[5 Ways] How to Transfer Large Video from iPhone to PC

How to transfer large video files from iPhone to PC? There are 5 ways to help you easily finish the process. And the first one might be the most handy method!


By Lena / Updated on April 10, 2024

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Any reliable way to transfer very large videos from iPhone to PC? (Not using iCloud, etc.)

I have ~150GB of videos on my phone. They’re entirely of my dogs from when they were puppies and throughout their lives, including one who isn’t with me anymore. Getting the videos transferred has been such a massive headache. Any solutions? I would really appreciate this.

- Question from Reddit

We use iPhone to record memorable moments in daily life. However, these videos will take up a lot of storage space: a 4K video shot with iPhone can have 400MB per minute. Now you find your iPhone is running out of space, so you want to transfer large videos from iPhone to PC to free up space.

iCloud only offers 5 GB free storage space, so it can not help you transfer large videos. Then you may think of sending yourself an email, however, a notification appears and tells you that the video should be trimmed or downsized. It seems that your video is too big to send. Actually, email only supports files under 25MB.

Well, don’t worry, just keep reading, things will be solved.

Way 1. How to transfer large files from iPhone to PC for free

Let's start with the easiest and fastest way. The free iPhone transfer tool named FoneTool can help you get things done on Windows 11/10/8/7 in a few clicks.

yes It can help you transfer videos of any size from iPhone to PC without compromising video quality.
yes It also allows you to transfer movies and music videos, as well as pictures, live photos, etc.
yes Various video formats can be recognized including mp4, mov, m4v, etc.
yes All iPhone models and iOS versions can be supported, even the latest ones.

Now download FoneTool on your computer. Follow the instructions below we will show you how to get large videos/a video from your iPhone to your computer.

1. Connect the source iPhone to computer > Enter the passcode on iPhone to give the computer access to your device.

Download FreewareWin 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download

2. Launch FoneTool. Click Phone Transfer and then choose iPhone to PC > Click Get Started to continue.

Transfer to Computer

3. Click the “+” icon > Choose the videos you want to transfer (Photo videos are saved in Photos and other videos are saved in Videos) > Click OK to continue.

Select Files

4. Select a path and click Start Transfer to save videos to the computer.

Transfer Videos from iPhone to PC

 📍 Video Tutorial of How to Transfer Large Video from iPhone to PC:

Way 2. How to get large video from iPhone to computer via Windows Explorer

When you connect your iPhone to PC, iPhone will expose a DCIM folder. Your PC will recognize your device as a digital camera and you can simply open this folder to copy and paste the photos to your computer.

1. Connect your iPhone to PC > Trust this computer on your iPhone.

2. Go Computer or This PC to find your iPhone > Double-click your iPhone > Open Internal Storage.

3. Then you will see the DCIM folder > Open this folder and you can see the videos stored in Camera Roll > Copy and paste your videos to your computer.

Transfer Large Video from iPhone to PC via Windows Explorer

enlightened Note: If the large videos not showing up on PC, just go to this page to solve the problem: 3 Solutions to Large iPhone Video Not Showing Up on PC

Way 3. How to transfer long videos from iPhone to PC via Photos App

For Windows 10 and Windows 8/8.1 users, the built-in photos management tool Photos app can help you copy videos from iPhone to PC easily. Here are the steps on how to send large video files from iPhone to PC using Photos.

1. Run Photos app and connect your iPhone to computer with the USB cable.

2. Enter the passcode on iPhone and tap Trust if asked.

3. Click Import > Select From A USB device > Click Import Settings and you can change the destination, decide whether to delete the items from your iPhone after you import them to your PC > Click Done to confirm.

4. Uncheck other photos and videos you do not want to import > Finally, click Import Selected.

Transfer Video from iPhone to PC via Photos App

enlightened Note: If you find it's unable to transfer large video file from iPhone to PC, just go to this Why Won’t My iPhone Videos Transfer to My Computer Guide to find answers or use other ways to make it!

Way 4. Move videos from iPhone to computer via Google Drive

You can also take advantage of cloud services to help you send large videos from iPhone to PC. First upload videos on iPhone through Google Drive app and then download the video on PC.

1. Download Google Drive app from App Store > Open it and sign in with your account.

2. Tap the “+” icon in the lower right corner of the app > Tap Upload > Tap Photos and Videos > Select the videos you want to upload to Google Drive.

Upload Videos to Google Drive

3. When it’s done, you can tap the Locate link or go to the folder that you chose when uploading the videos. Then you can choose to share the link of the video to yourself via email and you can check it on your PC. Or you can open a browser on computer and Google Drive or Google Photo to check your video.

Way 5. How to send large video files from iPhone to computer via Snapdrop

Snapdrop is a web-based transfer utility like AirDrop. It allows users to transfer files between different platforms. Go to Snapdrop (https://snapdrop.net/) website and fire up the site on your computer and iPhone. The screen on computer will identify your iPhone and your iPhone will identify your PC browser.

Tap the icon on your iPhone screen and it will give you three choices: Take Photo or Video to transfer, go to Photo Library to select photos/videos, or Browse other files on your device. Choose one option to select the large video you want to send to PC and it will start the transfer at once. When the transfer is complete, you can click Download to save your video on your PC.

Transfer Large Video from iPhone to PC via Snapdrop


That’s all about how to transfer large video files from iPhone to PC. You can try FoneTool, Windows Explorer, or Photos app to get large video using the USB. Or if you want to send large video from iPhone to PC wirelessly, Google Drive and Snapdrop are the way to go.

But by contrast, FoneTool is the fastest and easiest tool to transfer large videos. As a professional iPhone transfer software, FoneTool also helps you transfer videos from PC to iPhone, and send photos, videos, contacts, etc. between iPhone and PC.