Top 7 Fixes to Calendar not Syncing to iPhone/iPad

Having trouble in syncing calendar to your iPhone? This post will offer you how to easily fix calendar not syncing between iOS devices. Check out these useful solutions to the calendar not syncing on iPhone/iPad problem.

Demi by Demi Updated April 21, 2023
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Have you ever experienced the frustration of your calendar events not syncing properly between your iPhone and other devices? This can be a major inconvenience, especially if you rely on your calendar to manage your daily schedule. Fortunately, there are several fixes you can try to get your calendar back in sync.

iphone calendar

In this guide, we'll walk you through some troubleshooting steps to help you resolve the issue - Calendar not syncing to iPhone/iPad and ensure that your calendar events are accurately reflected across all your devices.

Why isn’t your calendar syncing to iPhone?

You may wonder why your calendar not syncing to iPhone. There can be several possible reasons why you encounter such issue. Some of the most common reasons include:
• Poor internet connection.
• Incorrect settings.
• Outdated software.
• iCloud issues.
• Conflicting accounts.
• Corruption of calendar data.

It is best to go through each of these possibilities and troubleshoot accordingly by following the solutions shown in the next part.

7 fixes to calendar not syncing to iPhone

You are given 7 effective fixes in this part to solve the problem - iPhone calendar not syncing. Just try them one after another until you get out of the issue.

1# Check Apple System Status

Whenever you have trouble in using Apple service, the first thing you can do is to check the relative Apple System Status.

Just go to the website of the Apple System Status page to see if the iCloud service and iCloud Calendar services have a green indicator. If it does, then skip to the next solution. If not, just click the link beside the service to check suggestions from Apple Support.

system status

2# Check whether calendars sync is on

If you use more than one email account on your iPhone, each one may have its own calendar. In this case, chances are that one of more of these accounts’ calendars are not activated, let alone to sync to your iPhone. You can follow the steps below to check whether you have enabled calendar sync.

• Check iCloud Calendar sync
Go to iPhone Settings app > Tap [your name] > Tap iCloud > Scroll down to locate and check whether the switch next to Calendars is green.

icloud calendar

• Check calendar sync from other email account
Go to the Settings app on your iPhone > Choose Mail > Tap Account > Tap your account name > If you see Calendars, make sure it’s enabled. You can repeat the steps for each of your accounts.

Gmail calendar

3# Restart Calendar app

If the Calendar app isn’t correctly showing your schedule, it might be due to a temporary malfunction in the app, which you can resolve by refreshing or restaring the Calendar app.

To restart Calendar app, open the Calendar app and swipe down from the top to force it to refresh and sync with the online data in iCloud.

4# Make sure you’ve shown all calendars

Chances are that your calendar not syncing to iPhone is because it’s being merged from various calendars, and one or more of them is turned off. This can happen, especially when you cannot view all of your calendar data. To avoid such mistake, you can check whether you’ve shown all calendars with the steps below.

Step 1. Go to the Calendar app on your iPhone > Tap Calendars at the bottom of the screen.

Step 2. Make sure all the calendars are selected > Tsp Show All at the bottom of the screen > Finally, tap Done to confirm.

show all calendars

5# Check and reset network settings

If you find iPhone/iPad calendar not syncing to iPhone, you may need to check your network condition since the whole sync process requires a stable and fast network connection.

You can open any website in the Safari app to have a check. Just in case, you can also reset network settings to prevent any network issues that lead to calendar not syncing to iPhone.

To reset network settings
Go to Settings > Tap General >Tap Transfer or Reset iPhone > Reset > Choose Reset Network Settings. When it is finished, enter the Wi-Fi passcode to rejoin the Wi-Fi to see if it resolves the issue.

reset network settings

6# Resync with iCloud

It is possible that your calendars are in iCloud but for some unknown reasons, some of the calendars cannot be synced to your iPhone. You may resolve this issue by turnning off and then back on iCloud.

Step 1. Go to iPhone Settings app > Tap [your name] > Tap iCloud > Scroll down to locate Calendars, and toggle off the switch next to it.

Step 2. From the pop-up menu, choose Keep on My iPhone.

turn off iCloud calendar

Finally, wait for a moment and toggle on iCloud Calendar again. Select Merge to combine your phone’s calendars with iCloud.

7# Update iOS to the latest version

Old version of iOS sometimes doesn’t work properly, which may prevent you from syncing calendar to iPhone. The defects and issues that were present in the older version of the operating system on your iPhone can be fixed in the most recent version. Thus, it is advisable to update iOS to the latest version.

Go to Settings on your iPhone > Tap General > Software Update > If any update is available, download and install it.

ios software update

Bonus tip: One-click transfer calendars to new iPhone

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If you need to sync iPad/iPhone calendar to new iPhone, or if you need to sync other types of data such as photos, messages, contacts, and applications data files, you can consider using the transfer features in FoneTool. Here are how you can transfer calendars, as well as everything, to your new iPhone.

Step 1. Download, install and launch FoneTool on your computer. Connect your old and new iPhone to computer with USB.

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Step 2. Click Phone Transfer from the homepage of FoneTool > Mouse over to iPhone to iPhone and click Start Transfer.

go to transfer

Step 3. Optionally, you can enable backup encryption to protect your privacy > Finally, click Start Transfer to begin the task.

start transfer


That’s all for the solutions to the issue - calendar not syncing to iPhone. By following these steps, hope you will be able to resolve any syncing issues and ensure that your calendar is always up to date on your iPhone.

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