How to: Share Music on Facetime on iOS 15

Here in this post, we provide the detailed steps on how to share music on Facetime iOS 15? If you happen to need it, read it and have a try.


By Ellie / Updated on January 15, 2024

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Want to share music on Facetime iOS 15



“Hello, my friends. When I do facetime with my friends and talk about the music, I’m wondering whether can I share music on Facetime iOS 15? If it can be operated, then how? Can you tell me? Thanks in advance.”

- Question from Jessica

Sharing music on Facetime on iPhone iOS 15 is totally accessible. Apart from that, we can also share videos, and watch TV together, which is fairly convenient and a great chance to keep in touch with your friends.    

How do you share music on FaceTime iOS 15?

Here in this part, we’ll talk about how to share music on Facetime iOS 15 via Apple Music and Spotify. Follow me to know how to operate.

How to share music on Facetime iOS 15 via Apple Music

Step 1. Launch FaceTime on your iPhone and then click on “New Facetime” and then add the contact information.

Step 2. When Facetime is being established, return to the main interface of your iPhone. Click on Music.

Facetime music

Step 3. Find the music you want to share and click Play. On the subsequent pop-up menu, click SharePlay to start the movie.

Shareplay Music

Step 4. Now, you can use Shareplay to share the music on Facetime iOS 15. Your friends can see the same thing as you at the same time.

 ☞ Note: The feature also employs autoducking to pause audio playback when someone on your call begins to speak. Anyone on the call has the ability to control playback, pausing the movie, show, or song.

How to share music on Facetime iOS 15 via Spotify

Step 1. Launch Facetime and connect to your friends as the above steps.

Step 2. Then return to the main interface of your iPhone. Open Spotify and then for the pop-up windows, just click on SharePlay as above.

Step 3. Play the music and now sharing music on Facetime iOS 15 with Spotify is successful.


 Apart from sharing music, you can also share videos and TV shows on Apple TV. Just launch Apple TV and choose the one you want to share. And then you can share TV shows successfully.

Facetime Share TV Show

Bonus tip: What if you can’t share music on Facetime iOS 15?

However, some users reflect that Shareplay and Facetime are not working when they share music on Facetime iOS 15. Here in this part, we list 4 solutions for you to easily get rid of the problem.

Solution 1. Upgrade the version

Actually, Shareplay requires iOS 15 and higher versions. If you or your friends didn’t upgrade your iPhone to the right version, then the issue occurs.

Step 1. Go to Settings, and then open the General tab.


Step 2. Choose “Software Update”.

Software Update

Step 3. Then you can see the Software Update version. If your iPhone and your friend are in the right version, look at the next fix. If it’s not in the right version, download and install the newest version.

Download and Install


Solution 2. Make sure your Shareplay is on

If the Shareplay on your iPhone is not enabled, then the music sharing cannot be realized, too. So, setting Shareplay to the “On” option is necessary.

Step 1. Go to Settings and then find Facetime.

Facetimein Settings

Step 2. Then you’ll see Shareplay. Click on it.

Step 3. Slide the button to green so that the Shareplay will be on.

Open Shareplay

Solution 3. Disable and re-enable Facetime on iPhone

If there’s no problem with Shareplay or version, we can disable and re-enable the Facetime on iPhone to restart Facetime and delete the corrupted files. Of course, you would make sure that Facetime is supported in your region.

Step 1. Open the Settings and go to “FaceTime”.

Facetime On

Step 2. Then, turn off and then turn on the toggle for “FaceTime”.

Solution 4. Reset your iPhone

If the issue remains, resetting your iPhone to the factory setting seems a great solution, which is fairly useful for any errors.

Before resetting, make sure you have the latest full iPhone backup. After that, you can go to Settings > General > Reset> Erase All Content and Settings to achieve the goal. Are you looking for a professional and effective way to back up your iPhone? Here we strongly recommend FoneTool.

 As a backup software, FoneTool allows you to backup iPhone photos, videos, contacts, music and message to a computer with a few clicks, and you can preview and select the material you want to backup.
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 And if you change to a new iPhone, you can easily and effectively transfer data between 2 iPhones.

Click Backup

Click on the blue button and explore surprise in it.

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Now you could know whether can you share music on Facetime and how to share music on Facetime iOS 15. The above methods also suitable to share music on Facetime on iOS 16/17. However, if you meet with some problems like Shareplay and Facetime not working, you can upgrade the version, enable Shareplay, disable and re-enable the Facetime or reset the iPhone. Of course, before erasing your iPhone, remember to backup your iPhone.