FoneTool - a free and safe iPhone data backup tool that allows you to create full or selective backups to save your data. Unlike iCloud (which only offers 5GB of storage space for free), FoneTool offers unlimited storage and allows you to back up your iPhone to another iPhone, iPad, PC, or external hard drive.

Below is how to back up your iPhone using FoneTool:

Step 1: Click the download button to get and install FoneTool on your PC > Establish a connection between your iPhone and PC and tap Trust on your iPhone screen.

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Step 2: Run FoneTool > Locate the Phone Backup option on the home page > Choose Full Backup and click Get Started to initiate the process.

Full Backup

Step 3: You can enable backup encryption to encrypt backup for iPhone. Then, select a storage path where you’d like to save the backup and simply click Start Backup.

Start Backup

Part 3. How to Fix Google Maps Voice Not Working on iPhone

Here are six easy and useful methods to fix the problem of “Google Maps voice not working iPhone”, and you can attempt these methods one by one to fix the issue.

Method 1: Activate Voice Navigation in Google Maps

To fix Google Maps voice not working on iPhone, the first that you should do is to enable voice navigation in Google Maps. Here is how to turn on voice on Google Maps iPhone:

Step 1: Launch the Google Maps app on your iOS device.

Step 2: Once you’ve initiated navigation, you’ll notice a sound option located in the top right corner of the screen > Simply tap it to enable the voice navigation.

Activate Voice Navigation in Google Maps

Method 2: Reset the Volume on iPhone Maps

Sometimes, the iPhone Maps volume may be set to its minimum or mute, resulting in the absence of voice directions while driving. To rectify this, here is a full guide on how to get voice on Google Maps iPhone:

Step 1: Navigate to Settings on your iPhone > Find and select Maps.

Step 2: Within the Driving & Navigation section, choose either Normal or Loud Volume.

Reset the Volume on iPhone Maps

Method 3: Verify Bluetooth Connectivity

When your iPhone is connected to a car speaker but you’re not in the car, the voice guidance may not be audible. To fix this issue, follow these steps:

Step 1: Access your iPhone’s Settings and select the Bluetooth option to view your currently paired devices.

Step 2: Simply disconnect the Bluetooth connection, allowing Google Maps to utilize the iPhone’s voice for guidance.

Verify Bluetooth Connectivity

Method 4: Redownload Voice Direction

When your device lacks the downloaded voice directions, you might not hear the voice guidance. In such cases, the solution is to download the voice directions. To do that, you should make sure your device is connected to the internet and then select the Get Directions option. Once the process is finished, you can launch Google Maps as you typically would.

Method 5: Halt Spoken Audio

If you were previously engrossed in podcasts rather than music, it might have muted the Maps Navigation voice. In this case, pausing spoken audio provides a simple way to solve this problem:

Step 1: Navigate to your device’s Settings and choose the Maps option > Then, tap Driving and Navigation.

Step 2: Under Navigation Voice Volume, check for the Pause Spoken Audio option and ensure it is activated.

Enable Pause Spoken Audio

Method 6: Force Quit and Relaunch Google Maps

The last way is to force close and restart the Google Maps app to potentially resolve any issues. Follow the simple steps:

Step 1: Double-press the Home button on your iOS device > Locate the Google Maps app and swipe it to the left to close it.

Force Quit Google Maps

If you’re using an iPhone X or later, swipe up from the bottom of the screen to access recently used apps, as it lacks a physical home button.

Step 2: With Google Maps now closed, relaunch Google Maps to check if it functions correctly.

The Bottom Line

There are six methods available to fix the “Google Maps voice not working iPhone” issue, and you can choose the one that suits your needs. Also, always make sure to use FoneTool to back up your iPhone data before trying any fix. In addition, FoneTool is a good WhatsApp backup software that allows you to back up or transfer your WhatsApp data easily and quickly. Try it out!

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