iCloud Drive Waiting to Upload? Top 10 Solutions to Fix It

Why is iCloud drive waiting to upload? Well, this post will tell you the reasons and show you 10 simple and effective solutions to fix iCloud drive stuck waiting to upload.

May by May Updated December 14, 2023
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Why Is iCloud Drive Waiting to Upload?

Are you experiencing the issue of the iCloud drive waiting to upload? Why does this issue happen? Some potential reasons are listed below:

Reason 1. Network Issues

  • If your Internet connection is slow or unstable, iCloud Drive may have trouble uploading files.
  • Firewall or anti-virus settings may interfere with iCloud Drive’s ability to upload files.

Reason 2: Insufficient iCloud Storage

  • If your iCloud storage is full, iCloud Drive will no longer be able to upload any files.

Reason 3: Large File Size

  1. Very large files can take quite a while to upload, especially if you have a slow or unstable Internet connection.

Reason 4: Software Updates

  • Outdated software may have bugs or compatibility issues that may affect iCloud Drive performance.

Reason 5: Multiple Devices Syncing

  • If you’re using iCloud Drive on multiple devices, syncing across devices may cause delays.

 iCloud Drive Waiting to Upload

How to Fix iCloud Drive Waiting to Upload

When your iCloud drive says waiting to upload, don’t worry! There are 10 effective ways to rectify the problem. Carefully follow the solutions below to take control of your iCloud uploads.

# 1. Verify Your Internet Connection

Verify that a stable and reliable Internet connection exists. If necessary, switch to an alternate network or consider resetting your Wi-Fi router. Measure your Internet speed to determine its compatibility with basic prerequisites for seamless iCloud uploading.

# 2. Check Your iCloud Storage

Carefully evaluate your iCloud Storage usage and organize it by deleting excess files or photos. This action not only creates additional space but also has the potential to resolve current issues.

  • For Mac users: Navigate through the Apple menu > System Setting > System Preferences > Click Apple ID, then proceed to click iCloud to inspect it.
  • For iPhone or iPad users: Head to Settings > [your name] > iCloud. The graphical representation in the form of a bar graph illustrates your storage usage.

Check iCloud Storage

# 3. Refresh iCloud Services

Sometimes, disabling iCloud Drive and then re-enabling it may fix some issues such as “iCloud drive stuck waiting to upload”, “iPhone won’t backup to iCloud”, and more.

  • For macOS users: Go to System Preferences, click your Apple ID, and then select iCloud. Unmark the checkboxes corresponding to the affected apps, wait a moment, and then reselect them.
  • For iOS users: On your iOS device, navigate to Settings, find your Apple ID, and then access iCloud. Deactivate the switches for the affected apps, pause them briefly, and then reactivate them after a few seconds.

Restart iCloud Drive

# 4. Halt and Restart Uploads

Access the iCloud app on your device or navigate to iCloud.com. Identify files in an iCloud Waiting to Upload status and temporarily pause their upload. After a short pause, the upload process resumes.

# 5. Divide Large Files

If attempting to upload a large number of files, consider breaking them into smaller sections. This method enhances the upload process and minimizes the possibility of errors.

# 6. Deactivate Firewall or Restrictions

Temporarily disable any firewalls or network restrictions that may be blocking the connection between your device and the iCloud server. If necessary, ask your ISP or IT department for guidance.

# 7. Sign Out and Sign in to iCloud

When your iCloud Drive is used by multiple devices, trying to sign out and then sign into iCloud again may fix iCloud Drive waiting for upload.

  • On macOS: Go to System Preferences, click your Apple ID, and select Overview. Select Sign Out and proceed to sign in again.
  • On iOS: Navigate to Settings, tap your Apple ID, and select Sign Out. Once you’re logged out, sign in again with your Apple ID and password.

Sign Out and Sign into iCloud

# 8. Monitor Apple’s System Status

For live updates on the status of your iCloud service, visit Apple's System Status page. If there are ongoing issues on Apple's part, it may be necessary to remain patient until the problem is resolved.

Check System Status

# 9. Update macOS or iOS

Guarantee that both your device’s operating system and the iCloud app are current. Install any available software updates to address potential compatibility glitches and enhance overall performance. Execute the following steps to update macOS or iOS:

  • On macOS: Access the Apple menu > System Preferences > Software Update (or System Settings > General > Software Update) to check for and install any available updates.
  • On iOS: Navigate to Settings and select the General option > Tap Software Update and examine for any accessible updates. If identified, download them before attempting to upload your files once more.

Update iOS

Tip: iOS 17 unable to check for update? Don’t worry! Follow this link to fix this issue.

# 10. Try a Third-Party Alternative to Upload Files to iCloud Drive

While iCloud Drive integrates seamlessly with the Apple ecosystem, persistent issues like “iCloud Drive waiting to upload” can be annoying. Luckily, there are some good alternatives like FoneTool to help you upload files to your iCloud Drive.

FoneTool is a free and safe iCloud management tool that allows you to sign into iCloud to upload, download, and delete files on iCloud Drive. Here is a step-by-step guide to doing that:

Step 1: Install FoneTool on your Windows computer by clicking the download button below.

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Step 2: Launch FoneTool on your PC and access My iCloud > Sign in seamlessly using your Apple ID to reach the Manage iCloud section.

Click Manage iCloud

Step 3: Click the various file icons > Click the Upload button to select the desired files to upload.

Upload Files to iCloud

The Bottom Line

All in all, the challenge of resolving the iCloud drive waiting to upload issue can be annoying, but it is certainly surmountable. Using the troubleshooting solutions in this guide can help you overcome this obstacle and ensure smooth file synchronization between all your Apple devices.

However, if you are tired of fixing this issue, you can also try an alternative tool called FoneTool to manage your iCloud files, such as uploading, downloading, and deleting. In addition, if your iCloud storage is full, FoneTool is the best way to free up iCloud storage on your PC. Try it out!

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