[8 Ways] Fix Google Calendar Not Syncing with iPhone

This passage offers 8 ways for you to fix can’t sync Google Calendar with iPhone 12/13/14/15 or other iPhones issue. Hope you can solve the problem successfully and remember to back up your calendar data after the process.

Kathy by Kathy Updated October 24, 2023
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Why is my Google Calendar not syncing with my iPhone?

Yesterday, no reason for that, suddenly my Google Calendars stopped syncing with my iPhone. Did something like that happen to any of you? What can I do to make it start working again?

- Question from Apple Community

Google Calendar, a scheduling and time management service, allows users to synchronize events and schedules with their Android devices and iPhones. But sometimes, it may stop syncing to your iPhone.

Google Calendar

Why is Google Calendar not syncing with iPhone?

When the issue occurs, it might be caused by some reasons below.

☛Internet connection problems.
☛Google Calendar being disabled or blocked.
☛Incorrect sync settings.
☛Incorrect Gmail fetch settings on the iPhone.
☛An issue with your Google account.
☛Problems with the official Google Calendar iOS app.

How to fix Google calendar not syncing with iPhone

Now we'll provide you with 8 step-by-step solutions to solve the problem.

Solution 1. Remove and re-add Google account

Re-logging into your Google account is worth trying: Open Settings app on iPhone > Find and click Calendar > Choose Accounts > Gmail > Delete Account > Delete from my iPhone > Then restart your device.

After that, go to Settings > Calendar > Accounts > Add Account > Choose Google to add it. And make sure to activate the Calendars toggle for this Google account, then tap the Save option.

add Google account

Solution 2. Check Internet connection

An unstable internet connection can also lead to Google Calendar sync failures. Check your Wi-Fi connection and verify whether mobile data usage is enabled for the calendar app: Launch Settings > Click Cellular > Locate and tap on Calendar, if it’s disabled, toggle the option on.

Solution 3. Quit the Calendar app and relaunch

At times, the Calendar app might encounter unknown errors. Then you can quit the app and reopen it to sync the data again. If it doesn’t work, you can try to delete the Calendar app from your device and reinstall it to fix the issue.

reinstall Calendar

Solution 4. Change Fetch Data Settings of Gmail

Navigate to Settings > Mail > Accounts > Fetch New Data, then tap on your Gmail account, and choose Fetch. Adjust the frequency—options include Every 15 Minutes, Every 30 Minutes, Hourly, or Manually—to match your preferences.

Solution 5. Enable Google Calendars in Calendar App

If the problem still exists, it's crucial to verify that Google Calendar is enabled within the iPhone calendar app: Go to Calendar app > Click on Calendars located in the bottom row > Ensure that the options under GMAIL are checked > If not, enable them and tap Done.

enable Google Calendar

Solution 6. Set Gmail Calendar as Default

Selecting Gmail as the default calendar has proven effective for some users. In the Settings app, choose Calendar > Default Calendar > Wait for a few moments until the option for GMAIL appears. Once it becomes visible, tap on the account to set it as the default calendar.

set Gmail as default

Solution 7. Reset all settings on iPhone

If syncing Google Calendar with iPhone 12/13/14/15 still isn't successful, you could try to reset all settings on your iPhone to solve the problem: Go to Settings > General > Reset > Click Reset All Settings to finish the process.

Note: "Reset All Settings" refers to restoring all the system settings on your iPhone to their default configurations. You can use most apps on iPhone as usual but sometimes you need to give permissions in Privacy Settings.

Solution 8. Use the Official Google Calendar iOS App

If none of the above seven methods have solved your issue, you can try using the official Google Calendar app to browse your events and schedules.

Google Calendar app

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full backup iphone

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start backup

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restore the backup

Final words

After reading this passage, you will get 8 ways to fix Google Calendar not syncing with iPhone issue. You can reopen or reinstall the app, change settings, check Internet connection to make it. If these ways cut no ice, then you can use the official Google Calendar app to view your schedule.

Once you have fixed it, it’s recommended to back up your Calendar app data with FoneTool. This user-friendly app can finish all iPhone/iPad data management tasks efficiently. If you need, it can also help you transfer iPhone Calendar to iPad.

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