[2024 Guide] How to Use AirDrop on Windows 11

Want to transfer data wirelessly via AirDrop on Windows 11? This guide will show you how to use AirDrop on Windows 11 to transfer data between your iPhone and computer, between two computers.


By Lena / Updated on March 7, 2024

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Want AirDrop for Windows 11?

There is no doubt that transferring data using AirDrop is very convenient, all we have to do is open AirDrop and select the files we need, and the data will appear on another device in no time.

AirDrop is so convenient for data transfer that makes you want to download AirDrop for Windows 11. In this way, you can easily AirDrop files from iPhone to PC. But the fact is that AirDrop does not work on Windows. If you want AirDrop for Windows 11 because you want to transfer files wirelessly, then you can use AirDrop alternatives.  

AirDrop for Windows 11 – Snapdrop

It is not possible to download AirDrop for Windows 11 but it does not mean you cannot share files wirelessly between iPhone and computer. There are many AirDrop-like apps that offer some features as well, such as Snapdrop, Xender. Here we will cover Snapdrop in detail as it is very similar to AirDrop. You can go to this AirDrop for Windows 11, 10, 8, 7 guide to get more info about other apps.

There is no need to download any software. You can simply go to https://snapdrop.net/ to start transferring word documents, photos, videos, PDFs, etc.
Snapdrop is compatible with almost all operating systems, iOS, Windows, Android, macOS, Linux. You can easily share files between iPhone and Windows PC, Windows PC and Mac, iPhone and Android phone.
The concept of Snapdrop is very simple. It will open a connection on your local network and it can be discovered by any device that uses the same network. That’s to say, as long as two devices have connected to the same Wi-Fi network, then you can easily share files.

How to use AirDrop on Windows 11 - Snapdrop

To prevent data leakage, it's best not to connect to unsecured Wi-Fi. You’d better use a password-protected Wi-Fi network. By the way, Snapdrop will not keep any information about your transfer.


Here is an example of how to AirDrop photos from iPhone to PC.

Step 1. Connect devices to the same Wi-Fi network.

Step 2. Open a browser and go to SnapDrop.net on iPhone and PC. You will be given a nickname so you'll know who you're sending your file to.

Step 3. On your iPhone, tap the icon and you will see three options: Photo Library, Take Photo or Video, Choose Files > Select one of the options to find the photos you want to transfer.

Snapdrop Photos

Step 4. Click Save on PC to accept the transfer.

AirDrop for Windows 11 – Nearby Sharing

If you want to transfer data between your laptop and desktop, then you can take advantage of Nearby Sharing to help you to do so. The Nearby Sharing is able to transfer photos, videos, documents and any other files between two computers via Bluetooth.

It is able to transfer any size file from one computer to another wirelessly (Windows 11 & Windows 10).
Nearby Sharing does not support transferring folders but you can compress the folders before transferring them as a workaround.
You can only use this feature properly when Bluetooth is enabled on both computers but you don't have to pair both computers with Bluetooth.

How to use AirDrop on Windows 11 – Nearby Sharing

Here are the steps to use AirDrop on Windows 11 via Nearby Sharing.

Step 1. Turn on Nearby Sharing on both devices

  • Press the Windows key and i key to open Settings app.
  • Choose System and then select Nearby sharing.
  • In Nearby sharing settings, you can choose to share files only with your own devices or any device nearby.

Turn on Nearby Sharing

  • If you do not have Bluetooth enabled, the system will notify you. If this is the case, you can go to Settings > Bluetooth & devices to turn it on.
  • Click Change if you want to configure where Nearby Sharing files are saved to.

Step 2. AirDrop files via Nearby Sharing

  • Locate the file you want to transfer.
  • Right-click the file > Choose Share.
  • A sharing window will appear and it will discover any nearby devices that have Nearby Sharing enabled.
  • Choose the name of the PC you want to share files with.

AirDrop via Nearby Sharing

Step 3. Accept files on target PC

  • On the receiving PC, click Save to accept the file.

Save Files

  • Then you can click Open to view the file or Open folder to check the file in folder.

Easily & quickly transfer data between iPhone and PC via USB cable

Although it is convenient to use AirDrop on Windows 11, the file transfer may be interrupted by Wi-Fi or Bluetooth problems. When the Wi-Fi is poor, it may take a long time to complete the transfer, especially when you transfer a large number of files.

If you find the network is poor, you may choose to transfer data via USB connection. FoneTool, one easy-to-use iOS data transfer tool, can help you quickly transfer data between iPhone and PC.

Example: how to transfer photos from iPhone to computer.

Step 1. Launch FoneTool and plug in iPhone.

Step 2. Choose the photos you need.

Choose Photos

Step 3. Click Start Transfer and to complete Airdrop to WIndows 10/11 from iPhone

MBackupper can help you transfer data between any computer to any iPhone. That’s to say, you can easily transfer files from your computer to your family’s iPhone. You can download the tool to explore more by yourself.

Download Freeware Win 11/10/8.1/8/7
Secure Download

Final words

You want to download AirDrop for Windows 11 so that you can transfer files between iPhone and PC wirelessly. Well, AirDrop is not compatible with Windows 11 but there are AirDrop-like apps like Snapdrop that offer the same function to help you transfer data wirelessly. If you find the speed is slow, you can use MBackupper to transfer data via USB cable.