Can You Make an iCloud Drive Selective Sync? [How-to Guide]

How do you make an iCloud Drive selective sync? This post will show a full guide on how to enable iCloud Drive selective sync on iOS/Mac/Windows and offer a good way to preview and selectively sync iCloud.

May by May Updated December 19, 2023
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Can You Let iCloud Drive Selective Sync?

iCloud Drive does not offer a built-in selective synchronization feature like some other cloud storage services, such as Dropbox or Google Drive. iCloud Drive synchronizes the entire iCloud Drive folder across all devices signed in with the same Apple ID. To make an iCloud Drive selective sync, you can manually select the files and folders you want to keep or delete on a particular device.

iCloud Drive Selective Sync

How to manage iCloud Drive syncing to specific folders and how to prevent specified folders from being uploaded to iCloud? Despite the lack of built-in selective sync functionality in iCloud Drive, the following content outlines effective ways to achieve this level of customization.

How to Make an iCloud Drive Selective Sync Easily

Before diving into iCloud Drive Selective Sync, it’s important to verify the existence of an active iCloud account on your device and the enabled status of the iCloud Drive feature. The next steps describe the process of activating iCloud selective sync for each platform.

# 1. Enable iCloud Drive Selective Sync on iPhone/iPad

On iOS devices like your iPhone or iPad, initiating a selective sync iCloud is a simple process. Here’s a concise guide:

Step 1: Launch the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad > Access your profile by tapping Apple ID at the top of the Settings menu.

Step 2: Navigate to iCloud among the options > Locate and tap iCloud Drive and make sure it’s switched on.

Enable iCloud Drive

Step 3: Customize your preferences by toggling the switch for individual apps to activate or deactivate iCloud Drive sync.

Step 4: Finalize your choices by tapping Done or returning to the main settings screen to preserve your modifications.

# 2. Enable iCloud Drive Selective Sync on Mac

For those users on Mac, the process to enable iCloud selective sync is different. Here is a step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Initiate the sequence by clicking the Apple menu nestled in the top-left corner of your screen, and choosing System Preferences.

Step 2: Click the Apple ID or iCloud depending on your version of macOS > Confirm that iCloud Drive is active by checking the adjacent box.

Click Apple ID

Step 3: Click the Options button, aligned with iCloud Drive > Toggle the status of each app to sync or unsync according to your preferences.

# 3. Enable iCloud Drive Selective Sync on Windows

When using iCloud on the Windows platform, take advantage of the power of iCloud drive selective sync Windows to increase control over local device storage and cloud uploads. Simply navigate to your iCloud Drive folder, right-click on any file, and select Free up space to stop syncing that specific file on your device, or Always keep on this device for permanent offline access.

Selective Sync on Windows

1. How often does iCloud Drive sync? When iCloud is activated on your device, data is periodically synchronized every 24 hours.
2. Make sure your device is powered on and connected to the Internet because the iPad/iPhone won’t backup to iCloud without these conditions.

Bonus: Best Alternative to Selectively Sync iCloud Drive on PC

Are you looking for a good way to preview and selectively sync the desired files? It’s highly recommended to use FoneTool - a free and safe iCloud management tool that can help you sync your files and even download and delete your iCloud files easily.

Highlights of Using FoneTool to Selectively Sync iCloud Drive:
Selective Sync Options: FoneTool provides granular control, allowing users to selectively sync specific files and folders in iCloud Drive.
Real-Time Syncing: FoneTool supports real-time synchronization to ensure that changes made to selected files are reflected across devices promptly.
Secure Encryption: FoneTool prioritizes the security of data by implementing encryption measures to protect sensitive information during the sync process.
Intuitive User Interface: FoneTool has a user-friendly interface that allows you to easily navigate and customize your iCloud Drive synchronization preferences.

So, how to selectively sync the desired files to iCloud Drive? Benefiting from rapid transfer speeds, FoneTool facilitates swift downloading and uploading of data to iCloud drive. Now click the download button to get and install FoneTool on your PC and follow the simple steps to get started:

Download Freeware Win 10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download

Step 1: Open FoneTool and navigate to My iCloud > Log in using your Apple ID and select Manage iCloud.

Sign into iCloud

Step 2: Click the iCloud Drive icon and click the Upload button to preview and choose the desired files to sync.

Selectively Sync iCloud Drive

Pro Tip: Unlock Seamless iCloud Synchronization via FoneTool

When you find iCloud Drive not syncing, or if you need to transfer specific types of iCloud data to a new iCloud account, FoneTool can also help you sync and manage your files. Below is a full guide to transferring iCloud data to another account:

Step 1: Open FoneTool and navigate to My iCloud in the left pane > Sign in with Account A and select iCloud Sync.

Select iCloud Sync

Step 2: Sign in to the target iCloud account > Select the types of files you want to transfer to Account B or choose Select All > Click Start Sync to initiate the task.

Click Start Sync

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The Bottom Line

Leverage the iCloud Drive Selective Sync feature to provide users with a powerful solution for file management and storage optimization across an array of devices. This feature enables users to strategically sync files and folders to increase storage utilization, improve device performance, and enhance control over data.

In addition, if you want to sync and manage your iCloud files better, FoneTool is a great option for you. With the help of this tool, you can upload, download, and delete things from iCloud easily and safely. Try it out!

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