[Quick Guide] How to Duplicate Photos on iPhone and iPad

Want to make a copy of a photo before editing but don't know how? This guide will show you how to duplicate photos on iPhone 14/13/12/11 and iPad Pro/Air/mini.


By Lena / Updated on June 6, 2023

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How to make a copy of a photo on iPhone

There are many times I want to crop a photo using iPhoto on iOS and post to Facebook, and then possibly crop it another way (like panoramic this time), and post to Instagram, but I don't want to lose the original. Is there a way to make duplicates of the original and edit it using iPhoto on iOS?

- Question from Apple Community

One of the best parts of owning an iPhone is the great camera. We can take very good photos without much effort. To make the photo even better, we can continue editing.

Usually, we can edit the original copy of the photo but this means that we will lose the original copy. If you want to edit and post photos on different platforms like the user above, you definitely don't want to lose the original photos. In this case, you can choose to duplicate photos on iPhone.

Once you have made a copy of the photo, you can edit the duplicated copy in your favorite image editing application without worrying about losing the original one. This also makes it easier to compare the changes. Let’s start to see how to duplicate a photo on iPhone.

How to Duplicate Photos on iPhone and iPad

It is not difficult to duplicate photos on iPhone and iPad. You can find the "Duplicate" function in the Photos application to duplicate photos and videos. This feature is available on the latest iOS/OS version.

Steps to Duplicate Photos on iPhone 14/13/12/11/X/8/7

1. Open Photos app on your iPhone or iPad.

2. Tap Select to choose the photos you want to duplicate (You can select one or more photos) > Then tap the Share button.

Select Photos

3. Scroll down a little to find Duplicate and tap it > It will automatically go back to the album and the duplicate copy will be stored next to the last photo.

Tap Duplicate

You can repeat the process to duplicate as many photos as possible. The quality and resolution of the copy are the same as the original, which means it will occupy the same size.

How to Delete Duplicate Photos on iPhone Quickly

It's easy to copy photos on your iPhone and then make further edits. However, as time passes, more and more duplicate photos will take up a lot of storage space. It is recommended to delete duplicate photos regularly.

We can manually delete duplicate photos on iPhone and iPad:

Go to Photos app > Select the photos you want to delete one by one > Tap the Trash Can icon > You can go to the Recently Deleted album to delete photos completely.

Delete Photos

However, it will be a time-consuming job if you want to delete a large number of duplicate photos. To save time and energy, you can use one third-party tool to help you delete all duplicate photos quickly. That’s FoneTool.

FoneTool is one comprehensive iOS data management tool for Windows PC users. Its Photo Deduplication feature will scan your iPhone and find all duplicate photos. Then you can delete unwanted photos with one click.

Quickly Delete All Duplicate Photos on iPhone and iPad

1. Download, install and launch FoneTool > Connect iPhone to computer via USB cable.

Download Freeware Win 11/10/8.1/8/7
Secure Download

2. Choose Toolbox Photo Deduplication.

Choose Photo Deduplication

3. Click Scan iOS Device option.

Scan iOS Device

4. Set the filter date range.

Set the Range

5.  Click Start Scanning.

Start Scanning

6. It will list all duplicate photos on your device > Select the photos you want to remove > Click Delete to make it.

Delete Duplicate Photos

Note: If you wish, you can click on the "Migrate to" option to move the selected photos to your computer.

More Tips to Manage Your Photos

Besides Photo Deduplication, FoneTool also provides other useful functions to help you better manage your photos.

> Transfer Photos between iPhone and Computer

FoneTool can help you transfer selected photos from iPhone to computer and vice versa. When transferring photos computer to iPhone, it will not erase any existing photos on the device.

To transfer photos, you can go to Phone Transfer and click the iPhone to PC or PC to iPhone option.

Transfer to Computer

> Convert HEIC to PNG/JPG/JPEG

HEIC format helps save iPhone storage, however, many running systems, popular platforms, and web browsers do not support this format. If you want to open HEIC in Photoshop, you should first convert HEIC to other formats.

The HEIC Converter can help you batch convert HEIC to PNG, JPG, or JPEG. Then you can view your photos or edit them on your computer as before.

HEIC Converter

Final Words

That’s all about how to duplicate photos on iPhone and iPad. You can go to the Photos app to select the wanted photo and tap “Duplicate” to create a copy. When you want to delete duplicate photos, you can manually delete them or let FoneTool help you delete all duplicate photos with one click.