Reset iPod Touch to Factory-Erase iPod Touch Data & Settings

How to reset iPod Touch to factory setting without losing data? Get the solutions in this post to factory reset iPod Touch without password or computer even when iPod Touch is disabled.


By Dylan / Updated on March 3, 2024

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       How to factory reset iPod Touch?

I recently bought an iPod Touch 6th Generation but was slightly disappointed with the quality of sound. I wanted to sell it on eBay. Can someone please help me to reset the iPod Touch to factory settings as if it was brand new?




iPod Touch is a multifunctional and popular device for users to listen to music, play games, browse the Internet, or other entertainment. If you want to sell your iPod Touch or it has some problems when working, you must want to reset the iPod Touch to factory for erasing all the data or fixing errors.


Or if you forget the passwords and input the wrong passwords many times, the iPod Touch could become disabled.

So it’s common for iPod Touch users to factory reset iPod Touch. Find the solutions in this article to factory reset iPod Touch without computer or password, even without iTunes. You could reset iPod Touch to factory without losing data.


Beforehand: backup iPod Touch

If you want to factory reset your iPod Touch because it doesn’t work well. You’d better back up the data in iPod Touch, like chat history in instant chat apps, photos, videos, or others. You could use iTunes or iCloud for an iPod Touch backup.

But if you have some problems with iTunes or iCloud backup, it’s recommended to use the iOS backup freeware-FoneTool for “photo backup”, “contacts backup”,  “text message backup”, and “full backup” to backup your iPod Touch without iTunes. Except for iPod Touch backup, you may need to mention the following tips for iPod Touch factory reset.

Ensure that your iOS device is sufficiently charged.
If your iPod isn't working properly, consider restarting or force restarting your iPod Touch first.
If you're connecting it to iTunes, make sure it's up to date first.
You must know the password to factory reset via iPod Touch settings.

Reset iPod Touch to factory without computer or password

If you want to reset iPod Touch to factory without computer, you could factory reset manually from Settings on the iPod Touch. It will ultimately erase all existing data and saved settings from your iOS device.

Step 1. Unlock your iPod Touch and open “Settings”.

Step 2. Tap “General” > “Reset” > “Erase All Content and Settings”.

Step 3. Enter the passcode of your iPod Touch to confirm factory reset.


If you want to factory reset your iPod Touch without a password or computer, you can use the iCloud website or the Find My app to erase your iPod Touch.

To use this method, you need to prepare a device that can access the iCloud website or another iOS device that has installed the Find My app. Follow the steps to reset iPod Touch to factory without a password or computer.

Step 1. Browse to on another iOS device. Log in to your iCloud account.

Step 2. Choose "Find My iPhone” and click on “All Devices” at the top of the screen.

Step 3. From the drop-down list, choose your iPod touch name and then click "Erase iPod".


Reset iPod Touch to factory settings via Recovery Mode

If the “Find My iPhone” is not enabled but you want to reset iPod Touch to factory, you could put your iPod Touch into Recovery Mode manually to erase all data and settings including the passcode.

Tips: This methods suits for resetting iPod Touch to factory when iPod Touch is disabled. If your iPod Touch is stuck on the Apple logo or goes wrong while updating, you could try Recovery Mode to fix the errors.

This method is more complicated than solution 1. Following the detailed steps below, you could factory reset your iPod Touch via Recovery Mode with the help of iTunes.

Step 1. Download and install the latest iTunes on your computer and turn off your iPod Touch.

Step 2. Hold the "Volume Down" button (or the "Home" button on the 6th or earlier generation). Keep holding the Volume down button until you see the “Connect to iTunes” screen.

Step 3. Connect your iPod Touch to the computer, iTunes will automatically detect that your iPod Touch is in recovery mode and click “Restore” in the pop-up window.


Factory Reset iPod Touch without iTunes

If you encounter problems when using iTunes for factory reset iPod Touch, there is a safe and fast way to reset your iPod Touch to factory. When iPod Touch storage is full, you must factory reset to get rid of “Other” data in storage space. You could rely on one professional iOS device eraser-FoneTool to help you erase iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch.

Features of FoneTool:
 Easy and fast - 1-click to erase all content and settings on your iOS device, you don’t need to put your device into Recovery Mode.
 Erase completely - Deeply scan and erase all deleted and existing data on iOS devices. The data won’t be recovered by any recovery software.

Step 1. Download and launch FoneTool and plug in your iPod Touch.

Step 2. Click "Toolbox" > "iPhone Eraser" to start erase your iPod Touch.


Step 3. Tick the option "I am aware of the consequences of erasing data and am sure I want to erase it" and you could tick “Automatically activate the device and skips the setup wizard”. Besides, you can enable Deep Erase technology.


Step 4. Click “Erase Data”. A warning message will appear and click “Yes” to confirm factory reset iPod Touch.


If you want to reset iPod Touch to factory without losing data, you could restore your backup at a fast speed by clicking "Backup History" in FoneTool.
You could use FoneTool for iPhone data transfer. Transfer photos, music, contacts, videos, and others from iPhone to iPhone and iPhone to computers.
If AirDrop or Bluetooth is failed, download the free iPhone transfer app-FoneTool in App Store to transfer multiple photos, videos, music, and files at a lightning speed.


The bottom line

No matter how you reset iPod Touch to factory, hopefully, this guide could help you in different situations. You can factory reset your iPod Touch without password or computer. Or if your iPod Touch is disabled, putting iPod Touch into Recovery Mode can factory reset iPod Touch.

If you want to see positive results in less time, try FoneTool iOS data eraser. With a single click, it can erase the entire device and reset the iPod Touch. Moreover, it is a user-friendly and highly efficient tool for iPhone data backup, restoration, and transfer. It will undoubtedly be of great use to you.