Delete Duplicate Photos with/without Siri Shortcuts

It’s annoying that duplicate photos take up much space on your iPhone. This guide will provides you with two ways to delete duplicate photos with or without Siri Shortcuts.


By Demi / Updated on May 17, 2023

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Delete duplicate photos form library

Is there a shortcut for deleting duplicate photos from a library?

- Question from Apple Community

It’s frustrating when you find there are numerous duplicate photos on your iPhone since they take up much space on your iPhone. However, it seems that it is inevitable to save duplicates if you edit them using a third-party app or sync them to multiple cloud services.

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Then, you may wonder how to delete duplicate photos on your iPhone. Is there a shortcut for deleting duplicate photos on iPhone? Here comes this guide offering you two ways to delete duplicate photos with or without Siri Shortcuts.

Delete duplicate photos with Siri Shortcuts

Since iOS 12, you’re allowed to automate a variety of tasks using the app Shortcut, which deleting duplicates can be included. Before every specific step, please turn off iCloud Photos from Settings to make sure the shortcut function. Then, you just need to creat a delete duplicate photos shortcut, and then let it automatically delete duplicate photos from your iPhone.

Step 1. Create a shortcut to delete duplicate photos

To delete duplicate photos with Shortcuts, you need to create a shortcut first. Once the shortcut is added, you can get things done with a tap or by asking Siri.

1. Go to Shortcut to get delete duplicate photos shortcut > Tap Get Shortcut to copy it.

delete duplicate photos shortcut

2. In the App Store, download an app that is used to delete duplicate photos > Launch the app Shortcuts and click the + icon in the upper right corner to add the shortcut.

Create Shortcut On iPhone

Note: Please make sure the app supports Siri Shortcuts, or you may fail to add and see a shortcut for the app.

Step 2. Delete duplicate photos with Siri Shortcuts

Now, it’s time to delete duplicate photos with Siri Shortcuts. Please note that it only detects the duplicates in Camera Roll by default. To delete all duplicate photos on iPhone, the tool in the next part can be a better solution for you. If you don’t mind, the following is about how to delete duplicate photos on iPhone with Siri Shortcuts.

1. Head to the Shortcuts app > Tap the shortcut you created before. Then, the duplicate photos are all listed.

2. Tap Delete when a prompt says “Allow ‘Shortcuts’ to delete photos?”.

Now, you can go to the Photos app to check if your duplicate photos are gone.

Delete duplicate photos via FoneTool

To automatically scan and remove duplicate photos from iPhone completely, the function Photo Deduplication in FoneTool can be a better and easier way for you to delete duplicate photos. Without taking time find delete duplicate photos shortcut, FoneTool can help you finish the task in one-click.

Compared with Siri Shortcuts, FoneTool can do more for you.
✓ Scan all duplicate photos from your iPhone. Not only the duplicate photos in Camera Roll but also in any folder can be scanned by FoneTool.
✓ Filter similar photos at the same time. With FoneTool, you’re allowed to delete both duplicate and similar photos.
✓ Compatible with more iOS devices. It supports all models of iPhone, iPad, and iPod. It can also work well with iOS (including iOS 16) and Win 11/10/8/7.

How to delete duplicate photos on iPhone

You can free download FoneTool to your computer to have a try by following the steps below.

Download Freeware Win 11/10/8.1/8/7
Secure Download

Step 1. Connect your iPhone to computer with USB > Launch FoneTool > Click Toolbox and choose Photo Deduplication.

Click Photo Deduplication

Step 2. Click Scan iOS Device > Optionally, you can set the filter date range based on the time the photos are taken > Click Start Scanning.

Start Scanning iOS

Step 3. All duplicate and similar photos will be listed in groups in the left pane > Click them one after another to delete the photos as per your need > Click Delete to start the task.

Delete Duplicate Photos

Bonus: Manage your iPhone photos using FoneTool

Besides deleting duplicate photos for you, FoneTool is also an excellent tool to manage your iPhone data like photos, music, videos, etc.

Transfer photos among iDevices and Windows PC
As to browsing and editing iPhone photos on computer, the powerful transfer function allows you to transfer photos from iPhone to computer. You can also transfer from computer to iPhone.

Transfer To Computer

If there are too many photos on your computer, the Photo Deduplication can also filter and delete duplicate photos from computer for you.

If you have enabled the function to shoot HEIC photos on iPhone, The HEIC Converter function in FoneTool can help you convert HEIC to JPG/JPEG/PNG on Windows, so that the photos can be more widely used.

Click HEIC Converter

Backup iPhone photos to PC
To keep your iPhone photos safe and optimize iPhone space, you can backup iPhone photos to PC with FoneTool in an incremental way. You’re free to backup and restore them as you like.

Select Pictures

The Full Backup function helps you keep all data, settings, and preferences when you have to factory reset your iPhone.


That’s all about deleting duplicate photos with or without Siri Shortcuts. To delete duplicate photos on iPhone more completely, it’s more suggested to try FoneTool. You can also rely on it to better manage iPhone data. For more queries, suggestions, and feedback, please feel free to contact us.